Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lacking inspiration

I've been at this for a week and I'm already in a funk. This blog thing may be short lived. I hope not, but I'd rather not write just for myself; however, if I'm bored with my writings, I can't imagine how my few readers feel. Ideally, this blog will gain readership and can be relatable for many. Of course it's nice to chronicle things about my life, but come on, I'm a student, life ain't that exciting yet.


Is there anything YOU guys would like me to write about?!?! I've been trying to think of something I can put a funny spin on, but writer's block has taken over. Suggestions/requests??? Suggestions/requests to abandon ship? Bueller?

xoxo Mar

Oh! I plan on incorporating pictures into my posts more often (hopefully that'll spice things up a smidge), but I haven't transfered them over from my old computer yet :)

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Merri Ann said...

I hope you keep at it ... I think you'll find a voice and an audience. My blog is all over the place right now and will most likely stay that way ... unfortunately my mind is like that.

And, Yeah for you! The NICU/nursing thing is a special calling. I deeply admire nurses ... especially after my Antipartum and NICU experience.

Ever consider California? My 3 were born at John Muir Medical Center ... they are fabulous. (careful with the comments about California :) ... I lived there for 46 years and loved it ... still love it).

Or Texas (this is where I am now), we are close to Childrens' in Dallas ... they are fantastic, too.

With all your experience, maybe you could be a live in nanny/mothers'helper while you finish school in an area you would enjoy living in. That would certainly give you blog fodder. :)

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Keep it up! Sometimes, if I am looking too hard for something to write it won't come; just write what you know or something from the past that was interesting or funny.

Good Luck!!!!

Marianne said...

@ Merri Ann...

Do YOU need an live-in nanny/mother's helper? Haha, just kidding... unless you do, in which case, totally serious.

But honestly, I have five places at the top of my list: California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Hawai'i. So obviously you know me well, already :) California is one of my most favorite places EVER. The cost of living isn't too appealing, especially coming from one of the most affordable states in the nation, but I'm in love with everything about CA. Whether it be NorCal or SoCal. I have family that lives in San Jose, so moving there is definitely an option :) And Children's in Dallas has a phenomenal NICU, which is the main reason Texas is on the list (same for AZ, with Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix).

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm hoping the 10 kids I take care of weekly start giving me things to blog about, kids are always interesting hahah. Hope you're doing well :)

Merri Ann said...

Yes, I definitely could use some help. For some reason I haven't found anyone since I moved here. I'm not fond of the idea of a 16 year old watching my 3 kids. I know how hard it is for me.

As for the cost of living in CA ... the salaries are higher there ... it's not so bad. Before we moved to Texas we did a cost comparison between the area we were leaving and the area we were going and we discovered the difference was only 1% between the Dallas area and where we were in CA. People always think it's much higher in CA.

Marianne said...

When I was 16 I occassionally babysat for a family that had kids 3,2,and 1. But I don't think there are many 16 year olds who could handle it. And I only did it at night for like 5 hours, 3 of which the nuggets were sleeping. Three kids is a lot of work, especially when they are young and close in age.

I take care of a family 15+ hrs a week now and their kids are 4,3, and 9 mos. It's been a good eye opener to how crazy life with three little ones can be, but it's a blast. It hasn't made me want any fewer children (I want at least 4), but it does make me think about spacing them out a little more hahaha... of course, God has a say in this, too. If I'm ever in Dallas, I'll let you know :)

Maybe check craislist. I know it can be sketchy, but I put an ad up back in October for babysitting since I lost all my contacts when I went to college and I had so many responses! The family I mentioned above found me on craigslist. And if you find someone you like, you could always meet her at a coffee shop to feel her out before inviting her to your home. And of course check out her references :) Just a tip!

And that's really shocking about the difference between TX and CA. And good to know! Maybe I shouldn't be so freaked out my the astronomical prices I always hear when the media talks about CA. Thanks for telling me!!!

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