Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Time I Almost Went Blind

And other tales from sophomore year.

Ah, sophomore year, how I loved thee. Brace yourself, it was a crazy one.

~I lived with 5 of my very favorite people in the world for a way-too-short semester.

~The year I started my pursuit to a journalism degree.

~I was a little naughty. No, not skankalicious naughty.

~I lived in the greatest apartment complex not only at UD, but in the world. Even if the public style bathroom did flood every time we showered. And I had to wear my adorable wellies to mop up an entire buckets worth of water. I think my roommates may or may not have called me "mom" once or twice that semester.

~The time I face planted on a coffee table and yelled at the pizza delivery man for harassing me to come down to the front desk and pick up my pizza. See question 4 of this post if you are confused.

~The first time I had a concussion (from said face planting into coffee table).

~The time I was roofied.

~The time I had my second concussion from face planting off of a kitchen counter, smacking a beer pong table, then nailing the floor head first compliments of said jackass that roofied me.

~The time I made the horrible decision to go to Olive Garden at 11 am in my pajamas and left over makeup after said night of roofing when I was still drunk and rockin' a black eye and disgustingly fat lip. I yelled at the people sitting behind me for giving me dirty looks. I believe I sat down and said, "Give me the biggest class of water you can find and give it to me now." And ordered probably 50 dollars worth of food and didn't eat any of it. My roommate then wanted to go to the mall and buy a dog. Apparently OG wasn't enough torture. Eight hours after leaving, we finally were headed home. But not before her boyfriend had to pull over on the high way to allow me to introduce myself to the grass. Did I mention the guys that roofied me were jackasses? Because I still hate them and wish horrible karma upon them.

~The time I stopped going out and partying as much, for what I think to be obvious reasons.

~The time I got my first college job. Which I hated.

~The time I got really, really bad mono. I had it for 2 months and since the health clinic said I had "no symptoms," (because a spleen and liver bulging out my sides, lymph nodes so swollen that I couldn't even move my neck, and tonsils that were touching each other clearly are not signs. Foolish me.) I had to keep going about my life as usual. I came home one night in November and my roommate looked at me and asked, completely serious, if I was dying. She immediately called her dad, who was a local family doctor, and got me in in the morning. My white blood cell count was off the charts and I believe the exact quote was, "You have one of the worst cases of mono I have seen in 20 years of practice." Awesome. I got it in September and symptoms didn't go away until March. And no, I didn't get it from kissing someone. Unless symptoms can appear in less than a week. *random fact, there's a link between people who have had mono and the onset of fibromyalgia. Lucky me.*

~The time I used a special type of contact solution to clean my contacts real quick and pop them back into my eye. Turns out, the special contact solution was really hydrogen peroxide that your contacts have to soak in for 6 hours before using. My contacts soaked in them for about 6 seconds. I thought I had melted my eye off. I called my eye doctor the next day and he said, "You moron! What do you think the red labels on the bottle are for? You're lucky you aren't completely blind!" Ironically enough, it's now the solution I have to use every day.

~The year I went to Hawai'i. The best four months of my life.

~The time I got my second college job. (I worked at the Career Services Office at my school in Hawaii.)

~The time I became friends with two of my very favorite people ever.

~The time I tutored Chinese immigrants preparing for their Citizenship exam. Quite possibly one of my favorite volunteer opportunities I have ever had.

~ The time I will forever ask myself, "Why did you move home and not stay in Hawaii?"

*sorry, no pictures. I have one from about 5 minutes before I feel off the kitchen counter, but it's too scary. And y'all have seen so many of my Hawai'i pics already (but don't you worry, more slideshows to come!).*


Casey said...

Because I'm older and wiser (ha ha), I'm going to be bossy for a minute.

You must get a Twitter account! That way you can chat with us throughout the day while I should be working or cleaning house.

That is all.

The Future Missy Prissy RN said...

Completely hilarious!! You keep me rolling! My husband is mad at me so he left to play tennis, didn't faze me not a one bit. I miss him though, but blogging has kept my mind off of it.. lol I know who to turn to though.. lol!!!! I need to post the pictures from my son's bd, of course no face shots - I am not as courageous as you are, maybe someday, maybe not.. lol!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I totally want to see the scary picture!

Sophomore year sounds like it was ROUGH.

Why the hell would someone roofie you? That is not okay.

My sophomore year I lived in a house of 5 boys. It was a nasty house too. But it was a blast! (And all of those boys were just friends)

I assume that you know that once you have mono that you always have it... it's just dormant or something but can re-occur.

My mom got mono about 10 years ago... it wasn't pretty.

I had a friend who got it in high school and missed a semester of school. He was home-bound (essentially) and dwindled away to nothing. Fortunately he recovered, but it was really rough.

Pam said...

LOL! I strongly believe in another life we were BFF'S. You are hilarious.

It's just me :) said...

Wow! What a year! I am so jealous you got to live in Hawaii. And seriously, why in the hell did you move away from that place?!?!

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