Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rest of St. Thomas

Oy, I knew trying to split the trip up into several posts would be too difficult to stay on top of. I just don't know how most of you find time in the day to blog! I used to be so good about writing here on a semi-regular basis, but I feel like life is going 100mph right now and I barely have my seatbelt on. I'm going to finish the St. Thomas posts right now so I can blog about other things before I forget (ie: my nursing school interview). It won't be as detailed, and more picture heavy than anything and I'm only posting a few pics because I can't choose, so I'm just going to do a slideshow this weekend when I need a distraction from homework. If that isn't good enough for you, maybe make up a vacation story to coincide with the pics? Haha.

On my first full day in St. Thomas, Colleen and I spent the entire day (literally, we were there from 930-630) pretending we were guests at the Ritz.

View of St. John from the Ritz

On Friday, Pete worked again, so Colleen and I hung out at Pete's private beach, appropriately dubbed, "Peter Cove." That night, we went to dinner and a bar in Yacht Haven called Fat Turtle. Any Real Housewives of NYC fans out there? Remember last season when the ladies went on Ramona's renewal trip to the islands of St. Thomas & St. John? And Ramona drank a billion pinot grigio's and kept saying she wanted to do turtle time? She was talking about going to Fat Turtle.

I look like a sweaty mess, but here we are at Fat Turtle

Saturday we woke up early, took the top off the car, and went to brunch, where we ordered $6 bottomless mimosas. After brunch, we headed to the ferry to go over to St. John for the day. It rained all morning on St. Thomas and both ferry rides (and we had the top down, so, naturally, it poured on us), but was fine on St. John. I absolutely LOVED St. John! Ninety percent of it is a national park, so it's mostly unspoiled beauty, tropical, and lush. We drove to random beach that wasn't crowded at all, cracked open the liquor, and settled in for a fun day.

Yes, this is real. Yes, I took it (on my phone, no less). Yes, it's even more beautiful in person. Trunk Bay, St. John.

Party in the ocean. Ever wanna get drunk really fast? Pour a strong drink and down it while getting tossed around the waves. You'll be good to go in about 30 minutes.

That night was Colleen's last night, so we kept the party going and went to dinner and a bar with some of Pete's friends.

Sunday we went to Charlotte Amalie, the port city for the cruise ships. It was super touristy with lots of shopping and people. We ate lunch at this delicious Spanish inspired restaurant, bought some jewelry (Larimar earrings for my ma, a ring for me), then dropped Colleen off at the airport.

Tasty lunch in Charlotte Amalie

The rest of the time, I spent pretty much alone because Pete worked. Honestly, it was PERFECT. Not that I don't wish I had company, but I loved the peace and quiet, the lack of having responsibility, not being consumed with thoughts about nursing school, and just being able to relax. I headed to over to a beach resort one afternoon because I wanted to snorkel and see the sunset (and some random man in his 60s wearing a fake tongue came up to me and licked me. All I could say was, "Well, I feel violated." It was so awkward.), but, otherwise, I spent my time on Peter Cove.

Sunset from Secret Harbor Beach Resort, St. Thomas

My home away from home, Peter Cove. I'd put my chair on the rocks towards the end of the day to get another 90 minutes or so of sun.

After 8 days, I could truly say it was one of the better vacations I had ever had. Aside from the 4 months in Hawaii, I'd never been on vacation with JUST friends. I had an absolute blast and am so grateful I had the opportunity to take the trip. And, in my true fashion, I was already planning my next getaway the morning had to come home, which makes me think becoming a traveling nurse is seeming like a better idea each day.

Reflection of the sunset


*All pics taken by me. St Thomas, March 2011*

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Jess said...

So, so, so beautiful!!!

I'm glad you had a good time :)

lindsey said...

Seriously. That sunset picture looks like heaven. I want to go so bad! To St. Thomas that is...not heaven. Well I do want to go to heaven but not right now. oye vey!
Oh and I love your background!

Zazzy Episodes said...

Thanks for taking us with you on this trip, these pictures look like I was there with you. Who couldn't get use to views like that?

Katherine said...

Love National Parks because they are so unspoiled. These pictures are amazing, and it sounds like you had a great time!

denise said...

Sounds great & relaxing. Can't wait to hear where you decided to go next.

nurse XY said...

That is one freaky looking fat turtle. ;)

Pennie said...

This looks like such a beautiful place.

Color me jealous!

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