Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately and have just really been yearning for some stability and peace with where I am in my life. My mom sent a prayer to me the other day that couldn't have been more perfect for how I have been feeling lately, and I thought I'd share it with all of you.

The Knots Prayer

Dear God:
Please untie the knots
that are in my mind,
my heart and my life.
Remove the have nots,
the can nots and the do nots
that I have in my mind.

Erase the will nots,
may nots,
might nots that may find
a home in my heart.

Release me from the could nots,
would nots and
should nots that obstruct my life.

And most of all,
Dear God,
I ask that you remove from my mind,
my heart and my life all of the 'am nots'
that I have allowed to hold me back,
especially the thought
that I am not good enough.


Hope you all are having a wonderful week

Monday, April 26, 2010

'Monday Minute'

It's time for Ian's "Monday Minute!" Although, with my length of answers, it's more like the Monday 20-Minute, but whatev bev. Wanna play along? Click the link to his name, copy/paste/answer the questions on your blog, link up at the bottom of his blog. Easy-peezy. So here we go!

Monday Minute

1. What drugs have you done in your life?
None. Never so much as touched a cigarette. Ever. Oh, crap, unless y'all consider alcohol a drug. Yea, I did go to college. A college that used to be one of the top party schools in the nation. And I did take "wine tasting" as my credit number 12 my last semester of college. My grandma's maiden name is Bierhaus (beer-house)... I came by it honestly. Why must I ramble? Simple answer: no real drugs, but I do drink (rarely). Goody goody, at your service.

2 . A/S/L?
23 (in less than a month), Female (duh, fickle white WOMAN). A suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. That is what A/S/L stands for, right? I haven't been asked that since early teen AIM days when creeps from around the world tried to be 'friends'/on the next episode of "To Catch a Predator." Oh, and that one time a guy at a bar used it as a 'pick up line'. Pure laughter was the only answer he got.

3. Do you pick your nose?
Is a pig's ass made of pork? Duh, it's only human.

4 . What's your favorite childhood cartoon.
The Flintstones. And The Jetsons. Watched them both the other day while babysitting (I'm really against most of the 'kid' shows on TV today) and loved them just as much ;)

5. List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done
This is probably my favorite post I will ever write, in terms of honesty & humor:

But also like this one:

If you're stopping by from Monday Minute-- what up, yo?

*Random observation-- some computers are too small to show my entire background! If you're a victim of this, you probably think I have the most boring cosmetics a blog could have, huh? HA! It is pretty simple, regardless, but I'm a simple gal. There's a pretty golden/yellow damask print in the background, in addition to the teal and yellow border. Bummer if you can't see it :(

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Honest Scrap Award!

My girl Pennie, Mom Thoughts, gave me the Honest Scrap Award, truth or dare style (minus the dare, although that would be fun!)! And because I'm a rule follower, here's 10 confessions you probably never cared to know :p

1. I only stick up for myself when it comes to my family, every one else can pretty much walk all over me (unless you lie to me, in which case, I will roast your tush like a 'mallow at a campfire). Not something I am proud of, by any means, and has been a major source of frustration my entire life, but it is what it is.

2. Knowing I made someone laugh gives me an immeasurable amount of joy. I just love the thought of making someone's day a little brighter.

3. I'm really shy around people I'm not close to. Really, really shy.

4. My dreams: travel the world, become a wife and mother, live to be 100, make a difference in the world, be remembered as someone with a big personality and an even bigger heart.

5. I get migraines at least three times a month. Weirdest migraine symptom? Leg cramps and achy knees, ribs, and throat.

6. I have felt a calling to adopt my entire life. I used to beg my parents to be foster parents. I think they secretly wanted to, but they had us later in life and didn't really want to go through parenthood all over again. It is really important to me that the man I marry is open to adopting as well, especially adopting a child(ren) with special needs.

7. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. God has a great plan for all of us, and whether or not it goes the way we had hoped, it's important to remember that there is a reason for that. If I don't get into nursing school for the fall, it just wasn't meant to be. I'll keep working, take a few more classes, then reapply to that program and apply to another program for the winter. Life goes on.

8. My family and friends, and even people who barely know me, tell me on a regular basis that I am an 'old soul'. We all agree that I would have been better suited had I been born in the 40s. However, as old fashioned as I am and as much as I prefer the simple way of life that existed even 20 years ago, I am probably way too open-minded to have lived back then. But if I could build a time machine, you better believe I'd choose to be a teen/early 20s in the 1950s.

9. Growing up, music was always playing. In our house, in the car, on the deck-- everywhere. As a result, I have a HUGE appreciation for music, but prefer anything (but hard, hard rock) from the 30s to the mid-90s. Today's music, aside from country and a few randoms, just really doesn't do it for me. I used to take voice lessons and play the piano.

10. I LOVE to cook and bake. I don't do it often, much to my mother's dismay, but I really, really enjoy it when I do!

Dang, that was hard!

And now I must pass on the award to 10 people. I'm choosing 10 people with a small following that I think deserve more recognition! In no particular order...

