Monday, February 22, 2010

I (don't) get it...

**WARNING: This post is all over the board. If you can't appreciate A.D.D. (diagnosed. explains so much, eh?) don't read ;)**

I get the phrase "The grass ain't always greener on the other side."

Because it's really not. Case and point: graduating from college and becoming an "adult." So totally over-rated. And I really wish I had realized this prior to graduation. I was the girl that was ready to move on after sophomore year. That's not to say I didn't love college, because I did. Trust me, some day I may get the guts to share some of my crazy stories from nights of a wee bit too much alcohol. Like the fact that I got kicked out of the same bar once a year. I have wonderful memories and even more wonderful friends that I would have never met had I not gone to UD. I was just ready for bigger and better things; or so I thought. And now I am an adult. I pay more bills. I'm rarely home (although my mom (for whatever reason) doesn't agree with that, do you Mom?). And I have to schedule a time to see my friends; as opposed to walking through their front door at all hours of the night. Being an adult is all that bad, but I just wish I had taken the time to live in the moment and enjoy all that college had to offer.

I get why most parents could be out of milk and bread, but by golly that wine fridge WILL be stocked.

I'd love to see statistics for parenthood induced drinking. Sometimes we all need a little somethin' somethin' to take the edge off... no judging here.

I get why some people are obsessive about maintaining a healthy body.

Is it something I will ever do? Probably not, not obsessively at least, given my track record. But I understand it now. Losing weight sucks. Working out sucks. Avoiding all the foods you love SUCKS. But you know what sucks even more? Being fat. Feeling like the world is judging you with every step your jiggly thunder thighs make. That really sucks. So I try to make healthy choices. So my doctor doesn't go into cardiac arrest next time I tell her what I eat in a normal day ;) And I only have 30 or so pounds to lose. I just can't imagine how it is being morbidly obese; and I hope I show a little more compassion to those who are.

I don't get when it became socially acceptable to tell a total stranger they look like death. Really? The glasses on my face should be a pretty clear indication that I have eye sight correction, so I DO know what I look like. I don't need a reminder that road kill has more life to it than I do some days. I don't walk up to random strangers and tell them their outfit makes them looked like a beached whale, so I expect the same respect. Please and thank you.

I don't get the point of the Olympic "sport" (I use that term loosely) curling. Is it like bocce ball on ice? And how does one go about acquiring such a knack for curling? It's just so odd. Twenty bucks says the man I marry is a curling playing paleontologist. Any takers?

I don't get why people put it all out there on facebook. Drama, mundane thoughts, etc. Especially if it involves indirectly telling someone how much you don't like him/her. A HUGE pet peeve of mine. If I cared enough, I'd probably give serious thought to mailing each of my "friends" who fall victim to this a diary. Because really, that's the only appropriate place in which it should be written. Not on a social networking site.

I don't get why the media thinks we (still-- I never did) care about Tiger Woods. I have no more words for this, other than WHO GIVES A FLIP???

And I don't get why some people just can't appreciate sarcasm and honesty. I'm insanely sarcastic (as if you haven't noticed). I'm insanely honest. And sometimes I am labeled an insane b****. An unfortunate misunderstanding, if you ask me.


Helene said...

Oh, you know what drives me crazy about Facebook? When people write "I need prayers please!" as their update. But then when you ask them what's going on, they say....wait for it...."it's kind of private". Well, then why the heck are you asking for prayers about a private matter on a public social networking site? That, I will never understand.

And I have to admit, that I may run out of milk for the kids from time to time and I'm too lazy to run to the store so I let them drink juice in place of the milk. But you can bet I never run out of white zinfandel.

Merri Ann said...

I have to admit that I don't get the whole Facebook and Twitter thing. I'm sorry that it makes me seem old when I say that I don't feel the need to be connected to the outside world 24/7. The only reason I have a cell phone is because of my husband and kids. I just started texting last year.

And, ditto on the Tiger thing.

And, don't get me started on how stupid curling is ...

And, in my opinion, your life will change dramatically when you are living on your own, without any parental invovement in your day to day life ... and not in school. That is why I think everyone should be living on their own before they are married.

And, that's they why it is :P

... in my opinion ...

Oh ... and ... some of my favorite posts are when my favorite bloggers do the randon thoughts type post.

Hope you have a great day!!

Melissa said...

I like the random information-type posts (like this), but I thought you weren't going to have time to post anything for awhile?

Obviously you got inspired by all the random things going on in your head!

I actually like curling for some weird reason... it reminds me of shuffleboard (can we still be friends despite the fact that I like curling?).

And it is DEFINITELY hard being an adult. All the responsibility. Not easy. I'm still working on it and I am married with a 3-year-old son (and I'll be 29 in August!!!).

Anywho... Happy Tuesday to you!

It's just me :) said...


Really, you pretty much summed up most of my own random thoughts to a "t".

Oh, Hi! I'm a new reader. :)

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