Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Week in the Life

I've seen other bloggers post what their day-to-day schedule looks like and I usually find it interesting to see how much one person can do in a single day. Since my mom and I always "argue" about how infrequently I am home (she thinks I'm home 'a lot'), this post is for her. Because I like to prove her wrong.

My weekly schedule:

Monday: babysit 9-2 for two boys and a girl (ages 4, 3 in May, and 10 months). That night, I then either work out with my trainer at his gym or go do cardio at LA Fitness.

Tuesday: babysit 8:30-4:30 for baby boy J (7 months). I try to workout this night, too. That is, if my trainer didn't kill me the night before.

Wednesday: babysit 8:30-12:30 for my cousin's two year old twin boys. Volunteer in the NICU 1-4:30ish. Babysit 4:30ish-at least 8 for the Monday gang.

Thursday: In the morning I'll either sleep in, workout, do homework, or babysit if asked. I then have class 45 minutes away from home from 3-7, so I'm really gone 2-8.

Friday: Though not a set day, I usually end up babysitting at some point on Friday's. I try to squeeze in a workout and volunteer in the NICU 3:30-7:30.

Saturday and Sunday: varies. Usually I babysit at some point (like this weekend I'm babysitting Saturday and twice Sunday) and ideally I'll get at least one workout in (if I'm not feeling lazy... which happens. A lot.) or I just bum around the house.

So you see, Mom. I really am home only during the evenings... which just happens to be the same time you're home.

If someone had told me last summer I would be this busy a few short months later, I never would have believed them. But I have been so incredibly fortunate to have several families who trust me with the care of their children and it allows flexibility with my school and volunteering schedules while still making some moolah. I don't know what I'm going to do once I start nursing school...

And P.S.... I've been forcing myself to blog this week. Even if it's the most mundane crap, I need to do it. Writing has become such a great outlet to relieve stress and I'm really glad I've stuck with it thus far. I have some better post ideas in mind, so bare with me, if you will ;)

Happy hump day, y'all!


Melissa said...

This isn't mundane crap! I thought it was interesting... You babysit a lot and you volunteer in the NICU? Good for you!!!

You are definitely busy...

Helene said...

Okay, since it looks like you're free on Thursdays, wanna come babysit for me? I'll pay for your flight and everything!!!

Can you believe we don't have ONE person who we trust 100% to care for our kids??? Tim's parents are okay but they can only the kids for a few hours...never an overnight by any means. And we don't exactly have people lining up at the door begging to babysit our demon spawn.

Good for you for volunteering in the NICU! All of my babies were in the NICU after they were born and those nurses and the volunteers were absolutely wonderful!!

I watched AI tonight and I laughed when I heard Kara call that one guy "indulgent". I'm dying to know what they mean by that. Of course, the contestants are gonna pick songs that are meaningful to them. I thought all the guys pretty much sucked tonight. And none of them are really easy on the know, like Keith Morrison is.

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