1. It's Just Me :) @ Who's Life is this Anyway? (Do I know your real name? LOL)
2. Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year (I Don't really know her following, but she's an awesome writer and her photos make me smile :) And she just changed her header photo and the crying mom and baby crack me up!)
3. Katie @ the moral of the story...
4. JB @ Purplume's Blog (I actually don't know how large her following is, but I love her and her spirit!)
5. Merri Ann @ My Life as a Mom over 40 (I know you're busy, Merri Ann, don't worry if you don't get around to doing this ;))
6. Casey @ Bundles of Beginnings
7. Janet @ Something to Talk About
8. Future Missy Prissy RN @ Mom, Wife, Student, Nurse, Ahhh!
9. Candace @ Me.
10. Keely @ The Life of a Proud Young Mommy (Keely, get a pause button for life, use it, and then update us, please!)
11. Pam @ True Mommyhood Stories

Also, if you follow my blog and have never commented, could you please comment or email me ( a link to your blog (if you have one) so I can follow along? Chances are, if you like my blog, we have a lot in common, and I'd love to "meet" more people! Thanks!

Hope y'all are having/had a great weekend! The thunderstorms are in full force here, which I enjoy, so it's been good for me :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Maui Slideshow

When I lived in Hawai'i, I only made it over to the island of Maui for a quick day trip. I was kind of bummed, but no one else wanted to spend the money on it and most of my friends had done a week long cruise of the islands and had already seen Maui. I assumed my next chance to get back there and actually SEE the island would be when I'm married, perhaps on my honeymoon. I had no clue it would happen a short two years later.

To make a long story short, the trip that my parents and I were supposed to take to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last May ended up being cancelled two weeks before we were to leave-- thank you swine flu and drug lords. We ended up getting the week back for our timeshare, plus our airfare, plus an additional 1500 dollars in ticket vouchers. We were lucky. Anyhow, (long story short, remember), my mom and I ended up doing a girls trip to Maui the very week we should have been in Mexico. And if you've read, um, half of one of my posts, you know how much I am obsessed with all things Hawai'i, so I was one ecstatic chica. Our condo was in the beautiful, picturesque town of Lahaina with a view of the island of Lana'i. It was, by and large, the very best vacation I have ever gone on. Ever. I doubt it will ever be outdone. Unless I convince my Ma to make it an annual trip, in which case, they will all be the best trip ever ;)

The following are pictures from the trip. There is some beautiful Hawaiian Steel Guitar music that accompanies the pictures, so make sure your sound is on if you want to hear it :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

* I HATE working out. You know those people that say, "Oh, I love it once I get there, it's finding the motivation that's hard." Or the people that say, "Yea, I don't like working out either, but I feel so good afterwards." What a load of crap. I don't enjoy any part of working out. I don't like thinking about it, I don't like driving to work out, I don't like doing the actual work out (ask my trainer, he will confirm this as he has listened to my incessant bitching for over a year), and I do not enjoy any part of the aftermath. Who the hell likes being sore in places the Good Lord doesn't even know exists? Not me. And don't tell me you do either, I won't believe you-- even if you say it makes you feel good mentally.

*I need a body transplant. Preferably that of Carrie Underwood or Halle Berry. But really, any body that functions like it should at 23 years of age would be fine.

*American TV is so weird. And yet, I watch it. Like Dog the Bounty Hunter? One of my favorite shows. And The Real Housewives of Pick Your Location is a show I hate missing. But TLC might be the strangest station ever.

*"My" kids are the best kids in the world. All of them. They are amazing. I don't know how I got so lucky.

*I stand corrected, not all park moms have their thongs too far up their bums. Took the rugrats to a smaller park yesterday and this lady could NOT believe that I wasn't their mother (seriously, she asked me 4 times) because we "interact[ed] so well and I seem like a natural." She even went on to ask if I'd be willing to do an over-night stay with her kids! I won't lie, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to hear such kind words.

*I was born in the wrong era. As a result, I am fairly confident that I have had a past life. Weird, I know, but it's possible.

*Little known fact about me: I love cars, but cosmetically speaking. I couldn't tell you what's under the hood any better than I could translate Mandarin Chinese.

*I also love interior design, which isn't too surprising since I'm obsessed with fashion and interior design is like clothing for the home. But I have been scouring so many websites, blogs, and shops lately-- all for no place to decorate. Boo.

*I need to stop speaking up in class. Today our professor told us that women who have sex with un-circumsized men are at greater risk of getting cervical cancer. So I spoke up and asked, "How much greater of a chance?" EVERYONE burst out laughing (immature), because they thought I was asking, ya know, for personal reference. Um no, I'm not, thanks. And the more I spoke, the more awkward it became. It ended with me explaining a. I don't have a boyfriend and b. I don't have sex. The only reason I admitted the latter was because they kept harassing me. But boy did that shut them up.

*I need to stop doing so many meme's. I may be in the minority, but lately, I feel like that's all I've done.

*I need to get a less dull life, otherwise, this blog is going to go on hiatus indefinitely if I don't have anything of interest to say.

*I know way too many people getting married. And then I realize that if I don't up my social life, I will forever be a party of one at all the weddings of my friends. BORING. I may need to rejoin eharmony.

