Thursday, March 4, 2010


** comin' at'cha a day early because I won't have time tomorrow...**

Sorry, no post for "Feel Good Friday" this week for the simple fact that I babysat 38 hours last week and 25 this week and I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning... never mind things that made me happy this week. But I don't recall it being a particularly rough week, so let's just say it was all happy :)

But if YOU would like to participate, I know The Girl Next Door Grows Up would love to have you!

Remember when I drove home from Florida with my dad and said the next time I sit in a car for longer than a few hours it better be because I'm moving somewhere fun and warm? I lied. Sorry. Don't cast stones for my lack of truthfulness :)

The madre and I are hoppin' in the car bright and early Saturday morning and running away to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the week! Neither of us have ever been so we're pretty stoked. We're going with my neighbor and her daughter (but they're flying in on Sunday), so it's just us girls for seven days! YIPPIE!

And before you think I'm a huge spoiled rich kid that travels all the time, we own a timeshare in Florida (my rents have owned it for 30 years...)that we never get to use, so we have fun trading to other places. My parents like to put their money towards trips and education. I'm VERY blessed! And since Myrtle Beach was available and within driving distance and we had a week we had to use, we're taking advantage of the opportunity!

I have no clue what the weather is going to be like and I honestly don't really want to for fear that it won't be much warmer than it is here, but as long as it's sunny, I'll be fine :) And the beach is the beach and far from Indiana, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Bad news though: Our condo is seven minutes away from an outlet mall. That has COACH and Kate Spade and Ann Taylor LOFT. I've been having a love affair with LOFT for the past year and I have a hard time turning down something at COACH if it is priced really well (I once bought a $500 bag for $125! Love a good bargain!! And yes, I paid for it, not my parents. They cut the material goods cord when I was 16.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to escaping from school, babysitting, the boys I live with, & life in general.

And this post is so stupid and braggy and I'm annoying myself, so I'm going to wrap it up.

My blogging has been in a bit of a funk the past couple days. So awesome for my attempts to gain more readers, huh? So, having said that, I'm taking topic requests that YOU would like to read by yours truly! Just leave me a comment or email me and I will blog about whatever you want :)

Also, I'm taking suggestions for where I should run away to next. Ideas?

Peace. Love. Happiness.


Casey said...

Have fun! I heart Kate Spade and LOFT...I'm not so sure I could resist.

I hope the weather is great and that you enjoy your time away!

Helene said...

I have a own either a Kate Spade or a Coach handbag before I die. Seriously, I've been carrying around dang diaper bags for like the last 5 years.

I'm so envious that you're going to Myrtle Beach. I had a friend who lived there ages ago and she said it was beautiful!!! So you go have fun on the warm, sunny beach while I'm stuck here in Pukeville, which is in the state of Woe-Is-Me.

Oh and you need to go to your profile page and hit "display e-mail" so your e-mail addy shows up on your comments. It kills me sometimes when I want to respond to something you've written on my blog but I get the "no-reply blogger" crap instead. And I'm way too lazy to go and look for your e-mail addy. I mean, it's the least you could do since you get to go on vacation and I don't.

Here are some ideas to blog about...

1) a major life-changing moment for you

2) compare where you are in life today compared to 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago

3) what does self-indulgent mean to you (sorry, had to throw that in there)

4) If you could switch places with one person just for a day, who would it be?

5) Talk about your celebrity crush on Keith Morrison (don't deny it, you know you heart him)

Or I could simply send my kids to you via UPS and they could provide some awesome blog fodder for you.

Have a great time on your trip. Make sure to send me some sunshine!

Helene said...

My God, that was a long comment...can you top that one?

Melissa said...

Sounds good! It looks like we are both getting away for a week... Hopefully we can both relax and enjoy some down-time!

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