Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rollin' with the foagies!

I ran away from Indiana. Booked a flight, packed my bags, and hopped on a plane headed straight for the beach on Sunday morning. And let me tell you, it was the BEST decision. I'm only here for six days, but it will be a glorious six days. Where is here? Siesta Key, Florida, of course. My home away from home. My favorite place in the world (next to Hawai'i, that is). Somewhere I have had the privilege of going to every summer for the past 20 years. And according to the fam back home, it's been snowing and in the 20s the past few days. Good decision, indeed.

It has also been a realization (actually, probably more like an affirmation) that I am SO much happier where the sun is always shining, the weather is at least somewhat warm year around, and I can look out my window and see cornucopia of tropical plants that wouldn't survive one winter's night in the God forsaken state I've called home for the past (almost) 23 years. Oh, and the ability to walk to the beach and see where the sky and ocean meet certainly has its benefits. It's like Prozac, without the possible side effects. There is something so calming and peaceful about the sounds of the ocean waves crashing and the palms rustling in the wind. Needless to say, the Midwest, as wonderful as it is (especially in the summer), just isn't my cup of tea.

And I feel so much healthier. I'm more inclined to eat veggies and fruits, the fresh seafood never gets old, and the heat is doing wonders for my fibromyalgia pain (yea, I have fibro too, another story for another day). So much so, that I looked to see what nursing programs are in the area. Unfortunately, they have more prereq requirements and I'm ready to get the show on the road. BUT the local hospital has the best NICU in the area, and the NICU is exactly where I want to work, so that's definitely a plus (I'll blog about my volunteering experience in the NICU soon ;) ) and a move to the Sarasota/Siesta Key area within the next two years is quite probable. WOOHOO, plans for the future, LOVE it!

Until then, I'm going to enjoy my time here, with all the old foagies who drive as slow as they walk and dread going home. What's the weather like in your area??? Apparently 3/4 of the nation is drowning in rain or snow and unusually low temps... global warming my ass.

Images are my own of Siesta Key Beach, Florida

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