*It's amazing what a little brutal honesty can do. This girl in my class always talks about wanting to set something/someone on fire, curses like a sailor, and is just nuts. One day she took it a little too far and said she wanted to slit our profs throat. I looked at her and said, "You have a sad, ugly soul." Harsh. Bitchy. And yet, the girl has been nothing but nice and lady-like ever since. And she still talks to me.

*In the same class, some moron thinks he wears the badge of honor and is our teacher. Whenever we are doing lab procedures and talking, he always shushes the heck out of us. I'm not in kindergarten, don't shush me when I'm talking about something pertaining to class, k? Thanks. Anyway, one day I had had ENOUGH. I looked at him and said, while giving a serious look to kill, "I'm not talking to you or about you so just mind your own damn business and quit telling me to be quiet." He dropped his jaw and I turned around. The next week he asked to be my lab partner! Hah! So it turns out being aggressive sometimes pays off (I'm rarely that sassy, something riled me up though, apparently.)!

Random Question for You Guys!

*UPDATE: Thank you for all of your feedback, I really appreciate it :) I know it's my blog and ultimately my decision, but y'all would be the benefactors of the giveaway, so I was just curious as to whether or not it as something you gave a hoot about :) I think I am going to *try* a giveaway and go from there. If I think it's fun, maybe I'll do one a few (as in, no more than 3)times a year; if I hate it and feel like it totally takes away from the point of my blog (which is really just to chornicle my life, I'd do it with or without even a single follower), I won't do it again. Whether or not the giveaway is from a company or a reader's etsy shop (my preference-- I like to support fellow bloggers!), I don't know yet, but there will be some sort of giveaway in the near future!

A normal post will be up later tonight, including an embarrassing story from Anatomy class that happened a few minutes ago. Oy. Me and my big mouth!***

I received an email from a company asking if I would be interested in teaming up with them to do a giveaway and review on my blog of their products and/or company.

My question for you is this: How do YOU feel about giveaways and product reviews on blogs?

Do you think I'd be a total sell-out if I went along with it? Or do you think giveaway's are a good way to add a little spice to a blog every now and again?

I have conflicting opinions on the matter, so basically whatever the majority of you say is what I will do.

If it makes any bit of difference, the company is an interior design/home decor & accessories company and many of the products are BEAUTIFUL.

So, what do you do say? Yay or Nay?

Peace. Love. Happiness.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fight For Preemies!

This July 31st is my brother's 25th birthday. It will be 25 years since he was born six weeks premature and had to spend 15 days in the neonatal intensive care unit due to underdeveloped lungs. He was on 100% oxygen and was given his last rights by a priest.

This May 20th is my 23rd birthday. It will be 23 years since I was born two weeks early and had to spend a measly 12 hours in the NICU due to fluid in my lungs.

On February 5, 2008, my cousins, Max and Tyler, were born at a frighteningly early 26 weeks 1 day gestation. Though they were fortunate enough that their mother was able to receive three steroid shots prior to their birth, they spent 67 days in the NICU. Today, they are thriving miracles who, aside from their size, show no signs of having been born 14 weeks early. In fact, and Bridge, correct me if I am wrong, I believe they are AHEAD of not only their adjusted age, but also their REAL age! They truly are our little miracles, who I just happen to get to spend time with weekly :). And who are going to become big brothers in October ;)

Many of us know someone who was born premature. Perhaps it was even a child of yours. Perhaps it was you. Or perhaps it was a friend of a friend of your grandma's aunt. Whatever the case, we all know someone who has been affected by prematurity.

Without the research and support of organizations like March of Dimes, many premature infants may not even stand a chance of survival. This wonderful organization funds research in various medical fields as well as supporting NICU's across the nation. As a NICU volunteer and wannabe future NICU RN, this organization has a very special place in my heart.

This Sunday, I will be marching around downtown on Team Max and Tyler in support of all preemies, both surviving and in heaven. I encourage each of you to go to their website and see when there will be a walk in your area and march for a wonderful cause. And if you'd like to donate, and by no means do I want you to feel like you have to, you can donate to any of the following teams or donate here.

Team Max and Tyler
Fight Club (the Walker quadruplets)
Team 4TUNATE (the Murray Quads)

and countless other families!

Please consider joining the effort, even if it is just by spreading the word. Every little bit helps.

*And on a completely unrelated note, NO ONE has accepted the 'preppy mafia award' I gave to all of my public followers. Y'all, please don't make me tag each and every single one of you. Just answer the questions and spread the joy, k? Thanks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Something to Avoid...

... if you want to keep me happy.

Do NOT invite me to a party where the only men there are gay or married. I'm young, I'm single, and I'm not looking to be a "party of one" at every freaking wedding I ever attend. Gay men are great and usually pay more compliments than any hetero male, but they do me no good when it comes to trying to find a mate. Chances are, I'll end up drinking a tad too much and become vocal about my displeasure.

