Friday, October 8, 2010

Tag! I'm it!

Jess, aka my twin, tagged me in this fun little question game!

1) What is your favorite holiday (whether Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) food?

Honestly, food (except chocolate) doesn't excite me. I'm embarrassed to admit I've had a post in the works for over 2 months about my relationship with food and just can't find the right words to get it together. I appreciate a good holiday meal, but I don' t have a favorite food associated with that meal.

2) If you could go on any vacation, without thought to time or money, but it could only be ONE place, where would you go?

Either Fiji, Tahiti, or Bora Bora. Somewhere in the South Pacific.

3) Show me your dream wedding dress.

Definitely NOT strapless. I loathe. No offense, it's just what everyone has and I also hate the idea of having to adjust my top all day. No thanks. And, also, ivory or champagne, not white white. Something really romantic, classic; I want to like it on my wedding and 50 years later. None of this mesh bodice nonsense. And I adore a dress with pockets.

I really like both of these,Today, at least. I like that the second one is a modern twist on a classic style.

found here.


found here.

4) What TV show do I just have to check out?

Hawaii 5-0! Oh my gosh, SO good! Like, surprisingly good. But I also like that I can watch it and recognize the areas they are, so that might have something to do with my liking of the show. Also, I LOVE The Amazing Race.

5) This time of year is full of new movies... what are you looking forward to?

Well, it comes out tomorrow, but I can't justify 10 dollars for a movie ticket, so I'll wait till it's on demand, but the new movie with Katherine Heigl, "Life as we know it." It looks really funny!

6) Think of all single males you know that are between the ages of 27 and 35. Now, are any of them potentials for your good friend Jess?

Girl, if I did, I'd send them your way, or already have dibs on them. Unfortunately, that's a big, fat negative, Sparky. Do YOU know any for ME?

7) What's your favorite Disney character?

Belle and Jasmine. I used to think I looked like them. Because I'm Arabian and all.

8) What is your best piece of advice?

"Live and Let Live" is how I try to live my life. And remember that we all have a pre-planned journey for life. We may not understand why certain things do or do not happen, but someday it will all make perfect sense.

I'm supposed to tag 8 people and make a list of my own 8 questions, but you know what? NO ONE EVER DOES THEM! And it makes me really sad. Last time, one person (Jess, of course), answered my fun, "Would you rather...?" questions. ONE. So, if someone wants to play along, you can find my "Would you rather...?" questions here and use those. Hopefully someone surprises me and plays along!

Happy Friday! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

Sorry nobody did your questions! I'm infamous for not spreading it on. It's awful.

I love you thought you looked like Jasmine! Love it!

I also find your questions interesting and might just do them :)

Nathan said...

Why is 35 always the cut off for every single female? There are normal 36 year olds out there.

Jess said...

I can answer that for you, Nathan.... I have a 8 year limit (in theory, at least). I'm 27, so my cutoff for men is 35 (again, in theory).

Jenn said...

#1 - Love those wedding pretty.

#2 - I am loving Hawaii 5-0 too! I'm usually not into those crime type shows, but I really have enjoyed it...and Dylan likes it we watch together! It's rare that I find a show we are both interested in!

#3 - I wanna see the new Katherine Heigl movie too...but I'll wait for the DVD! :)

Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

I would be interested to read your blog post about your relationship with food. I have food issues too - which sucks.

I love the food at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am going to make my mom make this fabulous cake for Christams. It is SO freaking yummy.

For our honeymoon, we went on a cruise around Tahiti. I think you would love it!

I like that first dress! VERY pretty!

JoJo said...

Life as we know it was awesome. I got see it for free because my friend works for a media company and gets all these cool privileges. It's definitely worth seeing when it comes out on demand.

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