Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Facts about Me You Probably Don't Care to Know.

Brown Eyed Girl Jenn did this post earlier today and I thought it was fun, I haven't done a meme in ages, and I have a handful of new followers who may like to know useless information about me, so I figured what the heck? Might as well steal it. Thanks, Jenn!

The ABCs of yours truly!

A. Age-- 23. I'll be 24 on May 20th (I love surprises in the mail, hint hint ;)) and some days I can't believe I'm that old, while others, I can't believe I'm that young.

B. Bed size-- Queen and it's the most heavenly thing in the world, which is great, but also bad, because it is nearly impossible to pull myself out of bed every morning... or afternoon.

C. Chore you dislike-- Cleaning the shower would probably be my least favorite. I have a shower/tub combo and I really just hate getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing the bejeezus out of the thing. Plus, I feel like I smell like Clorox for the next 3 showers.

D. Dogs-- I have two fur babies, you can read about them here. Murphy is a bichon/poodle mix and Macklin is a bichon/cocker spaniel mix. My first dog was an English Cocker Spaniel and my second dog was an American Cocker Spaniel. Cocker's and Bichon's are probably my favorite, but my dream is to own an Old English Sheepdog.

E. Essential start to your day-- Breakfast of some sort and a glass of milk.

F. Favorite color-- I just really don't think I could say I have a favorite, favorite. Just like every song on the radio is my favorite. Too many to chose from, but I do love light green.

G. Gold or Silver-- it depends on what I'm wearing, as some things call for gold and others call for silver, but most of my jewelry is silver or white gold.

H. Height-- 5'9"

I. Instrument's you played-- I took piano lessons for 6 or so years. I can still fiddle around with it, but I'm not going to be performing a concert anytime soon (try not to cry too hard). I'd actually really, really like to take lessons again someday.

J. Job Title-- I'm sort of a nanny. I really don't know what to call it. Babysitter sounds so juvenile, but I don't feel like I'm a nanny anymore. Childcare provider? Rugrat Wrangler?

K. Kids-- none that call me mom on the daily, but many that I love and care for. I hope to have 4 of my own someday.

L. Live-- in a suburb of Indianapolis. There's about 75,000 residents and the most round-about's in the nation in my city. If I'm "forced" to live in Indiana, I wouldn't want to live in any other city than where I do currently, that's for darn sure.

M. Mom's name-- Susan. Most call her Susie, but I call her Ma, Mimi, Mother, Suz, and Momma Fancypants.

N. Nicknames-- Mar (like you'd pronounce Mar of Mars), Mare (like you pronounce Mar of Marianne), Peach, Dolly, Lacy Panties (yes, I'm serious).

O. Overseas Travel-- none. I've been to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean (as of March, 2011), and 18 states (not counting ones I've had lay-overs or driven through).

P. People you Admire-- anyone that is selfless, honest, hard working, dedicated, loving, compassionate, and strives to be the best person they can be.

Q. Quote from a Movie-- "Frankly, my dear, I just don't give a damn."

R. Righty or Lefty-- Righty, and very much right dependent.

S. Siblings-- 1 brother, Craig, he'll be 26 at the end of July.

T. Time you wake up-- depends on what my day looks like. If I have to babysit in the morning, by 8. If I don't have to be up for anything, whenever my heart desires... which is usually something crazy, like 11.

U. Underwear-- yes, I wear underwear. No, you may not see it.

V. Vegetables you don't like-- I'm really picky about veggies and how they're prepared, but ones I absolutely cannot stand are brussel sprouts, any kind of bean but black & green (if cooked the right way), peas, beats, baby corn (gross!), not a big avocado fan (is that a veggie or a fruit?), or mushrooms.

W. What makes you run late-- ha, everything. It's a rare occurrence when I'm not a couple minutes late. Horrible habit that's terribly rude, but I think most people just accept it and move on, fully knowing that I will, in fact, be late for my own funeral.

X. X-rays-- good Lord, too many to count. Chest (several), teeth, back (several), knee (several), ankle/foot, brain (maybe? definitely had an MRI), hand/fingers. Probably my entire body has been x-rayed at some point.

Y. Yummy food you make-- Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good in the kitchen, so I'd say most things I throw together turn out well, whether that's baking or cooking.

Z. Zoo animal favorites-- giraffe's & elephant's.

Also, I found a blog yesterday that I absolutely fell in love with and wanted to share with you guys. She's a (traveling) NICU nurse and has a great style of writing and is an amazing photographer. Sometimes I just feel compelled to share the greatness of others with people, and today? I feel compelled. So go show Jocelyn @ Suburbs of Utopia some lovin'. I dare you to not like her.

Happy Thursday, y'all! Registered & Protected

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
~Frederick Keonig~

Picture taken by me. Secret Harbor, St. Thomas, USVI March 2011 Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perhaps I have a bit of a problem?

