Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dang, making blogs look pretty can be time consuming!

How do you moms do it? Seriously, this blog thing is a lot of work to get going! I mean, I'm busy, but I also have my nights to me and only me, I just can't believe some of you ladies have the time to take care of the kids, the hubby, AND do this! Superwomen, that's what y'all are. And should probably be up for canonization in the after life.

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to sweet Merri Ann for giving me a heads up on how to create a signature! Now my signing off doesn't look as dumb :) Thanks, Merri Ann, I really, really appreciate it! And I added my email to the sidebar!

Hopefully as time progresses, the looks (and writing, haha) of the blog will continue to improve.

P.S. Please tell me if my signature is kind of hard to read, I couldn't decide...


Merri Ann said...

Love the font ... but it is a little hard to read.

I don't really have the time. I'm up at 4:30am and my free time is for one hour. I discovered that if I didn't take that hour for myself, I would never get any time at all. I either read blogs or I write a little. I occasionally get some extra time on the weekends.

My blog was plain until I got some extra time over the two 4-day weekends my husband had over the holidays. I'm not sure how others do it. I only have a post once or twice a week ... maybe I'll get better at it as I continue.

Marianne said...

Well, I still think you must have some kind of superhuman powers... especially if you are up at 4:30 a.m.!!! Oh, I am so not a morning person. And once or twice a week is still more than I think I could manage as SAHM! You have 3 kids home 24/7, hopefully it will get easier to find time once they are in school; but I'm impressed, regardless.

And I changed some things about the signature, I'm trying to match the colors to background of my blog, but if it's still hard to read (please, let me know) I may just drop that idea :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I too love the font, but the yellow is hard to see the pretty teal.

I only blog during naptime. Maybe check email quick throughout the day if time.

Nighttime I rarely do anything because I like to be with the fam. Plus I spent a MONTH designing the site before i even wrote anything!!

Marianne said...

Thanks for the feedback... does the grey/teal look better???

A MONTH? Oh good grief, that is dedication! I don't think I have that much patience :) And naptime is my favorite time of the day hahah

Helene said...

I think the gray/teal signature looks the best. Is there a reason why you wanted a border around it? I think it would look great with just your name in teal with no border.

I have to blog to stay sane. Seriously. But I usually do it mostly in the early morning or late evening. Sometimes I'll read/comment on other blogs when the little twins are napping (IF they nap) while the big twins are doing their homework or playing together nicely.

On the weekends, I don't usually blog at all because that's our family time. Unless of course they're all working my last nerve and I need to escape. My husband is pretty understanding about that, thankfully.

Marianne said...

Helene, for the win! It does look better without a background. Thanks for the suggestion!

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