Monday Minute

Monday is over in less than 5 hours and I am just now getting around to answering Ian's questions from this week's "Monday Minute!" *Click on the link if you're interested in reading more about Ian and his hilarious self, or are wanting to participate in his weekly meme (yep, still hate that word.)!*

Monday Minute

1. Ever take a shit in the woods?
Out in the open? I don't think so. But I did a lot of crazy things in college, so I suppose it's possible. But I'll stick with no. In high school, I went on a 10 day camping trip to Upstate New York (the Adirondacks) and Canada. Obviously we were CAMPING and the only thing available was outhouses that were open to the ground below. But I'm pretty certain I just didn't go potty the whole 10 days. Wow, TMI.

2. If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?
1k? That's it? What a rip off! I guess I'd knock another grand off of my student loans. If I didn't give a hoot about my bills, I'd take a vacation.

3. What's your favorite phrase?
So many favorite phrases. "Shit if I know" is a frequent one. I also like yelling, "What are you waiting on?!? The second coming of Christ?" at cars who sit at stop signs forever just waiting for every other car in the universe to go. Yea, I tend to get a little rage when driving. And I like saying, "hunny hush." But you have to hear how I say it to appreciate it. And no, I won't record it. Sorry. And I say, "Oh, for the love of God..." a lot.

4. Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.
If I was being honest and said the first thing that came to mind, that would be Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and Kate Gosselin. But if I was trying to sound less evil and more diplomatic, I'd say all the criminals/terrorists/racists.

5. How do you take your coffee or tea?
I don't drink hot beverages, except for the rare hot cocoa or hot caramel apple cider. But I do drink raspberry tea (only from a fountain or Snapple, though) or pomegranate/raspberry/citrus green tea. All chilled :)

Thanks, Ian! If you're stopping by from Ian's blog, welcome! Thanks for popping in :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First (Blog-ish) Award!

My sweet, awesome friend Jess gave me an award! Now, it's not for my blog, persay, but it's an award, and we met through blogging, so I'll count it as my first blogger award!

Apparently homegirl thinks I have some mad fashion skills. I'd agree. Haha. Kidding. Sort of.

Ok, but really, she gave me this:

I don't really know how I would define my personal style, except for classy and somewhat trendy. My family and friends tell me (when I'm not looking repulsive) that I look like I'm straight out of Manhattan. I LOVE fashion. But I tend to choose what I like and what works with my body, not necessarily always choosing what is "in" for the season. That just really isn't my focus. Besides, shoulder pads are supposedly in and I wouldn't be caught dead in that nonsense. And not just because I look enough like a line-backer without the extra oomph.

Most of my clothes now come from LOFT, but that's just because it's one stop shopping and I always find a bagillion things I love when I'm there. So dangerous. I'm also a giant shoe whore. Seriously, I've purchased 7 pairs in a little over a month. YIKES! But that's another post for another time...

I also love helping other people choose clothes. If any of you want some help, I'd LOVE to! But beware: I will be as honest as they come.

So here are the questions that accompany the award. I know y'all are dying to know more about me...

1. Who is your style icon?
This is kind of hard, because I really don't look to anyone as a fashion icon. I like to be original and be my own person. I read magazines, but not that often. Gosh, I don't know. Let's just say all the classy women of the world. And the chic women of NYC. Oh, but I did love the way Sandra Bullock dressed in The Blind Side!

2. What is your favorite socialite book?
Uh, hmm, wow, I suck with this award. I read the entire series of "Gossip Girl", so I guess that. Quite honestly, I can't remember any socialite books I've read as of late. I'm into the whole crime novel business. "The Little Lady Agency" is great, but that's not really socialite...

3. What is your favorite party theme?
One with lots of wine. And hot, single, intelligent, STRAIGHT men. So, what? Booze me and schmooze me? That sounds like a good theme name for that atmosphere, donthcha think? Hey, I should start a dating service and name it that! Hmmmm...

4. What is your go-to Halloween costume?
I hate Halloween. Hate it. But if I'm forced to dress up, I go as a witch usually. And no, not a mega-slutty witch. Not my style.

5. What is the extravagance you just can't live without?
Extravagance? So that means I can say something materialistic and not sound totally superficial? Well if they fit right now, my Paper Denim & Cloth jeans. That were 120 bucks and I got for 12. They are heaven on the legs. And my cognac leather boots. Someone told me they looked like sex on the feet. I don't know what that means, but the boots sure do make me happy and walk with little more confidence. They were originally 180, I paid 45. I love a good bargain!

6. Who is the living person you admire?
My mother and grandmother (my dad's mom).

7. What is my greatest fear?
Death. The death of my loved ones and my own death. My last cat died yesterday (his sister died over a year ago, his brother died when I was in high school. Yes, we had 3 cats at once. And a dog or two.) and I was so upset over his death. In 23 years of life, the longest I have gone without a cat is a year. I just can't even fathom dealing with my grandma's death. And she's 89 almost. I dread the day. But my fear is somewhat out of control, which is actually one of the reasons I started seeing a therapist. But, I'm also TERRIFIED of all bird species. Words cannot describe the fear.

8. What's the trait you dislike about yourself?
Uh, my lack of confidence/lack of mouth filter/ability to be super bitchy/unintentional lack of respect I too often show my parents.