Remember when I told you all about my shoe addiction? Well, I'm sorry to say, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from the fact that I've managed to add a few more pairs to my collection since that post (and have nowhere to put them) , I also realized I need to come clean about my other addiction.


Why, yes, it is organized by color.

If someone wanted to go shopping in my closet, she probably could. If I wanted to wear a new outfit everyday for a year & fit didn't matter, I probably could. If a small African village wanted to use my clothes to make garments for their community, they probably could.

So. Many. Hangers.

Shorts & Pants

Jackets/dresses/dressier clothes

And that? Is embarrassing beyond words. Especially because I recognize the problem that it is and not only do I not do anything about it, I, quite frankly, don't even care to get it under control. I figure if I'm not going to walk around naked (you're welcome very much), I might as well have a nice selection of clothes to choose from, right?

In May, I'm going to do a total overhaul of my entire closet/bedroom/bathroom. Sounds like a great idea, no? Except every time I do that, I end up buying more clothes to fill in the empty spots and then I'm back at square one.

So, tell me, do any of YOU have an addiction that's calling for an intervention? Or am I flyin' solo with this one? Registered & Protected

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Big Interview

Friday the 18th I had my BIG interview for nursing school at the one and only program I applied to. My parent's actually drove me up, which, at first, I was kind of against, because I didn't want anyone seeing me roll up with my ma and pa and think, "Oh my God, this chick is almost 24 and can't go to an interview without her parent's?!" but, in the end, I was really relieved they drove me because I was a nervous wreck! And, no one saw them, anyway.

The campus is an hour and 10 minutes from my house and I zoned out in the back seat the entire ride there. I had never seen the campus and was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is! It very much reminded me of UD and I kind of felt like I was going home. I arrived 20 minutes early, so they offered to give me a tour of the lab. Y'all, this made me SO excited! The facilities are gorgeous, everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming and I just got good vibes the entire time I was there. Which is probably a really good thing considering I could, potentially, be spending 14 months of my life there.

The tour also helped calm my nerves, so by time they called me back for my interview (with two women), I was feeling really confident. Some questions they asked were:

1. What do you think a nurse is?
2. Why do you want to be a nurse?
3. What have you done to prepare yourself for nursing school?
4. Why now?
5. What are you willing to give up for the program?
Blah. Blah. Blah.

I have no clue what my answers were because I truly just spoke from the heart and it was all kind of a blur afterward. BUT, they seemed to really like my answers and the conversation flowed so well. I had heard that these two women would be hard to read and I'd have no feel for how the interview went... but, that wasn't the case. I felt really good after the interview, like we all clicked, and that my answers were what they were hoping for, which is great, because none of them were contrived responses to makes me look better. Actually, lately, I had been really freaking out about the decision I've made to be a nurse. I was starting to doubt my decision, thinking I've wasted two years of my life, that I have NO clue what I want to do, and I'm just a hot mess. But when I got in there and answered the questions easily, I realized just how much I really do want to be a nurse and how happy I am with my decision and hard work.

So I'm being cautiously optimistic, but I'm really hopeful that they loved me as much as I loved them and that around April 1 (AHHHH SO SOON!) I get a letter of acceptance. If I don't get in, seriously, please say prayers for me like you've never prayed before, because I truly, 100 %, have no back up plan and no clue where I would go from here. And that? Freaks. Me. Out.

A week. That's all I have left the sit on the edge of my seat. After two years it comes down to SEVEN DAYS. Girlfriend needs a cocktail.

Sorry if this post is all over the place, I'm doing, like, 4 things at once.

Double sorry for being such a terrible blog friend lately. I've done little to no reading, zero commenting, and even fewer comment replies. I need to get a better grip on things! Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rest of St. Thomas

Oy, I knew trying to split the trip up into several posts would be too difficult to stay on top of. I just don't know how most of you find time in the day to blog! I used to be so good about writing here on a semi-regular basis, but I feel like life is going 100mph right now and I barely have my seatbelt on. I'm going to finish the St. Thomas posts right now so I can blog about other things before I forget (ie: my nursing school interview). It won't be as detailed, and more picture heavy than anything and I'm only posting a few pics because I can't choose, so I'm just going to do a slideshow this weekend when I need a distraction from homework. If that isn't good enough for you, maybe make up a vacation story to coincide with the pics? Haha.

On my first full day in St. Thomas, Colleen and I spent the entire day (literally, we were there from 930-630) pretending we were guests at the Ritz.

View of St. John from the Ritz

On Friday, Pete worked again, so Colleen and I hung out at Pete's private beach, appropriately dubbed, "Peter Cove." That night, we went to dinner and a bar in Yacht Haven called Fat Turtle. Any Real Housewives of NYC fans out there? Remember last season when the ladies went on Ramona's renewal trip to the islands of St. Thomas & St. John? And Ramona drank a billion pinot grigio's and kept saying she wanted to do turtle time? She was talking about going to Fat Turtle.

