Thursday, March 11, 2010

He's Just Not that Into Girls...

A few weeks ago, in this post, I briefly mentioned how guys in grade school laughed when/if they found out I had a crush on them. I remember one guy in particular who I had the BIGGEST crush on for probably 5 of the 9 years I went to school with him and the day he found out about this, he was the biggest jerk imaginable.

Picture, if you will, in all the glory that is 5th grade, boy on one side of the gym, me on the other, and a group of girls running back and forth between the two of us. They'd run to him and tell him how much I had a crush on him, then run back to me and say, "Oh my God! He totally likes you! He wants to know if you can call you!" HA! Biotches. They were lying. Turns out what he really was doing was laughing hysterically and saying, "Ew, that fat, ugly, bitch. I would never like her."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, turns out that statement, "I would never like her," really meant, "I would never like her or any other girl."

Yes, folks, HE'S GAY!

And I just found this out... 13 years later.

The funniest part of that whole day was, after all this went down in the gym, we had to go back to class. Where we sat next to each other. With our desks touching. HAHA. Oh, the glory days of 10-year-old awkwardness.

I hate to admit that this revelation made me happy, but it did. Because I'm totally negating that he said "fat, ugly bitch" (yea, that still stings, 13 years later. Sorry, I have self-confidence issues. I'm working on it.) in reference to me and translating that to, "I only like men, which she is not." Now I can look back on grade school and not include that dreadful day of indoor recess in one of the hundreds of memories I wish I didn't have from those nine years.

And for the record, I am happy for him, that he has discovered his true self and isn't afraid to share it with the rest of the world.


We live in a Zoo! said...

For me it was the kid who was mercilessly mean to me in grade school who ended up being gay. I never liked the kid in fact I hated him. Anytime I cried about the things he said to me, I was reassured by my parents that he probably just had a crush on me. Guess not!

Merri Ann said...

Wait until you have kids and you start to remember what a**holes kids are to each other ... makes me want to home school. The one thing I don't tolerate, even today, is gossip and mean behavior. Makes me popular with the other moms when they start to talk about other moms or their kids and I get up and walk away LOL

Melissa said...

That is awful that he called you a fat, ugly bitch. I can't imagine!

My first love turned out to be a gay man (I was in love with him from the time I was 7 until I was 16). He never reciprocated my adoration... of course, I figured out why: he likes boys. Oh well...

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