Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Mother, the Comedienne

One of my mom’s patients, who has to use a sperm donor, said to her today, “By the way, did you know that you can find a sperm donor online now? And it’s delivered to you in the mail.”

My mom’s response?

“Well, I hope you have a lot better luck with that than my daughter did with eharmony.”


She’s too witty for her own good…

Gotta love her.

The woman followed it up by saying that she met her husband on match.com. Too funny.

And by the way, my mom is an ultrasonographer at an OB/GYN office. She seriously comes home with the BEST stories. And no, she never uses names, so she doesn't violate HIPPA, mmk?


Casey said...

Ha ha! That's a good one!

And thanks for the sweet comment on my last post! :)

katie said...

hahahaha! Laughed out loud...can I start the petition now to have your mom start a blog?? Please let her know she already has a fan... (ps I signed up for 20something bloggers!!!) thanks! :o)

Helene said...

I would imagine your mom has some pretty funny stories to tell!! I'm just impressed with the fact that she knows what she's looking at when she's doing an ultrasound. I know they go to school for special training but I'm always in awe everytime I've had an u/s and the tech is pointing out various things.

"Here's your bladder"...it looks like a UFO, WTF?

Oh and don't get me started on how they can tell the gender of a baby. I can never see anything...each time I was just like "oh, okay, I see it now"...then I'd go home and google baby u/s pics to compare to my own.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

OMG your mom is too funny!

My dad would tell everyone he met that I was single when I was single. He would even show a pic of me!

Pam said...

Lol. I once went behind my mother's back and tried to sign her ass up for EHarmony. I got the millionth question and decided I could go no further.
I am a Registered Nurse. I've worked in the ER for the past 12 years. Nursing is an awesome career. I love your blog!!

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