Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Because Sticking with a Decision for Longer than A Week is Too Easy.

Given my inability to commit to anything for longer than .2 seconds, what I am about to say should come as no surprise.

I've changed my mind again about the future. Why? Because I'm fickle. Says so in the title of this here blog. And if you've ever wondered "how" I'm fickle, the fact that I've changed my mind about my career path(s) and how I will go about getting there 101 times should be explanatory enough. Need a refresher? Let's map it out, shall we?

Aug '05-May'06: Begin college as an education major with a concentration as Intervention Specialist (fancy name for special ed).

July'06-January'09: Have my sites set on being a journalist, which I ultimately earn my BA in, in May'09.

January '09: Decide I'd rather do something in the medical field. Toy with the idea of being a diagnostic medical sonographer (my mother is one), but wanted an accredited program that doesn't require you to go through x-ray school first. Find a few, but they are incredibly hard to get into and are located in TN and CA, for the most part. I realize I'd probably rather be a nurse anyway. Begin looking into nursing programs in Indiana.

March- June '09: Begin communicating with Marian College (now University) in regards to their newly started Accelerated Bachelor's Program. Have a bazillion credit hours to take to qualify, become overwhelmed, get my first bill for the school, and damn near become one of the youngest females to die of a heart attack and stroke. Begin contemplating doing a different nursing program.

June '09: Go on our annual family vacay to Siesta Key. Talk with two of my aunts, who are nurses. Am convinced that I need not have my bachelor's, especially since I already have one. Start looking for associate's degree programs (read: dirt cheap and fast. Like I prefer my men. Oh wait...).

July '09: Attend a nursing school info session at Ivy Tech, register for classes, move forward with the hopes of beginning nursing school through Ivy Tech Community College (ASN program) in August 2010.

Aug'09-March '10: Take prereq classes at Ivy Tech. Take the (incredibly pointless) TEAS test. Realize I loathe Ivy Tech, but at least the program is cheap and I'd be finished quickly. Decide to stick it out, because in the end, I'd be an RN, and that's all that matters.

April '10: Apply to nursing school at Ivy Tech. Also begin considering getting my bachelor's degree... again. Initially, it was a back up plan, to cover my hiney, in case I didn't get into Ivy Tech. After about, oh, a day, it became my preference (to have my bachelor's)-- for many reasons, including the fact that I HATE Ivy Tech and the people that work there.

May '10: Am denied entrance to Ivy Tech. BS. I've argued with them about it since then-- not because I want to do their program, but because I want to tell them, "Screw you." And because the only reason I didn't get in was because of grade scale discrepancies between two campuses of the same bloody school. UGH! *OK, Marianne, calm down, deep breaths...* Anyway, between the end of April and my rejection, I had already decided that I wanted to do an accelerated bachelor's program anyway, so hmph. Apply for admission to IUPUI so I can friggin meet with an advisor regarding their program.

June '10: Meet with the same girl I met with last year at Marian University. I still hate the cost of the program, but realize I'm just going to have to suck it up and figure it out. IUPUI's program isn't exactly cheap, either (although significantly less expensive than Marian). She informs me that it is "feasible" (oh yea? How about you take the courses for me then, hmm?) to begin their program in January '11. I immediately begin figuring out my crazy schedule for the fall, which would require 21 credit hours at 4-5 different campuses.

Early July '10: Still waiting to hear from IUPUI regarding admission (because taking over two months to decide whether or not to admit a college grad with over a 3.5 gpa who was accepted to the university less than a year ago is reasonable...), so I don't have much information there. But I will be applying to their program. However, they have less requirements for prereq's than Marian does, which stinks, because I may take more classes than I'll end up needing. Fortunately, I never think education is a waste. Money, yes. Education, no.

So here we are today.

As of last week, I was going to be driving all over God's green acres to get from class to class. I was going to be taking 21 credit hours of intense courses. Long gone are the glory days of Intro to Theater and Wine Tasting. We're talking Advanced Physiology, Chemistry (again. because the first one 'wasn't enough'), Business Stats, a few psych classes... on, and on, and on.

Then, this past Friday came along and the shit hit the fan and I was on the verge of a serious mental breakdown. The morning started off on a sour note, as I showed up at a completely wrong location for a meeting regarding some courses for the fall. Fortunately, where I went was able to help (in more ways than they realize). They told me that one of the classes I need (in order to start in January) was full, with 8 people on the waiting list. I'd need to find a way to take it somewhere else, at some other time.

Womp, womp.

I came home and spent way too long on my computer trying to find a solution. And then I started crying (and I'm not really much of a crier, unless I'm about to totally lose my cool) and questioning why the heck I was putting myself through the chaos. I pretty much realized, if I was this stressed about the upcoming semester before it has even begun, I would undoubtedly be a certifiably insane, grade-A bitch with an unhealthy love for the bottle. Images of rehab and/or the psych ward were running rampant through my mind.

