Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feel Good Friday

It's that time of the week again! If you need a pick-me-up for the week, join The Girl Next Door Grows Up as she hosts "Feel Good Friday."

Things that made me happy this week are:

1. Vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my mom and neighbors. Such a lovely escape it has been. And the 14 hour drive was more entertaining than I could have expected. Like the fact that we had to take five different exits in Kentucky just to find a gas station who had a restroom that wasn't a port-a-john (as they called them). And the city of Florence, KY has a water tower that said, "Florence, Y'all." Only in Kentucky. And that we planned on driving another 30 miles and then stopping for dinner, but that all went out the window when even so much as a fast food joint wasn't seen for another 120 miles.

2. Retail therapy. It's so good for the soul, isn't it? Woohoo for outlet malls with insanely cheap prices :)

3. My new found love of headbands! I haven't had my hair in a pony all week because I found super cute headbands with pretty little details and they were all only 6 bucks! LOVE IT!

4. I WON a blog giveaway!! Y'all, I never win anything. The prize could have been a high five and I would have been equally as excited. But I won a bar of homemade goat's milk soap! Thanks Brianna and Deb for hookin' a girl up!

5. My post about Keith Morrison was linked up on Helene's blog! Thanks, girl! You really are THE best!

6. I received a text from my favorite non-family member mom saying that the kids were asking for me this week! They miss me!! Melted my heart! I miss my precious wee ones.

7. The following poster. I don't know if I found it to be beyond hilarious because I was sleep deprived and slap happy when I saw it, but I literally laughed (and cried from laughing) for 10 minutes. Yes, I have a sick sense of humor.

"49% Different is a lot" had me on the floor. And I'm laughing at the fact that the girl looks NOTHING like Tyra Banks. Not at the appearance of innocent girl or Tyra. But, if she looks like Tyra, I look like Heidi Klum.

8. Visiting Charleston, South Carolina. If you've never been there and you love history and historical architecture, put this city on your list of places to visit before you die. I was in heaven. Words seriously cannot describe the immense beauty (and wealth) incapsulated in such a small area.

9. Hearing from my blogger buddies! Because really, you guys put a smile on my face every time you comment here, email me, or write your own new post.

10. Finding 9 things that made me smile.

If you are stopping over from FGF, WELCOME! Thanks so much for visiting :) I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! Spring is almost here :)


Karen said...

Hi there, stopping by from FGF. I loved Charleston, SC (did you shop at the markets?), went there when I was about 14 or so. We were driving from NY down to Orlando and stopped. Have you ever stopped at South Of The Border? Wonder if it is still as cheesy as it was then? Okay, it was cheesy but cool at the same time. I still have a cup from there and its been years, lol.

Have a great weekend.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Marianne you are on vacation?? Sweet! How fun.

Thank you so much for doing FGF. I am glad you had MORE things to feel good about!

I saw Helene's shout out to you and that made me smile!!

J.B. said...

Love that you had 10 FGF items.
I think I look 49% like Tyra too.

Tenny Kusuma said...

I really need a vacation and retail therapy too :) Thanks for the idea....
Congrats on winning a blog giveaway...(if you want more giveaways, I have some on my blog).
Anyway, I happened to see your bucket list...and surprised to find out that you want to go to Bali? I used to live not to far from Bali. I miss Bali so much, it used to be yearly vacation destination for my family.

Well...have a blessed day.

Casey said...

-Sadly, the only retail therapy I did was at the American Girl Store...not really my first choice, but I'll have a very happy little girl in April when she opens her new Ruthie doll for her birthday.

-That picture is hilarious.

-So glad you had a great time on your trip. I'm jealous!

Marianne said...

@ Casey... I'm pretty sure the look on your daughter's face when she sees her new doll will make you happier than any purchase you would have purchased for yourself ;) So cheesy, but so true.
Did you try any of the places in Chicago I suggested??

Melissa said...

I have NEVER won a blog giveaway... although I rarely enter any, so I shouldn't be too surprised that I've never won one.

Oh well... And I went shopping today. I spent about $350 on clothes. My husband is not impressed. But I hadn't been shopping (like I did today) in a REALLY long time (at least a year), so I feel it was okay.

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