Monday, February 1, 2010


I absolutely LOVE photography. It's one of my greatest passions, and while I certainly don't claim to be good at it, I enjoy it immensely, which is all that matters, anyway, right? So while I'm working on transferring nine billion pictures from the past four years over to this computer (which will give me more to blog about), I decided to create a slideshow of some of my favorite photos. They are all from either New York City or Hawai'i -Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. The pictures from Hawai'i are just a prelude to the massive slideshow that I will be posting soon. And just a side note, the black and whites look a little off in color because I *gasp* used a film camera, not a digital, so I obviously had to scan them in and the scanner made the pics look a little goofy (technical language) Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!


Helene said...

Wow, your photography is beautiful! Some of those look like they could be postcards!

Marianne said...

Thank you!!! It helps having such beautiful objects to photograph.

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