Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why are Women so Mean to Each Other?

Current facebook status:

"Moms at the park hate me."

And it's true. Every time I take the kids, I have some uncomfortable encounter with the moms there.

The first time I took my cousins to the park, I apparently crashed a play group. When the moms saw me rollin' up with my two cousins, they seriously watched to see if I was going to let "my" kids mingle with their kids. But not in a, "Oh, how nice, more kids to play with" look. No, it was more like a, "How dare you bring those kids to OUR park during OUR play group."

I'm not kidding, anytime my cousin Nick would get close to the other kids, one of the moms would come over and redirect her child to another piece of equipment.

I also tried to make conversation with one of the moms pushing her child on the swing next to me. Her response? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. She totally ignored me. Excuuuuuuuse me, Queen B.

I told my cousin when she got home and she said she crashed the same play group once and they were just as snobby. Made me feel a little better.

Today was GORGEOUS. Sunny skies and 77 degrees. I refused to stay home with the kids, so off we went to the park. Of course, every body and their mother was there. JT and Griffin were running, climbing, being boys. Marin, who is 11 months and is on the go, was holding my hand and walking around. Marin is so friggen cute, and today was no different. She's walking along, in her super cute pink hat and hot pink and white striped sweater/jacket and, out of the blue, some snob in her 30s looks at Marin and then looks at me and said, "Ugh! I am SO SICK of PINK!" Really, lady? I'll be sure to send the memo to every body in the nation that pink is out.

Who does that?

A woman who dresses her daughter totally gender neutral and has her thong too far up her butt, that's who.

Like I said, moms at the park? They hate me.

Cliques at the playground. Gotta love it.


On the plus side, all the kids have been AMAZING this week. Have I mentioned that I love "my" kids? Because I do. Love their momma's, too.


Candace said...

I don't do well with some of the other mom's at the playground or storytime either. It's amazing how rude people can be and how uncomfortable they can make you feel! The feelings of high school all come back...

Helene said...

See, moms like that give moms like me a bad rap. I'll never understand why some moms feel they're superior to others.

I've run into a few snobby moms myself at the park we frequent and I just don't get it. Like their kids are better than mine?

I always love meeting new moms at the park, or the library or wherever we are. Who doesn't need more friends? Same goes for my kids...they can always benefit from more playmates.

Mean moms suck. Hey, I should have that made into a slogan on a bumper sticker.

katie said...

How RUDE! (Did you ever watch Full House growing up...if yes, then picture Stephanie saying this). Ummm.... to be able to officially check off "befriend a celebrity" (28 readers today...228 next Wednesday, I bet), can we please be facebook friends? I want more funny status updates about mean moms, guys at stoplights, and such. Have a great day. Hope the park treats you better next time...

Melissa said...

Not to be too harsh, but that lady sounds like a real bitch. Seriously. Who says that?

And being territorial over a playground. Seriously? You do not own it.

I'm sorry the mommies are being mean to you. I wouldn't.

I used to take Hayden to the library for "BAby Bookworms" and the main people I talked with and was "friends" with were the "nannies." I didn't get along all that well with the other moms - for some reason, I related more with the nannies. Weird... maybe because they were a little younger and not as pretentious (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly).

Anywho... Just be strong and stand up to those bitchy moms. Poo poo on them for not being nice.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I hate to say it, but those snotty ladies are everywhere.

It is so sad.

Grow up already people. I hate them.

Casey said...

That is horrible! I'm amazed at the ability people have to be so rude to others. I could never do that!

J.B. said...

I'm sorry to hear this.
I am sensitive when I perceive that people are pulling on my energy. In this case they are sending negative energy your way. Ugh. Makes me wish you could have an invisible shield around you and not have to see them either.

Alyssa said...

Mommies can be mean, and childish, and competitive...look at the role model they're providing for their children!

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