Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Year I Realized My Degree Would Never Be Used...

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Junior year was more tame than sophomore year, and actually pretty lame (as in, it's taken me forever to write this post because I had a hard time recalling anything exciting). But let's face it, my sophomore year was more crazy in one month than probably the other three years combined.

~The year I went back to school 30 pounds lighter and shocked all my friends. Their facial expressions I will NEVER forget. It was priceless. Too bad they'd have looks of horror on their faces now haha. (I make fun of myself a lot, I know I don't look that bad, but come on, you have to have a sense of humor about things and be able to laugh at yourself.)

~The time I lived with one of my favorite people in the world. She's living in London now so I haven't spoken to her much the past year, but she is such a breath of fresh air.

~The year I lived with a nut case and pathological liar (4 of us in the apartment). And that's all I'll say about that. She's a nice girl, but I have zero patience for liars and she just isn't quite all there in the cabeza.

~The year I really, really wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Then I realized I like to eat more than half an orange per day and that put an end to that dream.

~The year I got kicked out of the bar for a third time. Same bar, once a year, for four years. Pretty solid track record, don't you think?

~The year I started working in the Law School.

~The year I realized I could never put myself through the hell that is law school, but I actually really liked working there and LOVED my boss.

~The year I was dancing at a bar and decided sleeping sounded better so I nose-dived into a step. I woke up in the morning butt-ass naked (I'm dead serious. Thank God no one else was in the room), and with bruises all over my body. I called my friend before I even got out of bed and asked why my face feels like I got in a fight and lost and she said I fell and my chin broke the fall. Awesome. *I make it sound like I've blacked out a lot from alcohol, the truth is, I haven't. I've only blacked out twice -- And that night was not one of them. I remember everything, I just needed a reminder-- OK, fine, three times, but once was out of my control. Now brown out, yea, that's happened a lot. But my life is full of brown out's, I only remember the bits I want to remember, like when my mom asks me to dust. I conveniently forget. A lot. hahaha, sorry Ma! ;)*

~The year I had to explain to my boss why I had a black eye and black chin from said fall. I told her I slipped on the ice. I'm sure she believed every bit of it hah.

~The year I made Dean's List for the first time (at UD at least. I made it at my school in Hawaii, too. Which is funny considering I went to class, uh, twice?) and every semester after that (5 semesters total)! Yay me :)

~The year I got a fake ID. With an ID that said I was 26 (I was 20 at the time, all my friends were 21, I'm a youngin', and it made going out easier). One time a bouncer asked for my address and I didn't even hesitate. I think he knew it wasn't really me but was too flabbergasted at how well I knew the info to not let me in. It does help that it was my cousin's old driver's license so A. I've known the info my whole life and B. We look pretty similar.

~The year my body started going numb and tingly. I blamed it on the nut case roommate for all the stress she caused, but little did I know it was the onset of fibromyalgia.

~The year I started to realize I hate American media and will most likely never be a journalist, regardless of what that purdy little way-too-expensive degree sitting on my desk says. That realization is continually confirmed to this day.

Like I said, pretty lame year. Maybe I'll dig out my external hard drive and put up pictures later to add some spice... actually, I will, so stay tuned.

But it's time for J (9 months) and me to rock out to a little Justin Timberlake. Apparently J Tim and Marvin Gaye are the only things that will make him stop hating me for not holding him for 8 hours.

Happy Tuesday :)

OH! Have any of you ever done fun posts for your birthday? I was going to do a post "22 things I loved about being 22" but I got stuck at 2. HAHA! Most of the things that I thought happened when I was 22 really happened when I was 21. Maybe I just won't acknowledge my birthday, I feel like I've been 23 for 4 years anyway...


denise said...

I would like to know why you kept getting kicked out of the bars!!

Yes, for my 30th I thought I would try to do a 30 goals for my 30s. I already started a bucket list and didn't want to just pick things off of that. I think I came up with about 13 things. Sad. If I find the list (although I should remember it all - but that is what old age does) I will post it.

I don't use my degree either. It is normal. I think jobs just want to see you are capable of learning something.

Katherine said...

Wow...you're bringing back memories. I've done the fall on my face dancing thing. My 21st birthday...wish I could remember it.

And I've had the crazy roommate. She was anorexic (that's really sad, I know) and constantly yelled at me and other roommate for being skinny. She was smaller than both of us...hence the anorexia!

21, 26, and 29 have been my best years.

Melissa said...

It wasn't that uneventful! My undergraduate degree (Psychology) is SO lame... i wish it was in something more practical. You can't do much of anything with it...

Anonymous said...


An alien told me you've been talking about me. Especially since I have your phone wiretapped, I don't like it that you're after my earlobe. Please stop.


Plus, happy birthday soon!

Anonymous said...

I just found your Blog and love it! You are a terrific and original writer with a wicked sense of fun and humor. I love your bucket list!
So happy I found this wonderful site.

Pennie said...

The fact that you don't use your degree makes me feel better about not finishing mine! lol

I love reading your story...very interesting. You should write a book! ;)

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