Friday, June 11, 2010


The other day I stopped at the convenience store for a little caffeine fix after class. I get to the counter, he rings me up, I hand him my money, and then the guy said, "What's wrong wit chu? Havin' a long day?" What I initially heard was, "What's wrong wit yo mom and dad."

I seriously felt a greater language barrier trying to communicate with this American than I did when I was in Mexico.

I looked up from my wallet and said, "Uh, sorry?"

"I said, are you havin' a long day or somethin'? What's wrong wit chu?"

This question is asked of me a lot. And apparently in all different languages.

So this made me think: since when are we required to make chit chat with every person we encounter? It wasn't like I walked up there, threw my drink at him and shoved my money in the drawer. I did say 'hi,' but apparently that wasn't good enough for Mr. What's Wrong Wit Chu?

Besides, if something really was wrong, do you think I'd share it with a complete and utter stranger? Do you know how many times I want to make up the most ridiculous, depressing story just to see what their reaction would be? After all, they were the nosey ones asking "what's wrong?"

Am I the only one that doesn't like to shoot the shit with every person I encounter?

And since when are we required to walk around with a smile the size of Texas on our faces?

I realize I have a serious look to my face, but that's my friggin face, ok? I don't walk around like Marcia Brady with bouncy hair and a big smile all the time. It doesn't feel natural to me. But I don't walk around scowling, looking like I'm contemplating offing every person that crosses paths with me either.

Just because I don't look like the hippies of Woodstock who just smoked the biggest doobie of their lives doesn't mean something is wrong.

I kind of want to take a picture of every single person I walk past and see what their facial expression is-- you know, before they realize I'm taking their picture and they look terrified.

So because I was in the mood to be a smart ass (what else is new?), and I knew the guy would most likely take offense to this, I looked up, put the biggest grin on my face and said, "As long as Barack Obama is president, every day is going to be a long day. See ya!"

Disclaimer: I don't dislike everything about our current head honcho and his plans for change. Just most things. And I don't think his competition would have been a better option, either. Registered & Protected


Jess said...


That is hysterical! I can't believe you said that, lol.

I have an angry face, too, apparently. I am often asked what's wrong, , lol.

Murdock's mama said...

This is too it! :) I think that most strangers i encounter would 1-word label me as 'stressed' :)

Travelista, RN said...

LOL! Too funny! I get that question a lot, too.
That, and the comment " You look tired." Um, yeah, I AM tired but thanks for pointing out the obvious and the fact that I look like crap.

passionofthemom said...

ROTFLMFAO That response kicks ASS!! Love it! *hugs* I have to work in customer service, so I TOTALLY understand not wanting to conversate to DEATH every single person I encounter. But that's just what I get to do, every single day, all fawking day long. So I can honestly say, I GET YOU! I hope that 'What's wrong witchu?' douche spent the next hour stewing in his idiocy. =) YOU ROCK!

Helene said...

Next time, I dare you to say, "Well, for starters, I just lost my job, I found out I'm pregnant, I don't know who the father is and Maury's people aren't calling back."

So is it wrong of me to be upset when the check-out lady at Target won't have a conversation with me? Sometimes it's the only adult conversation I get all day!!

purplume said...

Do you think this guy was hitting on you and wants you to think he is caring or something instead of insufferable?

Anne said...

People are so weird! I feel the same way. I wish I could just be 'anonymous' and not talk to people sometimes. I just want my friggin whopper with cheese, stop talking to me! There is a grocery check-out person who is soooooo annoyingly chit-chatty I go out of my way to avoid her. At all costs. So, I feel ya girl. I really do.

But don't be knockin' Pres. O. I heart him. I threw an Obama party the night of the election if that gives you any indication of how deep my love for him runs :-)

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