Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because I'm Random Like That.

Ay yi yi. Fickle White is in an UGLY mood right now. Between being in a war of words with someone regarding transfer credits and the drama with my physiology class, I'm so. over. school. Seriously, can it be September 2012 already? Of course, only if I get into nursing school and start in May. Normally I'd self medicate my frustrations with a healthy dose of sour patch kids or something equally healthy, but I'm trying to change my ways. That, and I have zero money to my name and am too lazy to drive to the store. So I get to vent here and be random. Lucky you ;)

I took my Stats final last Thursday and the final course grade was posted yesterday. All it said was A, and because that just wasn't enough info for my liking, I called my professor (ALF!). Homie MADE. MY. DAY! He told I got the highest grade in the class on the final-- a 100%!!! WOOHOO! I got a 100% in the class. Yippie Skippie.

My legs are rather sore (which actually surprised me. I mean, I'm lazy, but I'm not totally inactive) from the Day 1 of Couch to 5k yesterday. Day 2 comes tomorrow, so I'm about to take the pups for a walk to loosen the muscles.

To go to UD this weekend or not to go, that is the question.

Speaking of UD, as I'm in turmoil with every body and their mom in the academic world, I was reminded yesterday, when I had to contact UD, how much I LOVE that school. Seriously, every time I have to contact someone there I am reminded of what a great decision I made in going there and wish they had a nursing school. Really, really badly. GO FLYERS!

My psycho physiology prof told us today that her 13 year old has recently come out of the closet (it must've been real recent because at the beginning of the semester, she said he doesn't know which way he's going to go). Apparently her older son was homecoming king and when her younger son told her he is gay, she said, "OH! So now I have my king AND my queen!" Um. Wow. Real nice.

I bought a birthday card for my friend back in August, and thought the card was funny, so I wrote it down. I just found it again a few minutes ago. Here's the quote:
"I once read about a lady who would make ice cubes out of leftover wine. I never knew that was possible. To have leftover wine, I mean."

I don't think there will be any leftover wine in the Fancypants household tonight. Especially if Mack pulls his stunt again. Just sayin'.

Off for a walk to try and cool off. My temper that is, Lord knows I'm not hot because the air is freakin' nippy. Stupid fall. Bring on the global warming!



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Jenn said...

Sour patch kids are my favorite...sorry things are stressing you...congrats on your awesome stats class! Good luck with the Couch to 5K...thanks to you, I'm currently considering beginning that as well! It feels very attainable!

Big Fat Gini said...

I still don't even know what to say about that dumbass professor.


(and yes you can TOTALLY come live with me and share my Nutella!)

lindsey said...

congrats on your 100% lady! thats so awesome!
namaste ;)

purplume said...

I love that about the wine.
Congrats on your 100% woo hoo way to go.

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