Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Questions.

1. Why was Kate Gosselin at the Emmys? Doesn't one need to contribute something worthwhile to the acting world to be invited to the Emmys? Apparently not.

2. What the hell was she wearing?

Joan Rivers, when asked what she thought of the dress, said, "WHO CARES?! She needs to go home, stay there, and learn her kids' names."

Now, I certainly wouldn't describe this woman as the fashionista she obviously thinks she is, but seriously, how can a woman look in the mirror and think a dress that makes her look like a giant box is flattering? And girlfriend is not fat (hello, she had a free tummy tuck), but zoiks, that makes her look more full in the tummy. It's just a terrible cut and the boob area is so classless. Such a pity. But, I'll be nice and say her face and looks beautiful, her hair is OK, and her jewelry is nice.

At least she doesn't look this ridiculous:

Rita Wilson also looks like a box. And those shoes have left me speechless. January Jones looks like the little girl in "Signs" when she uses tinfoil to keep away the aliens. There are no words for the ugliness that is that dress.

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Donda said...

I think she wore something hideous so she would be talked about longer. Awesome dresses get like 5 minutes of fame but the worst dressed...well they are hours of entertainment. Kate's a genius despite her boobies looking like torpedos!

Big Fat Gini said...

I love Joan Rivers!

Also, Rita Wilson? Yeah, my grandmother's 60's era lamp called and it's pissed off that you stole its shade.

It's just me :) said...

1. Because she is a attention lovin' drama mama.

2. Kate: "Jon does this dress make me look fat?"
Jon: "Nope, not at all." *snicker* "You should definitely wear it. People will be talking about your boobs" *cough* "I mean you - for months"
Kate: "PERFECT!"

Yankee Girl said...

Why is Kate still around? And who actually cares about her?????

And why do so many stars stand with their legs crossed like January's?

Just some of the questions that I had!

JoJo said...

I'm hating on those dresses too especially the prada one!

A pity that Prada could ever let me down like that!

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Kate Gosselin is RIDICULOUS. Joan Rivers is so right!

katie said...

funny, funny, funny. AND YES!! Kate lacks actually talent so why on earth was she there.

Momma Fargo said...

OMG> You made me spit my coffee and snort it the wrong way downt the windpipe! I agree with Joan Rivers, too.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I had the same thought about Kate. Seriously...she needs to go away.

I have to say though, January Jones dress was amazing. Looking at it from a high fashion standpoint, which that dress was very high fashion, it was beyond fabulous. It took some guts to wear it, and like the fashion police said, could have used some nude shoes, but I loved it!

Helene said...

I love Joan Rivers...the lady speaks her mind, doesn't she?

I had no idea Kate Gosselin was at the awards show. Your question of WHY is exactly what I would've wanted to know, too.

Why do people care about her...so she had two sets of multiples?! In this day and age that doesn't make her any more special than anyone else.

And where's my free tummy tuck, damnit???

Sandra said...

There should be 'emmys' every night. I thoroughly enjoyed the blow by blow! Why is it that making fun of people is so satisfying? Oh well. Carry on!

Pam said...

Kate Gosselin looked like a burnt roasted weiner in that dress.
In other news, the word verfication word for this post is:
Hablick. HAHHAHA. I like that word.

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