Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come on over for a tour of our backyard paradise!

It's no secret that winter does little for me. I live for spring and summer, where the temperature is perfect (even when it's super hot and humid) and the the sun is shining, making all the colors more radiant.

My parents built our house not quite 15 years ago. A few years after moving in, us kids and my ma convinced my dad to put in a pool and now our backyard has morphed into our own little oasis (from May-October, that is.) My dad is obsessed with landscaping and has quite the knack for it. He's landscaped and maintained the entire yard and, even though I may be slightly biased, it has to be one of the most beautiful yards I've seen.

If you'd like, join me for a little tour of our Midwestern Paradise...

go ahead and park on the driveway and take a walk along the winding brick path. don't forget to say hello to Macklin!

need to take a load off? grab a seat on the bench and watch some killer diving moves off the diving board!

prefer a slightly quieter setting? how about an ice-cold beverage under the pear tree with a beautiful view?!

take a stroll along our back garden. during spring & summer, something is always in bloom!

currently, you'll find an array of beautiful day lilies!

walk up the steps, past my touch from Hawai'i-- Plumeria from Maui & O'ahu (attempting to grow)!

ready to relax? there are plenty of chairs to choose from!

on your way out, be sure to stop and smell the flowers in the garden!

how about one last look for the road? Murphy says goodbye, too.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

All images are my own

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lindsey said...

So when are you going to invite me over?

Casey said...

That is beautiful! Can I come over?

Anne said...

I'm getting in my car now, see you there in a few hours. :) Beautiful!!

Helene said...

Oh man, what a beautiful backyard!!! I'm seething with jealousy!!!!

Pennie said...

Wowza! My daylilies haven't opened yet; they're just little buds, because they are in partial sunlight. And, we have quite the weed problem because I can't weed like I used to. But, oh well. I have pretty flowers - and I love that! Once my daylilies open, I will have to take pictures and post - weeds or no weeds - love those flowers!!!!

It's just me :) said...

LOVE IT!!! I wish I could get my backyard to look like that. We are planning to put a pool in (eventually) so we really don't want to do anything to it until we get the pool. I have BIG plans for a nice tropical backyard oasis like yours though.

Especially like the little path leading to the backyard. Nice touch!

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