Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 months later... maybe this time I'll stick to it...

Well since I'm pretty much writing to myself, about myself, and am pretty sure I'm the only one reading this, I might just get bored with myself again and neglect this little blog thing, but here goes.

Today's thoughts:

1. Massachusetts voting Red may or may not be a sign of the apocalypse. Or, at the very least, hell just froze over. Regardless, Ted Kennedy most certainly rolled over in his grave last night.

2. Winter in Indiana is not something I will EVER get used to. Twenty two years of living in middle America and I still ask myself daily, "Why the hell haven't you busted out, yet?". I could've been lying on the beaches of Waikiki, sipping mai tais, and watching sexy surfers for the past 3 years (as in, I should've stayed after my 4 months at Chaminade University--- poor life decision, at it's best, y'all.)

3. Ummm... Heidi Montag (that goon from The Hills that married that total loser Spencer Pratt)... WTF? Unfortunately for you, you went from a beautiful 23-year-old to a freakishly fake 43-year-old. Someone needs to learn that 'less is more' and more is just, well, scary. And your new DDD tahtah's may make you spontaneously combust.

4. Which moron at Girl Scouts of America thought selling cookies in January was a good idea? Don't they know we all vow to eat healthier, lose those extra pounds and workout daily come January 1?!?! Knock on my door in October, then we will talk.

5. I babysat 10 hours today. I know most who know me consider me to be a professional babysitter, but never have I babysat so much, so frequently. I'm regularly doing 5 days a week. Obviously this much experience teaches me a thing or two about parenting. Today was no different. Note to self: responding to incessant whining with whining does work. Sure, they look at you like you've gone off the deep end (and maybe I have), but it at least makes them STOP WHINING for a solid 5 minutes. Music to the ears.

6. I came home to find these super fancy (so technical, I know) ear phones on the counter. I ask how much they cost and am told "I got them for $80 off." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Obviously I retorted, "Oh, so you got them for free, sweet." False, they still cost $100. SERIOUSLY? These things better clean your ears and massage your scalp at the same time for that kind of price. Suffice it to say, I am perfectly content with the ear buds Apple throws in with the purchase of a new iPod, thank you very much.

7. HAITI. Where do I begin? My heart is completely broken. I am overwhelmed with the devastation that has happened to a country that had so little in the first place. I wish, more than anything, I were at a point in my life where I could go down and do aid, take in a child or two, donate more than a small amount of money, anything! I'm so proud of all those out there stepping up and doing their part. Now if only they would also carry out those good deeds for the needy on our own soil.

8. My thoughts couldn't be more scattered if I tried. If any one is reading this and you think I should stick with my day job and abandon blogging, please chime in. In all honesty, I'm really just trying to make use of my journalism degree as I have no plans to put it to use in the real world. If you think steering clear of journalism was a wise decision because my writing makes you want to scream, do tell.

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Helene said...

I just mentioned in my other comment that I'm so glad you're back. I really enjoy your writing and your humor!

Oh Heidi Montag is such an idiot. I think she looks older now with all that surgery. She looks surprised all the time. I can't stand the publicity she's getting from this either.

Girl Scout cookies in January, yeah I know. My daughter is doing Daisies this year and we haven't really been able to do any door to door sales because of the bad weather. We've actually called neighbors to ask them to order since I was sure we'd melt if we went out in the rain. And of course barely anyone's ordering because of the whole new year's resolution stuff so I'm stuck having to buy like 10 boxes of thin mints all so she can get some ugly pewter frog that she'll probably break withint 2 days.

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