I look like a sweaty mess, but here we are at Fat Turtle

Saturday we woke up early, took the top off the car, and went to brunch, where we ordered $6 bottomless mimosas. After brunch, we headed to the ferry to go over to St. John for the day. It rained all morning on St. Thomas and both ferry rides (and we had the top down, so, naturally, it poured on us), but was fine on St. John. I absolutely LOVED St. John! Ninety percent of it is a national park, so it's mostly unspoiled beauty, tropical, and lush. We drove to random beach that wasn't crowded at all, cracked open the liquor, and settled in for a fun day.

Yes, this is real. Yes, I took it (on my phone, no less). Yes, it's even more beautiful in person. Trunk Bay, St. John.

Party in the ocean. Ever wanna get drunk really fast? Pour a strong drink and down it while getting tossed around the waves. You'll be good to go in about 30 minutes.

That night was Colleen's last night, so we kept the party going and went to dinner and a bar with some of Pete's friends.

Sunday we went to Charlotte Amalie, the port city for the cruise ships. It was super touristy with lots of shopping and people. We ate lunch at this delicious Spanish inspired restaurant, bought some jewelry (Larimar earrings for my ma, a ring for me), then dropped Colleen off at the airport.

Tasty lunch in Charlotte Amalie

The rest of the time, I spent pretty much alone because Pete worked. Honestly, it was PERFECT. Not that I don't wish I had company, but I loved the peace and quiet, the lack of having responsibility, not being consumed with thoughts about nursing school, and just being able to relax. I headed to over to a beach resort one afternoon because I wanted to snorkel and see the sunset (and some random man in his 60s wearing a fake tongue came up to me and licked me. All I could say was, "Well, I feel violated." It was so awkward.), but, otherwise, I spent my time on Peter Cove.

Sunset from Secret Harbor Beach Resort, St. Thomas

My home away from home, Peter Cove. I'd put my chair on the rocks towards the end of the day to get another 90 minutes or so of sun.

After 8 days, I could truly say it was one of the better vacations I had ever had. Aside from the 4 months in Hawaii, I'd never been on vacation with JUST friends. I had an absolute blast and am so grateful I had the opportunity to take the trip. And, in my true fashion, I was already planning my next getaway the morning had to come home, which makes me think becoming a traveling nurse is seeming like a better idea each day.

Reflection of the sunset


*All pics taken by me. St Thomas, March 2011* Registered & Protected

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Shirt Ever

When I put effort into how I look, I feel pretty, at best, so it is a rare occurrence when I feel sexy. This past Friday night though, I felt sexy, and I owe it all to this shirt:

I wish I had a picture of me in it, but we forgot to take pics that night.

The fit is perfect and makes you look super skinny. That's really all I can say about why it made me feel so sexy. I paired it with LOFT jeggings (which I'm also in love with and they make my ass look good and legs look skinny, so WIN), snake skin pumps, and some grey and gunmetal jewelry. I haven't felt so sexy in a long time and it probably helped that I received a ton of compliments from my girlfriends & a lot of attention from the fellas (which is an even rarer occurrence than me feeling sexy). There truly is something to be said about guys being attracted to confident women.

There really is no point to this post other than to inform you that I've found the perfect shirt and if you try it on and love it as much as me, you're welcome. If you hate it, sorry. Bonus: it's on sale right now and I love it so much that I don't even care I paid full price for it.

More St. Thomas posts later.

Also, I have my interview for nursing school tomorrow. If you could send good vibes my way, I'd so appreciate it! Registered & Protected

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Thomas: Day 1

First, for all of you who expressed "concern," for lack of a better word, about me abandoning my blog now that I have twitter-- WRONG. Heck no, peeps. Honestly, I don't even get the point of twitter, but I thought I'd give it a try. Plus, my friend in St. Thomas is really hard to get ahold of for many reasons, and he has twitter, so I thought it'd be another way to keep in touch. Anyway, I'll abandon twitter before my blog, so have no fear, I'm here to stay. For better or for worse. Whether you like it or not.

Speaking of St. Thomas, I'm trying to decide how I want to blog about the trip. I feel like one post is going to be really long, but who knows when I would have time to get a second post up about it. Let's just see where this takes us...

Two weeks ago today, I arrived in the Caribbean, stepped off the plane, and was offered a shot of pineapple rum. Why, don't mind if I do. Clearly, this is the way I'd like to start any and all vacations, so I pretty much knew from that point on this trip was going to be epic. And epic, it was.

View from the plane. Obsessed with the water color.

