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Nursing School Update

Sorry, Ian, I have to take a break from meme's. But, to anyone who wants to partake in Ian's awesome Monday Minute, go to his blog and join in on this week's very special addition. Here's a hint: it has to do with this adorable face who needs all the prayers she can get right now (she was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of cancer):


So I had my anatomy II finals on Thursday and have been waiting on pins and needles since then to find out my final grade: I was borderline A or B. My grade was finally posted today and I got a 90 (a 92 is the lowest A). That's good, right? I should be proud of myself. Especially for how hard it was this semester and that I willingly admit I did not put in 100% effort (it's been a rough few months, OK? ;)). I should be jumping up and down, because that should be a perfectly fine grade to keep my chances of getting into nursing school high. Ah, but the key word being should.

Let's back things up a bit, shall we? My degree is in journalism. Now, you don't have to be a genius to realize that major probably doesn't require a whole lot of science courses. I have done quite a bit of research into various school's and programs for nursing in Indiana and a few other states (which have been eliminated due to finances). The fastest and cheapest program with a solid reputation that I would qualify for first is at community college statewide called Ivy Tech. Truth be told, I hate the school. The people in the nursing department are rude and only interested in answering questions for people admitted to one of their programs (although I've heard they still aren't fans of doing much of that), and the rest of the staff seems utterly incompetent. BUT I give them the benefit of the doubt because the school campus enrollments across the state have grown at a rapid rate since the recession and I have a feeling they're having a hard time keeping up. So I've kept my mouth shut and done what I'm told (shocking, I know. Pick your jaw off the ground, sometimes I can be submissive.)

The nursing program at Ivy Tech is incredibly competitive. Supposedly, some 400 people apply for 60 spots (at the campus I have applied to). One would think that they would have an extensive list of requirements to qualify for the program, no? Uh. They don't. The way the school decides who is accepted and who is not is broken down as follows:

1. All applicants must have all four prerequisite courses completed (Anatomy & Physiology 1 &2 (plus labs), Psychology 101, English 101).
2. Points are then awarded to each class as follows:
~Each "A" will earn you 30 points
~Each "B" will earn you 20 points
~Each "C" will earn you 10 points
3. All applicants must take the TEAS entrance exam and pass all four sections. Whatever your total grade is, is the amount of points you get for this requirement.
4. If the applicant lives in the region for which he/she is applying, he/she gets 3 points.

Total Points Possible: 223

They then line up all the applications in order from highest points to lowest points and take the top 60, send letters of acceptance to them, and letters of "thanks, but not thanks" to the rest.

They don't care what your overall GPA is or letters of recommendation. They don't care if you're 18 and fresh out of high school or 22 with a bachelor's degree. They don't care if you've never stepped foot in a hospital or if you volunteer weekly at the hospital. It's all about the numbers.

I received a 90 on my TEAS, I live in the region, and have three A's and now a stupid B (which, by the way, I took anatomy II at another campus than the one I applied to and their grade scale is different. A 90 is an A at the campus I'm hoping to get into. But does that matter? Nope. Since it will say B on my transcript, I only get 20 points.). Total points for me: 203.

Supposedly the least amount of points someone had that was accepted to the program last fall? 208. This is from the mouth of other student's, so whether or not it's true, I don't know. But still...

Does that mean for sure I won't get in? No. Not for sure. But it's in His hands now. I find out by the end of the month whether or not I'll be starting nursing school in the fall.

If I don't get in, I am taking microbiology this summer and then will take life span development and a statistics course in the fall and apply to an accelerated BSN (bachelor's in nursing) program at another school in the area whose way of selection isn't solely based on numbers.. Truthfully, it isn't worst case scenario. In fact, I'd rather that program any way. But I'm also ready to get things going and would hate to put it of yet another 4 months. And, the program I applied to in hopes of starting in the fall is an ASN. If I ever want to go to nurse practitioners school (which I could see myself doing), I'd have to do the ASN to BSN program first and then NP school (in other words, an extra step that I could eliminate now). I'll explain more about the BSN program later if it ends up becoming my reality, but the biggest downfall to it is that it costs 13,000 dollars more and I can't start in August.

