Friday, March 5, 2010

I Blog Because I Can.

I'm sure many of you can relate to what I am about to say. Non-bloggers just don't get "it." It being the joy and awesomeness that is blogging. Even more so, the joy and awesomeness of blogging AND having followers.

Today, a sweet lady that I have class with said she checked out my blog... her only comment was, "When I read it, I thought 'Man, Marianne is windy today'." Errr, thanks?

I mean, I know I tend to write a novel every time I type anything (just ask my bff blogger buddy Helene -- yea, I'm giving you that title, whether you want it or not, Helene), but I suppose you shouldn't read my blog if you don't like to read in general. Perhaps that's why my readership is less than stellar? Hmm.

Except I have a little secret weapon and I know I have more readers than followers (and even know where in the world they are viewing me from and how many times a day they do so)... so, to you lurkers... I don't bite. Delurk yourself and stop being creepy. Leave the creepin' to me.

But, I digress.

Said sweet lady then proceeds to ask, "Do you know all the people that read your blog? I just don't get why someone you don't know would care about your life."

Oh, sweet lady, that seems to be the million dollar question for anyone who hasn't been sucked into the wonderful world of blogging. (I'm sure you all get asked this questions a lot. Silly naive persons).

And to that I say: we blog because we can. Because sometimes we have a lot to say and no ears to listen in our real life worlds. And having readers is just as good as winning the lottery. Actually, probably better. Getting a comment is next to euphoria. But we sure as heck don't need a legitimate reason for reading other blogs... sometimes we just need a good laugh. Or sometimes we like to be creepy and nosey and see how other people live, if only to make us feel better about our own life. If it ain't for you, so be it. But don't knock something until you try it.

Does anyone else get asked this question a lot and think, "Start a blog and then come talk to me..." ?! Or am I just a biotch? Don't answer that.


Nathan said...

When I would write my short stories in my blog people would complain that they were too long, too. You write until you're out of things to say. That's the rule.

Melissa said...

I love to follow other blogs. Not all blogs. I am actually pretty picky. But I do enjoy reading about other people's lives. I don't know why, but I do. It's socialization for me. I feel like I've created another "frienship ring" so to speak. Not that I would invit my blog friends to my birthday party, but yet y'all are still a network of "friends" and support.

It is weird. Because I don't really know the majority of the people who follow me... yet I sometimes feel like I know them through their clogs and comments - and I like that.

Anywho... I'm sure you will get more followers. You are new to this (I've been doing it for nearly 2 years). Your time will come! (Just keep at it.)

And did someone really say this to you: "I just don't know why someone would care about your life." That sounds kinda mean. But oh well... maybe it wasn't meant that way.

Anywho... Have a great Saturday! I hope you enjoy this comment!

katie said...

You are hilarious. I gave myself way too much credit saying we are so are leaps & bounds, heads & shoulders (knees & toes too), a gazillion times better at writing (and thus blogging) so I apologize to say we had tons in common. You rock! Keep up the great blogging. your new fan...Katie

Casey said...

Non-bloggers definitely don't get it. I was trying to explain it to someone the other day and I mentioned some of the friends I've made through blogging and they tend to get this horrified look on their face like I'm hanging out in some sleezy chatroom.

This may be why non of my family knows about my blog. I'm afraid they just won't get it.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

People do not get it! I hate explaining. I link it to being a columnist in a newspaper or magazine and then people get it.

The McNulty Family said...

Great post! And .. so funny you should ask bc I've working on/sitting on a very similar post!! Great minds think alike! ;)

I think it's great that you blog! Keep up the great work.


The McNulty Family said...

ummm could I have said "great" any more times? that's what I get for typing with screaming children!

ps: love that blogging poster!

J.B. said...

I didn't get it about blogging till I started.
One of my favorite things is we get to be picky about which blogs we read. Apologies to blogs I have lost because I didn't subscribe to them.
BTW I wish I could subscribe to you blog by e-mail. That is my favorite way. Second way, I go to my google reader. I don't know how to read the blogs on friend connect unless they go over to google.
Also btw, in Eastern medicine feeling windy means you are irritable, not related to gas, related to the four elements. XD

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