Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SOS!!! This Blogger Needs YOU!


And now I feel like the world's biggest idiot! Thanks Momma Fargo and Noel!!! I always write in "edit Html" because, well, I never really saw the "compose" tab. Hah. Wow. Thanks ladies :)

And do you know how much better you just made blogging for me? The "edit Html" always looked like gibberish after I would italicize, bold, add a picture, etc. How have I gone 6 months without knowing any different??

Does anyone know how to make the font of some words in a post smaller than the rest of the text???

Or how to change the color of only certain words in the text?

Doe anyone even know what the heck I'm asking?

Even if you're just a lurker, if you know the answer, will you please, please, please email me??? I've tried google searching, but apparently my complex brain isn't capable of breaking it down into a simple search.

Please? With a cherry on top? I'll give you a prize!


PS, please don't leave it in a comment, if you have the answer. Some people's comments I can't reply to and obviously I want to reply to the lovely person who knows more about blogger than I ever will :)

PPS, I made this sound way more urgent than it really is. Whoops.


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Momma Fargo said...

When you are typing your post...there should be a text bar. If you don't see it...click on COMPOSE and it should show it. The font thingy is a large T with an arrow. The color is an A with an arrow and the colors you can pick after that.

Noel said...

Sorry, I'm going to be bad and post this- you don't have to reply. It SHOULD pop up when you write a new blog. There is a little toolbar with font type, strikeout, italics, etc.

Click the little T, big T button to vary font size.
Click the A with the black bar underneath it to change the color.

MAKE SURE you are in the "Compose" tab, not the "Edit HTML" tab.

If it doesn't come up, I don't know what to tell you...I use Blogger on Mozilla on a Dell laptop and that's just how mine comes up.

Jess said...

Ok, I'm laughing.

However, don't feel too bad........

I went until 12th grade before I knew you could automatically double space papers.

That's right..... from the time I learned to type papers until the beginning of 12th grade, I would write a paper and then hit "Enter" after each line to create double spacing.

My English teacher looked at me like I was a pure idiot when I discovered this fact right in front of her.

I'm just thankful that I found out at the beginning of my AP English class.

Jess said...

.... to answer the question in your last email......

Apparently, posts like this are why I like you and we are friends, lol.

Noel said...

Oh and for future reference the actual HTML for color is < font color = " r e d " >
No spaces, except in between font and color. Just type in anything...You can google HTML color codes and different names will pop up. Like "deeppink" is a darker, brighter pink than "pink," which is just a pastel.

You want to know why I (sadly) learned this?
Which is now seemingly outdated by Facebook.
Oh well.

Momma Fargo said...

It's OK, chickie! I did exactly the same thing. I found out by a little birdie as well. Love ya!

Anne said...

haha! you are adorable :-) I love using Blogger in Draft to compose and edit posts (Google it). And I also use Live Writer sometimes, too. And then other times I just use the plain old Blogger one. Hmmmm....maybe I'm the one that's fickle!!

purplume said...

I don't know about Blogger. Its a mystery.
But there is this book:
I'm eagerly awaiting my turn at Wordpress for dummies from my library.
Love ya.

I love that you know how to have your signature.

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