9. Which talent would you most like to have?
Um, read number 8. I'd love to have the talent not to do/be any of those ;). And I'd love to be able to run for longer than 5 minutes. I actually like running, I just suck at it. I can't breathe after a tenth of a mile. I also wish I could still play the piano and would love to learn the guitar.

1o. What is my greatest achievement?
Graduating college. And doing it in 4 years. Education is a big deal to my family, so I am really proud of myself for continuing the tradition. Can't wait until the day my greatest achievement is "becoming an RN!"

11. Who are the 10 people I'd like to tag with the Preppy Mafia award?
I can't choose. I think you are all fabulous and special and beautiful in your own individual ways. So I tag ALL (38-ish) of YOU who have a blog (even you, Ian). And if you don't accept the award and answer the questions, I will harass you until you do. And that's a promise. And a threat. So take this award, wear it with pride, and let us get to know you a little bit better. Please and thank you.

Hugs and Kisses,

Carrie Underwood Concert

It's Saturday night and I'm home alone, watching Blood Diamond with my dogs, because even my parents have a more active social life than I do. Woe is me. Boo hoo. Blah blah.

Anyway, a week later (which really feels like 9 years later), I am finally getting around to recap-ing the Carrie Underwood concert. Sorry Pam ( I think you were the one anticipating this-- if not, sorry!), for making you wait so long, especially since you said you couldn't wait to hear about it! I suck. I'll admit it.

The concert was supposed to be a family affair, the broseph and me with the good ole parental units. But, Craig, my brother, is an assistant baseball coach for a local high school and they ended up having a make-up game scheduled for the same night, so he couldn't go. Boo! I ended up asking my cousin to go and we had a blast!

my cousin Kelley, me, my Mama. not the best picture but that clearly doesn't matter to me.

A HUGE thanks to my uncle for buying our tickets for us. My dad had the brilliant idea to send my uncle to get them because he lives in a small town and apparently they give X amount of tickets per ticket venue? Idk. Basically, my uncle was able to get us better seats than we could have bought in the "city." The stadium is U-shaped and, looking at the stage, we were on the left side, where it curves, the first row off the floor. And the seats were only 55/person! Which, compared to tickets for say, the Kenny Chesney concert were I sat 250 yards away and spent an amount I won't fess up to, it was a heck of a steal. I don't know if was more excited about the proximity of our seats to the stage or the fact that there were no seats in front of us, which meant more leg space! Praise Jesus!

un-zoomed view from my seat.

So the first song she comes out singing is "Cowboy Casanova." She's just so damn cute. And I immediately coveted her shoes. I wanted her entire wardrobe(about 8 wardrobe changes) from the night, to be honest, but, being more honest, they probably wouldn't even fit my forearm, so she can keep on rockin' them the way they should be rocked.

The stage was awesome. Her background was all digitalized, so it changed with every song. During "This is just a Dream," it looked like she was in an enchanted forest and was swinging on a swing (the swing was real, the forest was not). It was just so beautiful.

swingin' and singin'.

really want the outfit. yes, even the skirt.

Oh, ya, the purdy thang played the guitar and piano, too. Overachiever, much?

But the BEST part of the whole show was when she came up on the side of the stage on a freakin' PICKUP TRUCK! It started moving forward and then I noticed cables that were connected to it. THE THING WENT OUT INTO THE CROWD AND AROUND THE ENTIRE ARENA! It was AMAZING. She was literally like 15 feet away. I about died. And I'm not a celebrity fan freak, but it was pretty awesome. She was so cute too, when it came to stop in our neck of the woods-- er, stadium-- she said, "So. Here I am. Hanging out the sky. On my big blue truck. How y'all doin?"

she was closer, but this was the best picture I got of the whole truck + her that wasn't dark and blurry.

she totally looked right at us and smiled and waved. hi, Carrie!

Basically, the atmosphere was awesome, she is gorgeous (I have a total girl crush on her. If I were to swing that way, she'd be the one I'd do it for. Awkward confession. Oh well.), her clothes were hot, her shoes I want, her friggen HUGE engagement ring blinded me from half-way across the venue, and, best of all, she sounds better live than she does recorded. And, that, my friends, is how you know someone is a good singer! I even said during the show, "What a loss to the music industry it would have been had she not auditioned for American Idol."

if you enjoy her music and she is coming to a location near you, I STRONGLY recommend seeing her live. I will see her over and over and over again. In fact, I'd like to see this tour again.

Oh, and her opening acts were Sons of Syliva (ummm, no comment) and Craig Morgan. Craig was AWESOME, too! It was just a wonderful night. A much needed nigh out that was perfect and encompassed two of my biggest loves: my family and music. YAY!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the Driving Adventures Continue...

Remember this post, with the embarrassing confession that men at stoplights tend to hit on me?

Someone asked if maybe my car was a guy magnet. I responded by saying that it was possible, because it hadn't happened since I bought my new car. Although neither car I have ever owned were anything I would consider to be desirable by men.

Anyhow, either my cars really are guy magnets or I'm just super sexy because I got hit on again today. But not at a stoplight. Oh no, that would be too easy.

I got hit on while driving. At 45mph. With my windows down. About 15 minutes ago. By a grey-haired man who totally didn't seem like the type to do such a thing.


