Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diapers and Prozac


Yes, folks, my 2 1/2 year old fur baby wears a diaper. I know the little shit is potty trained because it took FOR-EV-ER to get him to do it (thank GOD we got him in the summer, because otherwise I would've looked into bladder removal), but he finally learned. And didn't have any issues for the next 18 months. And it's obviously not due to him being of geriatric age and suffering from incontinence. No, it's because his hyperactive, half poodle, neurotic self let anxiety get the better of him and decided that lifting his leg on every. single. corner. of the rooms he's allowed to go in was acceptable. So now that our family room could stand to have the carpet and furniture replaced, I marched over to the pet store and bought him a diaper. And upped his medicine. Oh yea, he's also on Prozac. And receives 3 pills a day. He also wears a seat belt in the car. Ridiculous, right?

(Muffin as a wee-one)

Fortunately, Murphy is beyond sweet. He's half poodle, half bichon and loves to give hugs (he literally wraps his legs around you and lies his head on your shoulder) and be held. He's quite prissy though and prances along rather flamboyantly. He's a giant wimp, too. He lets his little brother bully the crap out of him, to the point that he comes over and crawls into my lap for protection. Oh, and at 11 a.m. every Friday from May-November, the state of Indiana tests its tornado sirens. Murphy howls like a coyote. Actually, it's kind of like high pitched singing. If I do it, he'll mimic me. He's actually doing much better and doesn't wear his diaper as often anymore. He has some weird antics, to say the least. And we blame this dude:


Macklin. The sweetest dog I have EVER met. He is my baby and a giant momma's boy. He's 2 (TODAY!) and is half bichon, half cocker spaniel (the best mix I've ever seen!! I want another one, but they are wicked hard to find!). Also accused of being born to pot heads. He is so mellow. And hasn't a care in the world. You can do whatever you want to him and he just lies there. He walks around like "Doedie Doe, this is the life." He LOVES to be held on his back and curled up like an infant. Actually, he just loves to be held, period. He will come up to me and scratch at my legs until I pick him up. I've never seen a dog with such mannerisms. And the cutest little thief I've ever seen. Socks, underwear, laundry, towels, shoes (he doesn't chew them, he just nudges them around). He wants it all. At least he always takes it to the middle of the family room so we always know where to find it.

(Magoo as a babe)

He's also a little brutus. He his super protective of me and "attacks" Murph if Murphy is getting lovin' and Mackie isn't. Or he'll steal Murphy's toy, lay on top of it, and go back to whatever toy he was playing with. And heaven forbid Murphy have a pretty scarf on after he gets groomed. Macklin yanks that puppy around the house until the scarf comes off... because all the ones in the toy basket aren't good enough, apparently. And he steals his treats. He's all bark, no bite, though. If someone comes to the house, he'll bark and bark, then run away with his tail down once they are close. And he's terrified of kids. He hides behind me, tail tucked in, growling. He would never hurt a kid, he's just scared of their size. And acts like a freakin toddler meeting the babysitter for the first time. Once Mack entered the household, Murphy went berserk. One's as mellow as the hippies at Woodstock and one's as neurotic as Kate Gosselin. They love each other and get depressed when one goes to the groomer and the other doesn't, or whatever the scenario, but he's also the reason that his brother wears a diaper. And is on Prozac. No doubt about it.

(Best buds!)

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Pam said...

Oh my GAW! Love it. Where do I sign Cookie up for doggie diappies?

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