My friend Colleen was there for the first four days and I'm 99% sure we laughed the entire time, starting in the cab on the way to the ferry where Pete was picking us up. We took a group taxi (read: 15 passenger van) and were packed in like sardines. The poor people who rode with us were probably hoping for a pleasant trip to their hotel where they could enjoy the scenery in quiet. Fortunately, they were good sports, and cracked jokes, too. Like the dude who said, "Rule number 1: no flatulence," and the old man who referred to our van receiving the middle finger as being given, "half a peace sign." We finally got to the ferry and I was so happy to get out because oh. my. god. the roads in St Thomas are terrifying.

Pete then rolled up in his Sidekick. Not familiar with a Sidekick? You should be. It was awesomely hilarious and I probably could've put it in my suitcase and brought it home with me and not gone over the 50lb weight limit. It's like the SUV of Smartcars. See:

Not Pete's car, but close enough. Yes, the top comes off.

We drove for about 5 minutes and then were at his apartment, also known as heaven. His apartment wasn't anything fancy, but my word, the view? To die for. I stared at it for a few and couldn't believe I was actually there. We hung out for a bit then went to dinner at this awesome place called Fungi's (that's fun-gee, not fun-guy) that served delicious local cuisine and had a killer setting literally on the water.

Un-zoomed view from Pete's balcony. Nazareth Bay, St. Thomas.

Insert awesome thing about St. Thomas #1: You can take open containers into restaurants and finish them there. Pour a glass of wine before you left the house? Take it with you (why, yes, that means you can also drive with open containers) and finish it at the restaurant. Do you know how much money I could save if every restaurant in the world allowed that? I have a glass that holds an entire bottle of wine (called the Magnum haha)! I'd never have to pay 7 bucks for a glass when I can drink a whole bottle for $10 and, essentially, take it with me.

Yours truly, Pete, & Colleen, with our open containers ha.

After dinner, we headed back to his place, changed clothes, then went out to the bars in Red Hook. A bar called Duffy's Love Shack has ladies' night on Wednesday's, meaning ladies drink for free. In theory, that is. You see, us girls (3 of us) started with vodka & a mixer, Pete had beer. Girls for free, Pete paid, like, 2 bucks a beer.

Insert awesome thing about St. Thomas #2: The drinks are hella strong. Picture a solo cup. Pour liquor. Keep pouring. Keeeeeep pouring. Now stop, about 1/4 from the top. Now splash a little soda or tonic in and serve. Strong & cheap, what could be better?

I'm really not sure when we made the decision to do so, but at some point, we decided we all wanted shots. Tequila for me and another girl, jagerbombs for Colleen and Pete. By the end of the night, we had racked up a bill of $93.50 in shots. WHO THE HELL SPENDS $93.50 ON LIQUOR AT LADIES' NIGHT?!?!

Me & Colleen

Miraculously, 3/4 of us woke up not hungover. Yes, that includes me. Pete was able to get approval for Colleen and me to spend the day at his place of work... which just happens to be the Ritz Carlton (cue angels singing).

View from the Ritz Carlton St. Thomas- looking at St. John in the distance.

Ok, I'll stop here for now because you're probably bored at this point. I was there for 8 days, this may end up being an 8 post series hahaha. Oops.

*except for the car, all pics are mine (sorry for the lack of editing). Don't steal them. Registered & Protected

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Assuming y'all haven't totally forgotten about me, I'm now on twitter. Enough people convinced me what a loser I was for not being on twitter that I told Pam to come up with a twitter name and I'd join. She took the challenge and ran with it, so here I am, BrashandSassy1 is the name. Use it, don't abuse it. Feel free to follow me, but I'll warn you now, I have NO clue what the hell I'm doing on that site (as evidenced by the fact that I probably could link you directly to my name, but don't know how to do that...). And it likely won't always be PG.

I had a fabulous trip and an amazing weekend (like, one of the best I've ever had), all of which I plan to clue you in on soon, but I've been tending to the bomb that exploded in my room all afternoon and babysit for my cousin all day tomorrow (oh yea, she went back to work, so now I have two regular "nanny" jobs), and babysit for the other family all day Tuesday and some on Wednesday... so I'll get to it when I get to it.

Hope you don't miss me too terribly, I'll be back soon. Scouts honor. Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Popping In

I didn't intend to skip out for the past (almost) week, &, as a matter of fact, I actually HAD things to blog about (shocking, I know), but the end of last week was pure chaos and time did not allow for much of anything other than work/appointments/errands/getting ahead on school work/playing mom to three kids all weekend. And all of that running around & time spent with kids has left me with a terrible cold, intense nausea, and sleep deprevation.

However, my flight leaves at 7:05 tomorrow morning & by 2 EST, I'll be in beautiful St Thomas with another friend visiting one of my favorite people in the world & for that, I am beyond grateful.

Catch y'all in a week or so!

Aloha. Or whatever the Caribbean equivalent of goodbye is. Registered & Protected
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