And I'm not super sexy. I'm half-tempted to take a picture of my current appearance just to prove it, but that's something I don't even want to see. But I was with a 9-month-old all day, so you parents out there, picture what you looked like when your child was an infant and make it 5 times worse. That's me today.

I should hook up a camcorder in my car and video all of these run-ins. I see a reality show in my future ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Search of the Day.

Yet another unsuspecting soul came to my blog via an innocent google search.

Only this one made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes.

"Keith Morrison, WTF."


I wonder that, too, curious google user. I wonder that, too.

Happiness in the Heartland.

My favorite season, in pictures. All of the photos were taken in my backyard or at my cousin's house :) Enjoy!

magnolia tree

magnolia bloom at sunset


forsythia at sunset. those two photos makes me all kinds of happy.


brilliantly colored tulips. my favorite flower, next to peonies. My birthday is May 20th **hint, hint ;)**

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting to Know [ME]

I've decided to participate in MannLand5's "Getting to know YOU" meme! If you want to join in on the fun, visit her blog, copy the questions and paste them on your blog, then go back to her blog and link up once you've answered the questions. Easy, right?

1. What color do you wear the most?
My closet is color-coded, so I like to think I wear all colors an equal amount, but it really depends on the season. Now that it's spring, I'm in lots of navy blue/nautical clothes and bright colors. A few weeks ago, black and grey (random fact about me: I hate the American spelling "gray," I always spell it the English way, "grey." Weird, I know.) were pretty much the name of the game.

2. Would you rather have $10,000 dollars or a dream vacation?
I'd rather 10k! I could pay off some of my student loans or invest it and make a bigger profit :) I love me a vacation, but I'm not deprived in that area and could really use the money (couldn't we all???).

3. Do you have a weird, quirky or unusual habit?
HA! Yes! I'm really weird about noises. The sound of silverware scraping dishes, the sound some people make when chewing their gum, when I can hear people breathe... pretty much any noise that isn't necessary drives me bonkers! Also, pictures on the wall that are crooked-- I'll fix them every time, I don't care where I am.

4. I really need to start..........?
Taking better care of my body by eating properly and working out more.

5. What was the first blog you ever read?
Shit if I know. I know "I'm Living Proof that God has a Sense of Humor" was one of the first I ever read, but I don't think it was the first.

6. Do you collect anything?
I have a pretty ridiculous shopping habit, so from now on, I'm just going to tell people I collect shoes/clothes/jewelry! Man, I've been dying for some justification of my habit, this is perfect!

7. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
HAHA, Oh Lord, so lame-- 17 I suppose, but 18 the first time I made out. I'm such a prude.

8. Do you text/twitter while driving?
I don't twitter at all, so that's an easy no. Text? Sometimes. But I try to do it only at stoplights. I get really antsy when I know someone has texted me and I don't respond immediately. Another quirky habit, I suppose.

**Yet another prayer request: Without going into all the details (although if you're as nosey as me, you can read the article here), please pray for my neighbors. Their son was involved in a horrific accident the other night with two of his buddies. My neighbor was the driver and survived; his two friends did not. Please pray for all involved.**

*Upcoming posts: Slideshows of Hawai'i, pictures from spring, and a recap of the Carrie Underwood concert! And I'm hoping to think of something hilarious to blog about, but that's proving to be quite the challenge.*

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday, so time to join The Girl Next Door Grows Up for "Feel Good Friday."

Here are five six things that made me happy/feel good this week:

1. Oodles of family time over the weekend! My amazing grandmother came into town for a few days; we had my mom's family over here on Saturday; I babysat for my awesome cousins Saturday night; I went to my aunt and uncle's Sunday for Easter dinner; and I babysat for my awesome cousins again on Monday night! LOVED it! I seriously have to have the best family in the world. And I really love that I grew up with my extremely extended family, too. How many people can say they are close to their third (and now fourth) cousins?

2. The WEATHER! And FLOWERS! It looks soooooooooo beautiful. When I have more time, I'll share some pictures of the yard (my dad should be a landscape pro)! The beginning of the week was in the 80s, sunny, and just oh so perfect. Then the thunderstorms and tornado warnings rolled in, but I love storms, so it was still perfect for me. Falling asleep to the sound of roaring skies and rain hitting the window? So divine, if you ask me. Today was in the 50s and dreary, but it is supposed to be short lived. My depression is so much better now that the disgusting days of winter are gone.

3. Thursday night. As of Thursday night, I had babysat 33 hours in 5 days (in addition to volunteering, school, family shhhtuff). Thursday night was my first chance all week to sit down with my mom and just talk. And relax for longer than 10 minutes. And have a chance to catch up on responding to blog comments. And catch up on reading blogs. I. Was. So. Behind. It was so glorious.

4. I finally bit the bullet and went to a therapist. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous and it went really well. I have a long ways to go, but I'm glad I finally realized I do need some outside help. And I'm not ashamed of it whatsoever.

