Monday, February 15, 2010

the snow has been falling nonstop since I woke up at 8. is pumping out the sweet sounds of Jack Johnson and the like.

I am feeling more confident with my preparations for the nursing entrance exam I take Wednesday

and in two hours I will be released from the chaos that has been the past 5 days of caring for three girls. and then I am going to go spend time with my cousin's children, to remind myself that I still want my own someday.

God is SO good.

Wishing you a blessed day :)

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Melissa said...

That picture is BEAUTIFUL!

I hope you have a great afternoon!... and I agree: sometimes kids can be VERY overwhelming!!!

Helene said...

I love that's gorgeous!!

I'll bet you're looking forward to peace and quiet after the last 5 days!!! I remember in college, I used to nanny for a family who had 4 kids and I used to LOVE to come home and just take in the silence.

BTW, I totally agree with you on Andrew Garcia on Idol!! I'll be very surprised if he doesn't at least end up in the finale. I loved his spin on Straight up!!

Marianne said...

Thanks, ladies! Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the pic, but it's close enough to what it looks like here :)

And the kids: a handful. to say the least. but i'm alive, woohoo. And, Helene (so good to hear from you!!), do your kids get along pretty well? I've noticed in the kids I babysit, the closer in age, the better they interact.

Andrew Garcia-- check him out on youtube... his Michael Jackson medley is awesome! Also, youtube (in all that spare time of yours) Kara Dioguardi singing "Terrified"... it left me speechless :)

Have a wonderful week ladies, thanks for dropping in and saying hello. Comments really put a giant smile on my face :)

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