Needless to say, I had to change my plan of action, yet again. So this fall will now consist of the following:

Online: Lifespan Development (3cr) from Aug 23-Dec 19.

On campus: Advanced Human Physiology (4cr) T 12-1:20, Th 10-1:20, from Aug 23-Dec 19.

On another campus: Abnormal Psychology (3cr) M 5:45-9:45, from Nov 1-Dec 12.

Total credit hours: 10

Much more realistic. Much more manageable. Much healthier for my sanity. Much to the delight of those around me who would have been subjected to my wrath of psychotic bitchiness this fall, had things been kept the same.

You're welcome, family & friends. See, I'll be a great nurse, I'm always thinking of what's best for others. ;)

Obviously this means I will not be starting nursing school in January. I'll be starting in May 2011 (either at Marian-- where I've pretty much all but been formally been admitted to the program since it's so new and enrollment isn't anywhere near capacity--or IUPUI). Two full friggin years after I graduated from college. It's not the most ideal situation, but it is what it is. It's the degree I want, the program I want, and maintains the sanity I want. Marian's program is 16 months, IUPUI's is 18ish. Either way, I'll be finished before the end of 2012, and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

I believe my mother's words late Friday night were, "Marianne, you look like the world was lifted off of your chest." Um. It was.

If you followed all of that, I applaud you. If I haven't proven my fickle-ness, I can't help you out. If you want to join me for a Hawaiian vacation celebrating my RN status in mid-late 2012, start saving now, because y'all are invited!


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Jess said...

I am so glad that you have found a happy medium! You had me worried with that insane schedule!

Count me in for the Hawaii trip, lol.

Melissa said...

Oh Marianne, this sounds wonderful! You have a plan and it sounds good and doable (unlike your 21 credit hours plan). I am sure that feels fantastic!

Congrats on feeling secure in your decision. That is a great feeling.

P.S. When you said 'toodles' I could only think of 'Toodles' from 'The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' who is the purveyor of the tools. Toodles has it all... Go Toodles!

Anne said...

Good decision, once again, my dear! That much of a class load would have sucked. You will be a much happier girlie with a little lighter load!!!

Helene said...

Oh man, I would've started crying too. Mainly because if you were taking 21 credits, where would that leave you in the world of blogging? I'd go through withdrawals and might have had to drag my 4 demon spawn with me on a plane to go see your ass because I'd miss you so much. And then you'd be all, "Gee, thanks for visiting. Sorry we only had 5 minutes to hang out...but I have to go to another class right now".

Your new plan sounds much more sane...school is important, yes you are right...but so is your health and your sanity. You can enjoy your life while you're pursuing the nursing degree.

Oh and fair warning, abnormal psychology will fuh-freak you the hell out. When I took it way back in my little hay-day, I would go running home to my roommates with my textbook in hand.."OMG, I'm totally an antisocial personality with a little bit of narcissism and borderline characteristics mixed in!!" I was self diagnosing myself every other day. It's a wonder I even survived college after that class.

More importantly, what will you be dissecting this upcoming semester? A human penis, perhaps? That could get interesting.

It's just me :) said...

Whew! I was worried there for a second you were going to can the whole nursing thing altogether. I'm glad you found a solution. I was stressed just reading your schedule earlier. this one sounds much more doable and less like suicide. :p

And you know I am in for Hawaii. I'll be graduating around the same time. IT'S ON!!!

Rosh said...

I, too, thought you were going to say you decided not to pursue nursing anymore! So glad you're still going for it and worked out a schedule that is more manageable. I was stressing for you.

I was a psych minor in undergrad so if you need anything for lifespan development or abnormal psych definitely, let me know! Although, I know you'll rock all your classes! Abnormal psych was really interesting to me - even though I swear I had or knew someone that had every disease we discussed.

You know you can count me in for Hawaii!

Merri Ann said...

Youth is indeed wasted on the young. Trust me ... when you are 30 you will barely remember all this BS. I'm so glad you have it all in a more sane schedule.

One thing I keep thinking to tell you is that getting it done quickly is not going to necessarily be better ... I can name 6 people (without even giving it much thought) who finished quickly, got some weird degree, and ended up in an occupation that has zero to do with the degree.

Being in college is all about discovery ... that's why they make you take all that GE. Changing your mind just means you are getting to understand yourself better. Making great decisions about your future is anything but fickle...

:)) and I second what Helene said about the psych class ... you will probably love it ...

purplume said...

Congratulations on sorting things out so well.

In my experience nursing is a great place for a 'fickle' or as I like to think person of many interests, because nursing can be so varied.
Bless you, Hawaii is cheering for you.

JoJo said...

An award on my blog for you darling!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Goodness, you're almost as indecisive as me! ;)

I'm glad you've found a way of making it all work out for you - with less stress, which is always a winner! :D

Jacki said...


I got an award for you over at my blog.



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