Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Search of the Day.

Yet another unsuspecting soul came to my blog via an innocent google search.

Only this one made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes.

"Keith Morrison, WTF."


I wonder that, too, curious google user. I wonder that, too.


Helene said...

Keith Morrison, WTF? LMAO...that's hysterical!!

Pennie said...

NOW I'm blonde had to wear off...THEN I got it...kudos to me! ha ha ha ha

Ian said...

Ok I am half a tard please tell me how you found this out, I need to check my stats out. I mean my google searches LOL

Ian said...

BAHAHAHA so I found it right...check this shit out

"april 10" "love handles" band "uncle mike's"


grandpas fin to fucking joung girls movies onlines


books about students who hang out after school


It's just me :) said...

Its so funny to see what people actually search for these days.

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