Monday, April 26, 2010

'Monday Minute'

It's time for Ian's "Monday Minute!" Although, with my length of answers, it's more like the Monday 20-Minute, but whatev bev. Wanna play along? Click the link to his name, copy/paste/answer the questions on your blog, link up at the bottom of his blog. Easy-peezy. So here we go!

Monday Minute

1. What drugs have you done in your life?
None. Never so much as touched a cigarette. Ever. Oh, crap, unless y'all consider alcohol a drug. Yea, I did go to college. A college that used to be one of the top party schools in the nation. And I did take "wine tasting" as my credit number 12 my last semester of college. My grandma's maiden name is Bierhaus (beer-house)... I came by it honestly. Why must I ramble? Simple answer: no real drugs, but I do drink (rarely). Goody goody, at your service.

2 . A/S/L?
23 (in less than a month), Female (duh, fickle white WOMAN). A suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. That is what A/S/L stands for, right? I haven't been asked that since early teen AIM days when creeps from around the world tried to be 'friends'/on the next episode of "To Catch a Predator." Oh, and that one time a guy at a bar used it as a 'pick up line'. Pure laughter was the only answer he got.

3. Do you pick your nose?
Is a pig's ass made of pork? Duh, it's only human.

4 . What's your favorite childhood cartoon.
The Flintstones. And The Jetsons. Watched them both the other day while babysitting (I'm really against most of the 'kid' shows on TV today) and loved them just as much ;)

5. List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done
This is probably my favorite post I will ever write, in terms of honesty & humor:

But also like this one:

If you're stopping by from Monday Minute-- what up, yo?

*Random observation-- some computers are too small to show my entire background! If you're a victim of this, you probably think I have the most boring cosmetics a blog could have, huh? HA! It is pretty simple, regardless, but I'm a simple gal. There's a pretty golden/yellow damask print in the background, in addition to the teal and yellow border. Bummer if you can't see it :(


Melissa said...

Your blog is very pretty and I can see all of it! Have a happy Monday!

Anne said...

Dude, you pick your nose??? Gross!!! Just kidding. Doesn't everyone have to dig in there once in a while? ;)

Anonymous said...

Adorable blog...Happy Monday!

Ian said...

Is a pig's ass made of pork LMAO. I like your increase in followers yo!

Momma Fargo said...

LMAO! Love it! And your background is very pretty.

Beth McC. said...

LOL this post had me cracking up! Thanks for the Recipe comment- I used frozen corn but I am not sure about can corn? Since it goes in first and cooks so long the can corm might get mushy but again I am not sure! I will say that it was definitely ready to eat after the 2nd hour on the Crockpot!

The Future Missy Prissy RN said...

I know I am late for Monday Minute, but I will play catch up.. Maybe call it Tuesday Turnaround.. lol Nah, going to bed.. I've had enough of this Monday. Lata!!!

Helene said...

I must be like the last person on earth who doesn't do this meme. I'm so outta the loop.

You'll like this...I read your answer about a pig's ass and I asked Tim, "I thought a pig's ass was bacon, not pork". He was all, "Are you shittin me?!"

I can see your background....I love the mixture of blue and yellow!

Anne said...

I gave you a blog award! And accepted yours, finally! ;)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I do! I see the pretty background!

Lindsey said...

Lol. I wanted to participate in this survey but I was afraid of loosing followers!!

Kelly and Sara said...

Cute blog!

New to the blog world, follow us at:

Putz said...

hey i like all this stuff>>.you are really neat

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