Friday, October 29, 2010

Questions for a Certain Anonymous Reader.

I was checking the traffic on my blog and noticed multiple hits from someone logged in at "Police Athletic League of Jacksonville," in FL, and I have a few questions for you, kind reader.

1. Are you a man between the ages of 24 and 33?

2. Are you 6'0" or taller?

3. Are you single? (Ha, nice that this is my third concern.)

4. Are you outgoing?

5. If you said yes to all of the above, allow me to introduce me and my single self ;)

If you aren't all or any of the above, know any co-workers who fit the criteria?

Let's be honest, who can resist a man in uniform?

Oh, and a big ole "thanks" for reading my blog! Registered & Protected


Jenn said...

If he turns out to be around 30ish, please check to see if he has an older brother! :)

katie said...

hahaha You're such a good detective. :o) This could make for more interesting blog material than cheaper too!!! :o)

Adriane said...

Wow, OK. Now I have a question of my own...what in the world tracking software do you have that allows you to see who's logged in from where? That's awesome, and totally feeds into my stalkeristic tendencies. Do. Want.

Jessica Warrick said...

hahaha you are to funny... trying to pick up a man on your blog that is too funny.. lmao

Jess said...

6) Do you know another person of similar criteria for Jess?

denise said...

I'm with Adriane, how do you know where he is? My stats just give states. BORING. I've dated three cops...not too trustworthy if you ask me, but I am still very much drawn to men in uniform AND a man that can take control. Keep us updated!!

Pam said...

I'm about to go google "police athletic league". I secretly hope its a male stripper tribe of jacksonville florida.
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