Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Entertainment Continues...

I may have to start a new blog dedicated solely to the hilarity that is all things match related.

Seriously, it may be the best 100 bucks ever spent. Even if I don't meet anyone I have a connection with, the entertainment alone has been worth it.

Gino winked at me the other day. Winking on match is kind of like poking on facebook (which, by the way, I got poked by my 87-year-old Great Uncle Mac the other day. The hippest man I have ever met. Hands down.).

But unlinke facebook, winking on match means you're 'interested.' The best part? When you wink back at someone, a message pops up that reads, "You've winked at each other! There's a connection! Email him now for a deeper connection."

It's like a computerized Chuck Woolery on "The Love Connection!"

So when I opened the email from match that said Gino (side note: his user name is romanticchef followed by some numbers. I can dig the chef part, but the name is just cheesy) had winked at me, all I could see was his picture and his age. The picture was too small to tell what he looked like. His age? Forty six. Sparky clearly didn't get the memo about the whole age thing. Ten year age difference, I'll consider. Twenty three years? Absolutely not.

But being the curious nut that I am, I logged onto the website and clicked on his profile.

The man has put up pictures from the 1980s. And I am not lying. The coloring, the fashion, the cars, the fact that some of them are polaroids (do they even make those anymore?) screamed 1980s. First of all, why would anyone put up pics that are 20+ years old and no new ones? The other problem?

In every picture, he was an adult.

Half the pictures of me from the (late) 80s, I am in utero.

And that's when you know age is more than just a number.

Here's some of his profile:

Hello.. My name is Gino, I am 46 years old, and have been told many times I look much younger, from early to mid thirties. I am a chef by profession, I cook and bake privately and I also work in a bakery. I have never had any complaints regarding my appearance and take care of myself, I can still out sprint my son, and keep up with a very energetic 3 year old nephew.

Blah blah blah...

If you have received a wink from me, it is because I saw something special in you..not just to tease, make fun, or to waste your time.

I continue reading because I'm curious as to what we could possibly have in common to make him wink at me.

Turns out he has a son who has autism. I keep reading, as this isn't a concern of mine in the least. In fact, it touched my heart a bit that he so openly mentioned it and said that he is raising him alone. Not a lot of men would be willing to raise any child alone, let alone a child that requires special needs.

And then I see it. His son that he talks about so lovingly? He's 18. EIGHTEEN.


Come to think of it, maybe I will email him, asking if his son is cute and single. ;)

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Anonymous said...

ahahahah :)

You're match stories always make me laugh! It was deff worth the money!

Mei said...

You should do Match Mondays.....
There's always that wild hope that you will meet someone awesome, so you can't stop trying, but you may immortalize a few on the way...
Have a bad match date for me! My BF will not let me meet/date men from match.com. Booo, I would have great stories!!

Ca88andra said...

I had to laugh! Out loud even. Made me remember just why I took my profile off dating sites.

Melissa said...

You don't go for the older men?

Seriously... I can see a guy being a few years older (Randy is about 3 years older). I could even see maybe 5-10 years older... but this dude is over 20 years older.

A love connection, I think not.

But Bravo to match.com. It sure has made for some excellent blog posts!!!

Rosh said...

LOL - I think that's the one thing that turns me off to online dating. When I was participating in meetup.com events (some of those groups might as well be a dating site), the older gentlemen, with the kids in my age range would always skeeve me out a little bit.

Your match posts are some of my favorite!

Anne said...

What? Gino isn't your dream guy??? hahaha!!! Have you ever considered the Millionaire Matchmaker? :-)

Katie's Dailies said...

I think "GEEE-no" would've tipped me off. But a name that fun to say might be worth the read!

Jess said...


I swear, what makes a man in their 40s (with a son in his late teens) think that a woman in her 20s would be interested in dating him online?

Have I ever told you that I get hit on the most by men in their 40s? There is literally only ONE that I don't get completely skeeved out by.

purplume said...

You are so funny.

My experience is the men that talk about how fit they are; they are struggling with diminished sexual ability. imho.

katie said...

Please write about book about match.com. I'll try and come up with a clever title...to help you get started. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up...I LOVE it!!! Oh, Gino.

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