Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Funny Video + In Need of Your Suggestions!

I have a super huge secret and I need your help with a minor part of it. I can't tell you what the secret is yet, but believe me, as soon as I can, I will!

So here's what I need: if you were to create an online dating site, what would you call it? I need something pretty creative.

And no, I am NOT starting an online dating site.

As for the funny video-- my hilarious girl Pam is a total youtube skank and finds the greatest videos I have ever seen. She posted this one the other day and I was laughing so hard. I think I've played it 8 times and have laughed harder every time. There are no words to describe it...

Remind me to try out those moves next time I'm at the club.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Jenny said...

hahaha! that video is too awesome! i don't know what's better - the excessive fringe on her shirt or the light denim over spandex! made my morning - thanks marianne!

Anne said...

LMAO!!! That is so sadly funny I can't even stand it. And as for the online dating site: eLovin.com haha! Okay, no. Ummmm... CoupleUp.com ?? I don't know. I got nothin' :-)

Casey said...

There really are no words to describe that video...other than the fact that I can totally rock The Penguin and I must have those red boots.

And we both know how uncreative I am, so I'll leave the website naming to the rest of your commenters.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. The variation on the Roger Rabbit. Priceless.

Pennie said...

I helped choreograph those moves on the video - the variation of the Roger Rabbit was MY move, originally. I don't appreciate you making fun of it! And, I often take to wearing bike shorts under my Daisy Duke's. I find the whole idea of you funnin' Country Hip Hop offensive! Hmph!
Yee Haw in the Hood!

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