Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carrie Underwood Concert

It's Saturday night and I'm home alone, watching Blood Diamond with my dogs, because even my parents have a more active social life than I do. Woe is me. Boo hoo. Blah blah.

Anyway, a week later (which really feels like 9 years later), I am finally getting around to recap-ing the Carrie Underwood concert. Sorry Pam ( I think you were the one anticipating this-- if not, sorry!), for making you wait so long, especially since you said you couldn't wait to hear about it! I suck. I'll admit it.

The concert was supposed to be a family affair, the broseph and me with the good ole parental units. But, Craig, my brother, is an assistant baseball coach for a local high school and they ended up having a make-up game scheduled for the same night, so he couldn't go. Boo! I ended up asking my cousin to go and we had a blast!

my cousin Kelley, me, my Mama. not the best picture but that clearly doesn't matter to me.

A HUGE thanks to my uncle for buying our tickets for us. My dad had the brilliant idea to send my uncle to get them because he lives in a small town and apparently they give X amount of tickets per ticket venue? Idk. Basically, my uncle was able to get us better seats than we could have bought in the "city." The stadium is U-shaped and, looking at the stage, we were on the left side, where it curves, the first row off the floor. And the seats were only 55/person! Which, compared to tickets for say, the Kenny Chesney concert were I sat 250 yards away and spent an amount I won't fess up to, it was a heck of a steal. I don't know if was more excited about the proximity of our seats to the stage or the fact that there were no seats in front of us, which meant more leg space! Praise Jesus!

un-zoomed view from my seat.

So the first song she comes out singing is "Cowboy Casanova." She's just so damn cute. And I immediately coveted her shoes. I wanted her entire wardrobe(about 8 wardrobe changes) from the night, to be honest, but, being more honest, they probably wouldn't even fit my forearm, so she can keep on rockin' them the way they should be rocked.

The stage was awesome. Her background was all digitalized, so it changed with every song. During "This is just a Dream," it looked like she was in an enchanted forest and was swinging on a swing (the swing was real, the forest was not). It was just so beautiful.

swingin' and singin'.

really want the outfit. yes, even the skirt.

Oh, ya, the purdy thang played the guitar and piano, too. Overachiever, much?

But the BEST part of the whole show was when she came up on the side of the stage on a freakin' PICKUP TRUCK! It started moving forward and then I noticed cables that were connected to it. THE THING WENT OUT INTO THE CROWD AND AROUND THE ENTIRE ARENA! It was AMAZING. She was literally like 15 feet away. I about died. And I'm not a celebrity fan freak, but it was pretty awesome. She was so cute too, when it came to stop in our neck of the woods-- er, stadium-- she said, "So. Here I am. Hanging out the sky. On my big blue truck. How y'all doin?"

she was closer, but this was the best picture I got of the whole truck + her that wasn't dark and blurry.

she totally looked right at us and smiled and waved. hi, Carrie!

Basically, the atmosphere was awesome, she is gorgeous (I have a total girl crush on her. If I were to swing that way, she'd be the one I'd do it for. Awkward confession. Oh well.), her clothes were hot, her shoes I want, her friggen HUGE engagement ring blinded me from half-way across the venue, and, best of all, she sounds better live than she does recorded. And, that, my friends, is how you know someone is a good singer! I even said during the show, "What a loss to the music industry it would have been had she not auditioned for American Idol."

if you enjoy her music and she is coming to a location near you, I STRONGLY recommend seeing her live. I will see her over and over and over again. In fact, I'd like to see this tour again.

Oh, and her opening acts were Sons of Syliva (ummm, no comment) and Craig Morgan. Craig was AWESOME, too! It was just a wonderful night. A much needed nigh out that was perfect and encompassed two of my biggest loves: my family and music. YAY!

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Anne said...

I love Carrie Underwood! FUN!!!

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