Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Highlight of the day, possibly the year:

My 87 (almost 88) year old great uncle has joined facebook. EIGHTY SEVEN. On Facebook. I absolutely love this man.

My grandmother, who is the same age, asks me all the time, "Marianne, so you can look up anything on that there computer? Anything you want? And you get a good answer? What is this 'google thing?'" And let's not forget the time I told her I would print my aunt's boarding pass out. She about had heart failure. "WHAT? Print it out? Well you can't do that, you have to get it at the airport, don't you???" Yes, Grams, the printing press has now entered the home. You just can't help but love her sweet little ole' self.
But I digress...

Uncle Mac, you are the hippest person I know, I love you.

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