Monday, May 16, 2011

&%$! You Shouldn't Say: The Debut

I briefly mentioned this in my last post a couple weeks ago (whoops), but a month or so ago, after a night out with my girlfriends that was filled with ridiculous pick-up lines, I decided I need to write a blog called, "Shit you shouldn't say when you're trying to hit on a girl." I did intend to give it it's own site, but setting up a new blog is a pain in the tukus and I figured it could be a fun little series to just do on this blog, to bring some spice back.

On Friday night I went out with my friends and the idea came up again, but someone suggested instead of making it just pick-up lines & instead of making it only specific to things said to girls, it should just be, "Shit you shouldn't say." Thinking about all the ridiculous things I hear (and say), I agreed.

But, you know me, an idea is never fully developed. So now it's going to encompass a litany of things not to say OR do in any given situation.

While my life is rather eventful on most days and I probably could provide a stellar amount of my own stories about ridiculous things that have been said or done to me or in my presence, I'd rather not talk about me, me, me all the time. SO, that's where you come in: I want YOUR stories.

Rack your brains for the most ridiculous pick-up lines, questions, statements ever said to your or in your presence. Can't think of anything? What about a jaw-dropping situation you found yourself in? Obviously I hope to keep this thing going for a while, so if something happens in 3 weeks, send it in then!

Send submissions to and put Shit you Shouldn't Say as the subject.

And because I want you all to love this idea, here's the first one for ya.

"Have you ever had your belly button touched? From the inside?"

My friend was the recipient of this lovely little line. We still haven't decided on appropriate reactions, but I'm not convinced castration is totally out of line.

Now think, type, & send me your stories! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

Oh man... where do I start? I have a "segment" about shit my husband says to me... I miss it since he's deployed, but can't wait for the idiocy to roll in. There have been some good ones though I've heard recently...

I can't wait to read these!

Tara said...

Haha! This was perfect timing. I just was pumping my gas, and here in S. Florida we have these annoying little pest called "lovebugs". They are horrible! Google them. Anyways..

I drive an hour into the country two nights a week for microbiology so my car is COVERED in them...
While I was pumping gas a dude driving his car pulled up to be and offered to wash them off.. and when I said no he insisted! That's crazy. I would never volunteer to wash the thousands of bugs off of some guys car no matter how cute he is...

And by the way I was in sweats with dirty hair that hasn't been washed and was on my way to the track to go for a jog.. so I wasn't exactly "beautiful" either..

Some guys are just dumb.

Adriane said...

I will definitely be alert...shouldn't be too hard with all the dumb ass shit I hear on the regular.

Pam said...

Have you ever had your belly button touched? From the inside?"
WHAT THE HELL? Oh god vomit. I'm so sorry.

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