5. Hasn't happened yet, but tonight I'm going to the Carrie Underwood concert! I haven't been to a concert in forever-- oh wait, I saw Journey last August. It just feels like forever ago--, and while I doubt it will be as good as The Eagles concert I went to a few years ago (the best concert I have ever been to), I expect it to be a solid show. I just wish I didn't have to babysit at 6:45 Saturday morning. Oh well, we can't have it all, can we now?

6. MORE new followers! It is still so weird to me that 33 (public) people enjoy my blog. I don't really it get it, haha. Honestly, I was expecting this thing to be a total flop and I would be one of three readers and I'd write every so often when I needed to be creative. I just can't believe that it has become so much more than that. I'm just blown away at how kind and encouraging and AMAZING all of my readers are. I feel so fortunate to have "met" all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate you :) And the best part of new followers? Discovering new blogs! Especially because a majority of the time they are hilarious blogs. And who doesn't need as many laughs as possible?

If you are stopping by from FGF, welcome! Thanks so much for popping in! I'd love to hear from you so I can check out your Friday post as well :)

** In the picture from yesterday, the date (which I cropped out) was 3/18/91. I was born 5/20/87. So the picture was taken 2 months and 2 days before my 4th birthday! So since I was technically 3, Ian was the only person who guessed correctly, who said 5, and then thought I was being tricky and said 3. My mom and I couldn't believe how tall and long my legs were. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm 5'9" now, huh? And thanks for all the sweet comments about the picture. Y'all are the best!**

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Throwback Thursday

And this, ladies and gentleman, is the epitome of sass.

So much attitude.

My poor parents. Especially given the fact that not much has changed since this picture was taken. I am still as sassy as can be.

Maybe I don't want a daughter. After all, karma is a bitch, right?

Any guesses on how old I was in this picture?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Mother, the Comedienne

One of my mom’s patients, who has to use a sperm donor, said to her today, “By the way, did you know that you can find a sperm donor online now? And it’s delivered to you in the mail.”

My mom’s response?

“Well, I hope you have a lot better luck with that than my daughter did with eharmony.”


She’s too witty for her own good…

Gotta love her.

The woman followed it up by saying that she met her husband on Too funny.

And by the way, my mom is an ultrasonographer at an OB/GYN office. She seriously comes home with the BEST stories. And no, she never uses names, so she doesn't violate HIPPA, mmk?

You found me HOW?

Recent google searches that have directed people to my blog:

Someone in Minneapolis is looking for help with his "Fickle wife" Sorry dude, can't help ya out, but I wish you luck.

To the person in Virginia, if you've found the answer to "Why are women so mean to each other?" please enlighten me, would ya? Because that truly is the million dollar question.

And, Keith Morrison. Who knew the man was such a popular google search?? Here's what some people want to know about my "favorite" journalist...

"Keith Morrison family secret."
Lucky you, coming to my blog should have provided you the answer! His deep, dark family secret is that he is involved in all the crimes he does the reporting for. The cat's out of the bag.

"Keith Morrison creepy" You betcha, he is. And clearly many agree, as that search alone has directed 7 different people to my blog hahah.

A few people have straight up googled "Diary of a Fickle White Woman." Kind of odd, if you ask me.

And last, but not least, someone in Rome, Italy (that's right, y'all, the Fickle White Woman has gone international!) wants to find "White Gal Wit Some Big Ums - a People" I don't know what 'a-people' means, but I do know what the beginning part means and how that led them to my blog is beyond me.

But, nonetheless, welcome unsuspecting google users to my crazy, fickle life.

So I ask you-- HOW did YOU find my blog????

Monday, April 5, 2010

WTF, Vanity Fair?

I've written before about why I chose to not put my degree to use and become a journalist.

I love to write. I mean, y'all have read my blog, I clearly love to write. Often, too much. But that's not the point.

When I first changed majors from special education to communications/ journalism, I mostly did it with this big, grand idea of moving to New York City and working for a fashion magazine.

And then I realized the fact that I obviously defeated anorexia would be a deal breaker in the fashion industry, so I became slightly realistic.

A few years later, my disgust over what American media deems newsworthy in all areas of journalism became my own deal breaker. I could not and would not write for a publication that wasn't interested in solely producing newsworthy material. I would not.

But I still scour many fashion magazines/blogs/websites weekly. I have quite the shopping habit, but that's another post for another time. And while fashion magazines seldom cover any topic that is absolutely, 100% newsworthy, it is a guilty pleasure of mine and I manage to look past the lack of importance. That is, until recently.

I don't subscribe to Vanity Fair. In fact, I rarely read it. But that rare occasion is now non-existent, due to something they covered in their most recent issue. Something so appalling that my reasons for not pursuing a career in journalism became even more abundantly clear.

In the current issue on newsstands, the magazine does a spread of pictorials of the Tiger Woods home wreckers mistresses.

Seriously? That's trashier than something one would read in The National Enquirer.

Do you want to know why nasty ass women sleep with celebrities? Because the American media effing makes them celebrities and gives them frickin spreads in magazines. The only thing those faces should be plastered on is the female version of And a dart board.

The fact that the media is so fascinated with stories such as Tiger Woods' inability to keep it in his pants and the recent saga between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock is disgusting. And, quite frankly, an embarrassment to what this country considers to be of importance. It goes against everything for which I stand.

