Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are we there yet???

OK, first, only on the Florida/Alabama border would you find a sign in front of someone's house that reads "Impeach Obama". Hilarious and the only entertainment this drive has provided thus far.

I'm not a long-drive car rider. There is nothing I enjoy about it and it just brings back horrible memories of getting car sick as a kid. But, surprisingly, this drive hasn't been too bad. Six hours in and though I'm incredibly bored (although I'm taking over the wheel in a few), I'm not to the point of going insane quite yet.

The old man and I have had a couple disagreements, but nothing major. He's a great man, it's not that I dislike him, and he has many positive qualities, but he's from a small town in southern Indiana and was born in the 40's. Let's just say "openminded-ness" isn't his strong point(if you catch my drift), thus the cause of MANY arguments. But we're gettin' on just fine, thank goodness.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week and you aren't a victim of the nasty winter storm a large portion of the country suffered.

God Bless,

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