Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Musings

1. In case you missed it: the Indianapolis Colts lost the Super Bowl. And the local news is probably going to talk about this from now until next season. Personal favorite moment from the game: the Doritos commercials; "Two things: 1. Don't touch my Mama. 2. Don't touch my Doritos." SO CUTE! And the dog collar ad was hysterical.

2. I made it to Ohio over the weekend! Hence my absence :) My friends pressured me into leaving Thursday night after class, so I would get there before the snow storm. It was such a good decision and I am so happy that I was able to see my friends for the first time in 9 months. But how I managed to survive 4 years at UD with the crazy people I call my friends is beyond me. They take partying to another level. Friday the ice and mass amounts of snow rolled in, but we didn't let it deter us. And I did make it back in time to babysit Saturday night; but that's not the kind of drive I EVER want to do again. I saw 22 cars on the side of the road within an hour and a half; 3 semi's and 3 cars with people still sitting in them. But I made it back fine.

3. Thursday-Monday I am taking care of three (rambunctious) girls (8,6,4) while their parents escape the cold for a long weekend. I've taken care of them like this before, and they all got sick and missed the whole week of school, so here's to hoping things run a little smoother this time.

4. PBS is the only station my kids will be allowed to watch in their early years. I refuse to let the kids I babysit watch Nick or Disney, even when they relentlessly argue, "BUT MOM LETS ME." I've watched the shows on said channels and when a four-year-old uses the word sexy in the proper context (or at all, for that matter), time to say peace out to Hannah Montana and iCarly. And I LOVE that PBS has educational value to it. Although, I take that back, most Nick Jr. shows I'm OK with, like Little Bill. Again, educational value and cultural diversity.

5. I'm picking up another set day of babysitting, possibly two. This will put me at babysitting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday x 2, and Friday. And then the weekends vary. And I am still volunteering 8 hours/wk (W/F) in the NICU. Thursday nights I have class for four hours. And I still need to pencil in working out a few times/week into there somehow. I'm slightly overwhelmed, but I suppose I'd be this busy if I had a full-time job, no?

6. We had 7 inches of snow Friday-Saturday. From tonight until Wednesday we are set to get another 4-8 inches, plus blowing/drifting. Now, you all know I HATE the cold, but I'd rather look at pretty snow than dead brown grass and leafless trees, so I guess I'll take it.

7. I have to take the TEAS soon. It was supposed to be on Wednesday, but the company is having issues and it has been pushed back. This exam is required in order to apply to the nursing program I am most interested in. Fortunately, the study book makes it seem easier than the SAT and ACT, and I did OK on SAT and really well on ACT, so fingers crossed this goes just as well.

8. How's life treating YOU???

Quote of the Day: One of my favorite kids that I take care of, G (I won't be using full names, since their parents don't know about my blog- I wish I could post pictures of their cute little faces too, but again, not my kids ;)) , just turned 4. Today I overheard "I think this puzzle piece goes here. Oh, no! My hypophethith (hypothesis) was wrong." I asked where he learned that word, he said, "Dinosaur Train, of course!"

I think that's all, for now. Coming up: I'm just going to post about Hawai'i and ad the slideshow at a later date. I feel like I need to explain my obsession and prove I have a legit reason since I mention it so often.

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Helene said...

Glad you were able to make it to Ohio!! I prefer my kids to watch PBS too...they love Dinosaur Train, Super Why and Word World!

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