Sunday, August 29, 2010

I curse you, blogger!

I have a post about my drunk dog typed and ready to go. I created a video. Uploaded it to blogger. Waited for-freakin-ever for it to finish loading. Clicked play to make sure it works. And what happens? NOTHING.

aknflaksgnlakgalkwjflakj. (<--- cursing.)

It says an error has occurred. If anyone knows how to help me and wants to, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, you are just going to have to use your imaginations as to what a drunk dog looks like. And, really, that'd be a shame.

Also, I have a sad, sad, feeling my visits to blogland are going to be few and far between this semester, compliments of advanced physiology. Tear :'(. I'm going to try and post once a week, but that may be the extent of it, which makes me really sad, as writing keeps me sane. So if I don't visit your site much in the next four months, don't take it personally, just blame it on my psycho A&P prof. And then figure out a way to convince her to give me an A, regardless. Then I'll pimp out your blog relentlessly as a sign of my appreciation. Deal?

Anyway, help me out with the video. Or don't. Whatever. I'm off to review for class.

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Mei said...

Perhaps you could just do an interpretive dance to both express your feelings and demonstrate drunk dog?

Adriane said...

I usually just upload to youtube and then paste them into my blog that way. I've uploaded through blogger before, but as you said, it takes forrrrrreeeeeeevvvvverrrrr, and then all too often I get an error message as well. Too frustrating.

I hope your dog isn't suffering through too much of a hangover today! LOL

Pam said...

Ok bitches, I'm gonna miss you! My blog better be number one on your blog dial. I understand all the hell you are going through with school.
In other news....If you don't have one, get a youtube account for your videos. I haven't been able to upload my videos to blogger in forever. It takes forever and its soooo much easier on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm going to miss your almost daily posts once you get crazy with school. I know I've been a bit MIA lately, but that's because there hasn't been much going on as of late, bt with school starting tomorrow, I'm sure there will be much to rant/complain/vent about in the blogosphere. Good luck with advanced physiology...I'm sure you'll do great, and keep writing!!!

Big Fat Gini said...

Yeah. Asking me to help with a video would be like asking for advice about sex from a virgin. I actually had to ask the hubs to upload that one of Andrew's a few weeks ago.

I'm SO going to miss you! I look forward to your posts and notice when you're not around. But don't worry, I'll still stalk you anyway! Good luck this semester! Hopefully it'll go by quickly!

Michelle said...

It's so much easier to upload it to YouTube and just embed it on your blog. You can't screw it up, once you upload it gives you the embed code to C&P to your post.

JoJo said...

Okay I'm trying to use my imagination. It's going well so far! I'm actually laughing out loud!

We'll miss you on the blogosphere, but keep working hard girl!

Momma Fargo said...

I am a computer flunky. Can you load it to YouTube and then embed it in your post? Not sure. Anyway...keep up those studies. You are the smart one in the family. :)

Tree said...

Hey girlie! Long time no talk. ;) I know how to upload a video, but have NO clue what that error code is. I sure wanted to see your drunk dog too, darn it. LOL Hope school is going well and you can sneak on frequently!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I'm horrible with videos so I have NO clue. Sorry!

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