Saturday, October 22, 2011

5+ weeks later

To say I am behind on blogging would be a gross understatement. I have about 6 books to do a review on (from August. Ha, like I have time to read for pleasure during school), and I have an entire post to write about the latest happenings with creepy neighbor.

But I'll catch you up to speed on school for now, because apparently that's all I'm really capable of talking about.

I had finals this past week, putting an end to term 2. WOOOOOO!!! I'm 25% finished with nursing school!!!!!

This past term was just kind of eh, for me. I really didn't find it overly interesting or exciting. I finished up learning all of my skills (I learned the first half in July) and can now give an enema, clean a wound, give shots, pass meds, administer and read a TB test, insert an NG tube, suction, etc. Basically all the skills one learns as a licensed practical nurse. I did find all of that to be interesting, because obviously it will be applied to my everyday life, and I like being hands on. But the course portion of that class was definitely night a highlight of my week. Ever.

I also wasn't a huge fan of my adult health 1 course, and physical assessment just gave me a panic attack every single week. Literally, by Sunday, I felt fine about the course. Come Monday morning, by 8:30 am, I was panicking again. There was SO much information thrown our way in a very short amount of time, and it really was very overwhelming. For that class, in addition to a written final exam, we also had to perform a final head-to-toe physical assessment (click the link if you want to watch a video of a majority of the process). For those who don't know what that is, it's basically performing what you have done at an annual physical. But what we were required to learn was waaaaaaay more in depth than any physical I've ever had. Anyhow, we had to bring in a patient not in the class and perform the physical in 50 minutes or less, while reciting our findings. I was the very last person to go, which kind of stunk, but was nice to know that everyone else did well, so surely I'd do fine, too. I had 7 minutes to spare and received a 98.75, so I'd say I did great :)

Grades for the term:

Advanced Principle of Intervention- probably a B, maybe a B+, depends on if she rounds it up 1/2 a point.

Physical Assessment- A-

Adult Health 1- B+.

I'm happy with the grades and I passed clinical. My clinical instructor is awesome and I'm so thrilled I'll have her again for my OB clinical, which starts a week from Tuesday. During my final evaluation she said that I will be an incredible and dynamic nurse, and that I should consider working in the ER because I don't take anything from anyone and I'm a take charge kind of person. That definitely made me feel really good.

Speaking of clinical, I actually enjoyed working on the neurology/med surg unit. It isn't an area I'd want to do for a living, but I saw some really cool things and definitely a wide variety. One guy had non-stop drainage of cerebrospinal fluid coming out of his back post-op. The doctor came in to check it and when he removed the dressing, fluid shot out like Ole Faithful. Obviously, it's not supposed to do that, but it was pretty freakin' sweet.

Monday I start term three, which I CANNOT wait for!!! Maternal/Newborn nursing and Peds are what's on the schedule, so right up my alley. I really, really, really hope I witness a vaginal birth, ideally I'll also see a C-section. My instructor also said we can spend a day in the NICU, if we want, which I requested to do, and, otherwise, we'll probably be feeding and rocking the babies. Heaven.

Peds I'm really bummed about. We were originally told we would all be at Riley Hospital for Children, which is world-renowned and would be incredible exposure to pediatric care. Since peds is an area I'm highly considering, I was looking forward to being in such an environment, and hoped I could maybe even get exposure to pediatric oncology, to see if I like it as much as I think I would. Unfortunately, at the last minute, there were issues with clinical instructors, and my clinical group was switched from Riley to a hospital right down the road from campus. The plus side? I now don't have to drive to Indianapolis for clinical, which would be a good 90 minute commute one way, (although I would have just stayed at my parent's the night before, cutting the commute to 35 minutes one way), and I also don't have clinical on Saturday. The downside is that there won't be nearly as much exposure to the various areas of pediatric care. C'est la vie. But I'm hoping to find a pediatric oncology nurse to shadow on my own time. If anyone is in the Indianapolis area and knows someone who works in pediatric oncology, PLEASE let me know!!

Here's my schedule for this term, which ends in 7 weeks, then sweet, sweet freedom for a month!!!

Monday: NUR 257- Nursing Care of Children 10am-12pm
NUR 250- Pharmacology 12:30pm-2:30pm
NUR 253- Maternal/Newborn 2:40pm-4:40pm

Tuesday: OB Clinical in Ft. Wayne for 5 weeks

Wednesday: Same as Monday

Thursday: Peds Clinical in Marion for 6 weeks

Friday: NUR 250- Pharmacology 12:30pm-2:30pm

I think that's all that's been going on for the past 5 weeks. I'm going to try and write a few posts tomorrow to get somewhat caught up.

Hope everyone is doing well, sorry for being so MIA. Registered & Protected
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