Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Procrastination at its finest

Well hello there.

If there was an award for most sporadic blogger, I'd probably win, right?

C'est la vie.

Today was the first day of the new term and, after 8 hours of class, the last thing I want to do is work on homework, so I decided I'd post a little update. Apologies in advance for the angry, unpleasant tone in which this post may or may not take.

The glorious news? I am finished with school in 67 days. Less than 10 weeks.

This is how I feel about that:

However, I may need a stint in rehab after these next {less than} 10 weeks because this shit is no joke and the intensity has been amplified 100 fold the past month, with no signs of ever slowing down, and my friend Jac and I have already decided that a nightly brew or 5 will help to take the edge off.

I completed 4 credits in 10 days in May, which is now a total blur. Then I spent 4 days in Northern Indiana/Michigan "working" with Amish people. That was a total bust. I was with a midwife and told I'd likely see a birth in the 42 clinical hours I spent with her. I ended up only seeing 10 patients over the course of two days, and no patients the last two days. The last day I spent scrubbing floors. Needless to say, it sucked. But the 10 patients I did see were incredibly friendly and fascinating and confused by me. The idea of a 25-year-old female without a husband or children was completely baffling to them. They were also caught off guard by my height. Amish people are short, yo.

Side note: Amish children may be the most precious children ever. They were all so damn cute and I just wanted to steal them. I was pretty tempted, too. I mean, they all have a good sized brood, surely they wouldn't mind having one taken off their hands, right? ;)

Now I'm in Community Health Nursing and Nursing Leadership & Management. I have class Tuesday 8-7 and Wednesday 8-5. Then clinical hours I have yet to figure out, but each class has to total 84 a piece. By June 28th. Fun times. I'll be shadowing at the NICU I volunteered at this Friday and following Monday, so that will cover 22 of my clinical hours.

Speaking of the NICU, I have a job interview this Thursday to work on the unit as an RN as soon as I graduate and pass boards :) I hadn't really planned on applying there, but, long story short, there was an opening, the manager asked me to apply, and here I am. I'm also submitting my resume to the manager at the peds unit I shadowed on in November.

I still plan on applying to two residency programs in LA, but neither starts until March, so the earliest I'd move out there is February, and being unemployed in Indiana for 6 months just isn't an option, hence the pursuit to employment in Indy.

Oh, I also turned 25 recently, and, shockingly, am excited about it. Before school started, I swore I'd have a quarter-life crisis by the end of 2012, but I have changed a lot in the past 10 months of school. I definitely have a lot to look forward to in the next year: graduating, becoming an RN, employment, moving, being totally independent, having fun being single, etc. I'm just pretty content with almost every aspect of my life and have embraced being 25 and am trying to enjoy the freedom while I can.

So that's that. Another lame post brought to you by yours truly. Hope everyone is doing well, I probably won't peak in again until I graduate, if I'm being honest, so thanks for bearing with me these last 10 months. Although I do want to write a top 10 nursing school survival tip post, so maybe I will peak in before August.... Either way, hopefully I get back into the blogging groove once I have a normal life again.

Xoxo, Registered & Protected
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