Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breathing? Then you too can be a judge on American Idol.

So much for not blogging for a while, huh?

Anyhoo, I'm watching American Idol right now and all I have to say is...

Ellen Degeneres is to American Idol what Charlie Sheen is to marriage: a nonsensical, horrible combination.

And the show will not be the same without Simon Cowell. Just my two cents ;)

Which contestant has YOUR vote?


Helene said...

Honestly, I thought they all kind of sucked. But I did like that girl Katie at the end so I was kinda shocked that the judges didn't seem to like it.

What's up with Simon always using the word "indulgent"? He uses it like 20 times each season. As if he isn't arrogant??

Merri Ann said...

I turned it on just in time to hear that girl sing the Stevie Nicks/Dixie Chicks song (which I love but don't know the name of)... I think maybe I sing better than that.

This show will suck without Simon ... and I'm not a big fan of either of the women.

I'm sooo glad Survivor is on ....

Melissa said...

First off, I NEVER vote. But I just watched it (this morning) and here are my favorites:
* Lilly Scott
* Katelyn Epperly: I didn't like the song she sang, but she seems to have a good voice.
* Siobhan Magnus: Interesting girl
* Crystal Bowersox: Pretty Spiffy girl
* Katie Stevens: She seems to have a good voice.

Anywho... there is my 2 cents. Have a great day!

Marianne said...

I thought they all sucked last night, too. But I think most of them have potential.

I like Janelle, Crystal (the chick with dreads), and Didi. And the last girl that sang was good,too. The girl that sang "Landslide" (the song Merri Ann mentioned) hurt my ears. As did the little black girl who played the guitar and sang a Beatles' song. I was cringing. And, speaking of her, what girl over the age of 7 wears white panty hose?

I never vote either... but if I did, my vote would have gone to Ellen Degeneres... a vote to nix her from the show! She sugar coats everything and just copies what the other three already said.

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