Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Minute

Today's Monday Minute is being hosted by Kmama @ The Daily Dribbles! If you want to play along, click on the link, copy the questions and answer them, then link up.

1. What's the specs of the first computer you owned?

Say what? Ian. Dude. Your head is an interesting place to be, isn't it?

Um. A square monitor? With a modem thingy that made it work on the floor?

Maybe a Hewlitt Packard c. 1993? That's about all I know about the specs of any computer.

2. Are you on Twitter/Facebook, etc? If so, link it/them up.

I don't get the point of twitter, so no to that (sorry Casey, you still haven't convinced me to join ;)) Yes to facebook. Actually, I've been on FB since the year it started. You know, when you had to have a college email address that had to be validated first before you could join? And when you couldn't do 9 bajillion things on facebook. ::Sigh... the good ole days::

I'm not linking up, for the simple fact that you won't be able to see anything anyway. Not even my picture. If you really want to be friends on FB, email me or leave a comment :)

3. Who's more to blame for the oil mess in the Gulf? BP or the Government? Why?



To be honest, I don't know the facts well enough to make that call. Probably BP is slightly more to blame, just because, hello? it is their oil in their rig (or whatever it's leaking from). But the government hasn't been a hero, by any stretch of the imagination. What else is new, though?

4. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!" or "Go, Dog. Go!"

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Everything under the sun. A special-ed teacher, a nurse (specifically, a nurse at St. Jude), a spanish interpreter, a fashion buyer, a CSI, an FBI agent, a writer for a fashion magazine, a journalist, a foreign correspondent, a war correspondent, a writer for a human rights publication... shall I go on?

The only thing that has remained the same is that I have always wanted to be a mommy. My mom says that I've been obsessed with kids, especially babies, since I was a baby. I believe it :)

Thanks, Ian, for the questions (love ya man!) and thanks Kmama for hosting this week!

Happy Monday! I have a lab practical for microbiology tonight. GAG! Registered & Protected


passionofthemom said...

Congrats on being the first link....LOL Great Seuss choices! I picked mine because I can vividly remember my mom reading it to me when I was a teensy thing, and I have always loved it since. =) Loving that your career choices throughout life have been as varied as mine!! There are SOOOO many things that I've wanted to be....I even forgot to list a few of them on my post. Pastry chef and ASL interpreter come to mind...=)

Kmama said...

Thanks for linking up!

LOL at your answer to #1. I told Ian he'd be the only one that knows the answer to that one.

Melissa said...

I wanna be your Facebook Friend? Will you friend me? I'm Melissa Belden Werner. Cool!

♥ Elizabeth said...

Ummm... some of us aren't the smartest [not mention names...cough, cough *me*] and definitely didn't save my old template, which was a blogger one... and can't get t back with the frickin' new ones, which I hate! I want them to change it back!

I enjoyed facebook much better back when it was a social tool and you were a college kid! It blows my mind when my 12 and 3 year old cousins friend me!

Katherine said...

Yep, I can't remember the specs of my first computer either. Old. That's all I know.

Tree said...

HAH! I want to be a CSI or FBI agent NOW! But, they say I'm too old, darn it. LOL

Casey said...

Hello, Stranger! I've missed your witty antics over the last couple of weeks! And I know you turned off comments in your last post, but I swear that I could've written parts of it. I am terrified of being in another relationship...and was terrified of being in ANY relationship before I started dating my ex.

Anyway, not to add too much since I know you aren't looking for feedback, but I just thought our similarities were so odd! Can't wait to catch up with all the other posts!

purplume said...

I agree, first computer huh?

Being a mommy is unlike anything else. It's the most challenging in all ways, and most satisfying thing I have done.

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