Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Good humor is tonic for mind and body. it is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."
~Greenville Kleisser

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Big Fat Gini said...


There is nothing better than having friends who "get" you. And even better when they share your sense of humor.

(okay, my code word today looks strangely like

Yankee Girl said...

This is so important to remember! What a great quote!

Tiffany said...

Hey dear, just stopping by from Beth Ann's blog to thank you for saying something. When I read that question I was like, wow, that's a harsh way to ask....a simple, oh my, Tiffany, what happened, would have sufficed.

And, when I came to your blog I loved finding that your background is the same one I had when I was on blogger...Great minds.

JoJo said...

Love this quote!

purplume said...

Good humor, I guess this means I can't be a crank today. hmm. ok.

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