Shouldn't the goal of the media be to inform, first and foremost, but to also encourage positive actions? To encourage us to be good, productive members of society? To teach us to make a lasting impact on this world that is noteworthy? To know what the hell is going on in this world that may actually have an effect on our lives?

So, Vanity Fair, and the like, to you I say: instead of glorifying adulterous behavior, how about you find citizens who actually do some good for the country? Heaven forbid we actually write stories that *gasp* are inspirational. In fact, they don't even need to be inspirational, but they should at least be of importance. Or educational, because we all know how uneducated the rest of the world thinks we Americans are.

How about we give focus to topics that actually need attention, and stop giving it to the attention whores of the world that would sell their own child just to be in a magazine.

Need topic ideas? I'd gladly provide your journalists and editors with a list of what to and not to cover. Top of that list of 'not's'? Kate Gosselin, Tiger Woods and company, and Jesse James and his tattooed tramp. Of course, the comprehensive list is much more extensive.

I have very little respect for American media any more. Very little.

'Monday Minute'

My super awesome blogger buddy Melissa participates in this little meme (still unsure of what 'meme' means. Still not sure I care.) called "Monday Minute." It is hosted by Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality. Since my creative juices aren't flowin', I thought I'd participate this week. Visit Ian's blog and join in on the fun!

Monday Minute

What's wrong with fake breasts?
As long as they look natural, I have no problem with fake boobs. Except for the massively huge ones (ahem, Heidi Montag); those are just disgusting and classless. A boob job wouldn't be the first thing I'd have done, if I ever had plastic surgery, but to each their own.

List your latest run-in with the Carnival of Idiocy.
Hate to name call, but the lady at the park might be an idiot. I mean, she did, essentially, pick on an 11 month old. There's also a giant idiot in my anatomy class. So far, she has claimed to have been a bio-chem major (and you're in anatomy 102 why?), a certified hairstylist (more like certified nut-case), and a pre-law major. She also "hates" America and can't wait to become an EMT and move to Europe. She also speaks of wanting to set our lab professor on fire. Weekly. Hmm, perhaps a future post about all the crazy antics of this girl is in order.

Name one thing you'd like to tell your ten year ago self.
Uh, well, 10 years ago I was 12 and in 6th grade (and now I realize, yet again, just how young I really am. *sigh*)... so I guess I would say, "Being an adult isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Enjoy your youth and make the most of high school and college, those are the best years of your life and they go way. too. quickly."

What's your favorite word that's not in the dictionary?
Dip-shit. Or really anything with the word "shit" in it.

Why do fools fall in love?
I've never been in love, so I don't know. Does that make me equally as foolish?

Thanks, Ian, for the great questions! And thanks, Melissa, for pointing me to the fun!

AND-- BUTLER is competing in the National Championship tonight at 9 eastern time. They play Duke, so it should be a really good game. Come on DAWGS!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, hello there, Miss Spring

I know I say all the time how much I can't wait to move away from Indiana.

The truth is, Indiana really isn't all that bad. In fact, I actually really love living here from April-November. The cost of living is cheap, and, well, people in the Midwest are just nice (except for moms at the park). Plus, our values are very different from the rest of the country, or so it seems. It really is a great place to grow up.

But the winters. Oh, those painfully cold (it literally hurts to be outside, the air stings), snowy, dreary winter days take a big toll on my overall well-being. And being 12 hours away from the nearest ocean doesn't help.

Even Kendra Wilkinson agrees: "The only thing Indianapolis doesn't have for me is the weather. If I could, I would definitely live and raise a family there. It's funny. When we moved into our house there, the whole neighborhood came and greeted us. People gave us cookies. When we moved here [L.A.], not one person gave a shit. But the weather is great!" US Weekly March 22, 2010.

And then, when the spring comes, I am like a new person.

Yesterday, the first day of April, almost as if on cue, the weather did a 180 and we were graced with sunny skies and this:

It actually got up to 82*. And it was heavenly. And almost made me forget how eager I am to move somewhere that is warm year around. And near the beach.


The forecast is looking promising, too. Winter may actually be gone for the next six months. Praise the LORD.

Miscellaneous items:

Please keep the Hausfeld family in your prayers. Kacie was a volleyball player at UD (my alma mater) and was in a single-engine plane crash yesterday afternoon. She and her father both died. I was good friends with the volleyball team and I know they are all still in shock. Please keep those girls in your prayers too, as they try to deal with the loss of a "sister." Kacie was a beautiful girl, very genuine, and had such a bright future ahead of her. God must have needed her more up there.

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day for the UD family... our boys basketball team won the NIT! So proUD to be a Flyer!

Also, best wishes to Micah and the Butler Bulldogs, as they compete in the Final Four (here in INDY!) tomorrow night at 6pm eastern time. I won't be at the game, but will be watching with Micah's daughter and nephews! GO DAWGS!

And finally, I hope you all have a very wonderful Easter/Passover weekend. Mine is chock full of dinner's with my mom's family and my dad's family. And my Grams is coming up for it! So excited. LOVE family time.

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