Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Random Facts about Moi

1. I'm more comfortable socializing with adults than I am with people my own age. Crap, I just realized I fall into the "adult" category. OK, I'm more comfortable socializing with people at least 4 years older than me.

2. I'm a goody-two-shoes and proud of it. I didn't drink until college, I've never so much as even touched a cigarette (nevermind any other drugs), and I'm saving myself for marriage (or at least until I'm with the man I know I'm going to marry); And I'm clearly OK with the world knowing that.

3. I sleep with a blanket totally wrapped around my head. I like it to be as dark as possible. Much like I prefer my chocolate. And men..... kidding ;) (My mom's going to be embarrassed when she reads that)

4. I'm addicted to crime shows. And I'm not talking about CSI and Law & Order. I mean real crime shows. Investigation Discovery channel is my favorite station. That Keith Morrison, he's so captivating (note the sarcasm). But really, I think I worked in forensics in a past life. My obsession is probably borderline disturbing.

5. I think I'm funny. Probably more so than I truly am. I hope to bring more of my humor out in my writing.

6. I never had a growth spurt. I just consistently grew for 21 years.

7. At 5'9, I'm one of the shortest of my girlfriends. Two girls are 5'10, one is 6'1, and one is 6'4. Amazonians, I tell ya!

8. I'm a conspiracy theorist about dinosaurs. I believe they were real, I'm just no so sure about the size paleontologists claim they were. "But Marianne, there are bones!" Yes, I know, but there's also video evidence Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the Holocaust is one of the most photographed events in history and yet there are conspiracy theorists about that. Those two conspiracies are nutty. Mine? Not so much. So I stand by my thoughts. Because of this, I will most likely marry a paleontologist, or have a son that wants to be one. I've accepted that. And I probably just lost a couple readers, haha.

9. I LOVE to read. And, big shocker, prefer true stories about crimes. Or anything written by a journalist, especially if it's about the Iraq War. Like Tell Them I Didn't Cry, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, and In An Instant. Crime story I loved: Prophet of Death: The Mormon Blood Atonement Killings. I read those four in college and couldn't put them down. But I pretty much love any and every type of book. Jen Lancaster's books cracks me up.

10. I'm insanely independent. Personally and politically. I like to do my own thing without reporting to anyone and I have a hard time asking for help. I also hate being asked 24/7 where I'm going and when I'll be home. This is probably one of the reasons why I've never been in a serious relationship and why living at home again has been a challenge. And, politically speaking, I vote for the person, not the party. Unless both suck. In which case, I lean republican. And now you know who didn't get my vote in November 2008.



The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I grew 8 inches in one YEAR!!!! It was the sixth grade.

I stopped after that. My dad was so sad because he thought I would grow super tall and play basketball.

Don't see many 5'3 basketball players :-(

Marianne said...

You grew 8 inches in 1 year?!?!!? OUCH! That sounds so painful!!!! I can't believe you're not taller than 5'3... mostly because i can't believe a sixth grader was 4'7 haha.

Merri Ann said...

OK ... I'm 5'2". I was the tallest person in my 6th grade class and I haven't grown an inch since. My husband is 6'4" and my kids are all in the 90th percentile for height. I predict that when they are twelve I will be the shortest person in the family. The only way you'll know I'm the mom is because of the grey hair I will most likely have by then.

LOLOLO at the dinosaur thing ... I have no more to say on that :)

I used to love the crime stuff also ... but since I've had kids I can't seem to tolerate them anymore ... not to mention that I don't have the time.

Marianne said...

Haha, Merri Ann! They may outgrow you before 12 ;) One of my good friends is 5'2... I just want to put her in my pocket, she's so itty bitty.

And, yes, the dinosaur thing is odd... (to say the least). I know. hahaha. My friends feel the need to bring it up all. the. time. And make fun of me. all. the. time. I just can't stand dinosaurs... I blame it on having to watch Land Before Time too much as a kid. Just one of my little quirks ;)

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