Have I ever mentioned I stress out easily? Because I do. And I hate rejection. I think that's the worst part about all of this: the thought of being rejected. But even if I do get in, I may have to think and pray about it before I formally accept, to make sure it is the program I want to commit to. At least getting rejected would be an easy decision.

I sound crazy don't I? "I want in, but if I get in, I might not do it. But if I don't get it, I'll feel like a failure. But I hate the school anyway. But it's cheap, and gets the ball rollin' and has a decent reputation,. But..."

Sheesh, bipolar much?

Coming up *hopefully* this week: online dating & junior year of college.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week :)


Lindsey said...

ok ok ok...
Take a deep breath.
Like you said, its in His hands now. Fate will lead you in the right direction.
It sounds like you did a great job in your class and jeez, a high B in anatomy is fabulous!
Keep up the good work ;)

Pam said...

Oh my goodness that school has a stupid way of choosing students. I can tell you from being a nurse for 14 years, some of the best nurses I've worked with were "c" students. Sometimes the book smart nurses have trouble in simple nursing critical thinking and prioritizing. Anywho, when will you know?
P.S. You hate the word Anywho don't you?

The Future Missy Prissy RN said...

Don't sweat it, what is meant to be will happen. Just breathe easy..Four pre reqs is a cake walk compared to some schools. For instance mine - Must complete at least 7 of the 12 prerequisite courses to apply to the nursing program, 5 of which must be from the math and science (biology and chemistry) requirements (all 12 must be completed prior to entering the NURS 3209 Holistic Nursing course):
How's that for dreadful! Psss. you've been awfully quiet.. You ok?

Melissa said...

Oh Marianne! You have a lot to think about. And you need to do what feels right and best for you. Rejection is the worst, but maybe in this instance it would be a good thing. Or maybe you will get accepted and decline. Either way, it will all work out as it should. It will.

But for me, it's the not knowing that is the hardest.

So I wish you luck as you try and figure things out. I know it must be stressful, but you will get through it!

Jess said...

UGH! I hate the "not knowing!"

I'll be praying for you!!

Casey said...

It sounds like either way you're going to be a nurse, and that's the main goal. How you get there doesn't matter and 4 months really isn't that long in the whole grand scheme of things if that's what it's going to take (although I know it may seem like forever now). That said, that stupid point system is ridiculous.

I did an ADN program because it was closer to home, but I wish that I'd just sucked it up and done a BSN program. The good news is that you can do the ADN to BSN program and still work full time here so I'll probably do it in the next year or so.

I pray that whatever happens, it will be exactly what you need.

Deep breath.

It's all going to be ok. said...

Best luck with all that. Years from now whichever way it goes, you will find it was a blessing. In the moment it can be tough.
Sending prayers for your highest good.

LW @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Hey girl, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like you've got some big changes and decisions coming up!

Yes, my hubby and I live on Oahu. We love it (even though he's deployed right now) and feel so blessed! You should totally come live out here! I'll take you surfing! :)

It's just me :) said...

I have come to the conclusion that it isn't nursing school that is a challenge. It is actually getting in to nursing school that is the hard part.

Just think, once you make it through the stuggles that come with just trying to get in, the rest will be gravy baby!

Anne said...

Holy Crap, that's a lot of pressure!!! But like I've said before you are a smart cookie so you will do JUST FINE. We're all pulling for you!!!

Can't wait for the online dating post ;)

Alyssa said...

I hate not knowing, too, but I feel so bad for you...30 poihts for an A, 20 for a B...even if it's a low B while yours is almost an A...just doesn't seem right. Insofar as cost, are student loans possible? Hubs would never have gone to med school without them. I know it's tough having them hang over you (believe me!) but...just something to think about. Wishing you luck.

Helene said...

Ugh, the not knowing part is totally sucky and I feel for you. Well, you never know what will happen...their criteria seems pretty stringent but wierder things have happened.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a'll all work out one way or another, maybe not necessarily as you had envisioned it but when you have a dream and the persistence and determination to make that dream come true, it will work out.

Just keep your eyes on the prize, baby!

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