Friday, January 29, 2010

Feel Good Friday

My hilarious blogger buddy, Helene, (I can call you my blogger buddy, right? RIGHT?!?!) managed to find 5 positive things about this week (as part of the Feel Good Friday Challenge) even though her week consisted of one of her two year olds eating a lizard and one of her four year olds saying the three words no mother ever wants to hear: "I HATE YOU!". I decided to partake in the challenge, although y'all know where I've been all week, so this wasn't too challenging. Helene, if I could fly to CA and give you a break from the kids, I would! Anyway, here's five fabulous things from the week...

1. I escaped the nasty cold and snow of the Midwest and upgraded to warm, sunny skies and the ocean breeze.
2. I lost weight!!
3. I heard from a friend that I haven't talked to in probably 7 months.
4. I've kept at this blog for a whole week and so far, so good!
5. I managed to spend a week with just my father and not get into a major argument. Seeing that we DO NOT get along, this is quite the feat. Fingers crossed the 16 hour drive back home we start tomorrow doesn't make me throw myself in the way of a semi. If you don't hear from me for a while... check the obituaries in the Indianpolis Star hahah ;)

If you want to join in on the fun, hop on over here and join the challenge!

And blogger won't let me upload the cute little Feel Good Friday graphic, so go to her website and see it for yourself!


Merri Ann said...

I found you through Helene's blog.

I am going to try to do this every Friday ... it's such a great way to top off a week of ups and downs.

You can count me as follower ...

Susan Tipton said...

Hope the drive goes well!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Thank you for participating!!!!!!! Keep up on the blogging you are doing great!

I am now a follower.

Helene said...

I'm so glad you participated in this meme! It's such a great way to end the week!

Congrats on the weight loss! My scale hasn't budged...but of course that could be because I've been scarfing marshmellows every single night after the kids are in bed.

Do you know now everytime I see Keith Morrison I think of you? Does that make me as creepy as he is?

Thanks for adding my button to your sidebar!! I was so excited to see it there...but it made me realize that I need a border around it and holy crap I didn't realize it was THAT big. I may need to take another 25 hours to figure out how to make some more changes.

BTW, cute profile pic!! And anytime you wanna fly out to CA and watch my kids for me, you just say the word and I'll meet you at the airport in a limo!

Marianne said...

Err, Helene, if I didn't think of you everytime I saw Keith Morrison or heard that psychopathic voice of his, then maybe I'd think you were creepy. But two creeps cancel each other out.

And thanks for the congrats on the weight loss. You know, I don't blame moms when they have a hard time eating, I eat so much worse when I'm taking care of the kids I watch. It's like a crime of opportunity, if a snickers bar is looking at me, I'm going to eat it. Which is also why I have to avoid certain aisles at the grocery store. I'm fortunate that we don't have junk in the house, otherwise I'd be singing a different tune. So don't blame yourself... blame your kids and their need for those chicken nuggets and marshmallows hahah :) And my profile pic is a bit deceiving. I'm totally that girl that puts up a pic on facebook that makes them look better. This was a year and a half ago when I weighed like 25 pounds less hahah, motivation, darlin', motivation :)

I like your button, it's kind of large, but it's not obnoxious! I'm sure you could think of 81928319283 other things to do with those 25 hours, so I wouldn't waste your time! Although, if you want to take the time to explain how to have your name at the end of every post similar to how you have yours, be my guest. It looks so dumb typed out!

I run away a lot, and I have family in San Jose... don't be surprised if I hold you to that limo offer! But the kids wouldn't be allowed to play with lizards/bugs/rodents of any sort. I don't do critters. Everything else is fair game ;)

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