Friday, May 20, 2011

Nursing School Shtuff

Nursing school starts on July 5th and I think the reality of everything is really starting to hit me (read: slight panic, slight nervousness, slight ohmygodwhatamidoing, slight pleasedontfail, major freaking out.)

I received an email the other day with my schedule for my first session, which is 4 weeks, or something like that.

MWF: 8am-11am: Foundations of Nursing
12pm-3pm: Pathophysiology

TTH: 8am-9:20am: Principles of Intervention (I wish I could tell you what this entails..)
9:30am-10:55am OR 11:10am-12:30pm: Principles of Intervention Lab

And, of course, I'll spend more time on campus for lab practice & skills practice for the Lab class.

Clinicals start after this session is over, so in August. Also, after this first session, the rest of my classes are broken up into 7 week sessions, with no more than 10 credit hours a session (that doesn't include clinical hours).

People keep telling me how intense this program is going to be and they'd kill themselves if they were doing such a fast program (seriously, a few have said that), and blah blah. Honestly, I'm kind of sick of hearing it. I just hate when people are negative about something someone else is so excited about. Obviously it's going to be hard, I'm not so naive to think otherwise. But I've worked my ass off in school my entire life, especially these past two years, so I feel prepared for the challenge. Also on my side is the fact that I won't be working at all, I'm single, with no children, I'm living in a town that is dead, and I'm ONLY taking nursing classes and clinicals-- I have all the other "fluff" classes required for a bachelor's degree finished. I will literally have zero distractions and zero reason to not do well. I think I'll be perfectly fine busting my butt for 13 months-- it's literally going to be over before I even realize it!

So, all you negative nelly's, shut it. Thanks.

In related news, I've purchased my shoes & stethoscope. For shoes, I bought a pair of Dansko Professional Clogs (side note: The one regret I have about going into nursing? Not being able to look chic and fashionable and like I belong on the streets of Manhattan. I try not to think about it so I don't cry...). I need to break the new shoes in, but I've heard they are the best thing to wear for medical professionals and they have a ton of arch support. They are stupid expensive though, but I bought them at a store called Englin's and they give 10% off to healthcare workers.

My stethoscope I ordered from this online site called Medisave. Littmann's are the creme de la creme in the stethoscope world, but are also stupid expensive. I found the one I wanted-- Classic S.E. II (in ocean blue, no less) on this site for a discounted price & they offered free engraving. I thought the engraving was kind of cheesy, but I've been told people tend to get sticky fingers when Littmann's are around, so I had my name engraved (unfortunately, my real name, not Marianne Fancypants :'( ). The shipping was super fast, too!

And, finally, tomorrow I am taking a CPR class to become certified. The darn thing is from 8-5. Seriously?! That seems slightly excessive to me, especially on a Saturday. C'est la vie.

So that's all the new stuff pertaining to school I have to report. Hope you all are doing well! Congrats to my nursing blog buddies who finished their semesters successfully, & a HUGE congrats to Kara, for graduating from nursing school! Good luck on NCLEX!

ps, I'm 24 today and really trying to not freak out. I guarantee I'll have a quarter-life crisis next year, if not before then. More on that later...

Have a good weekend, friends!

*I tried to upload pics of my goods, but blogger is being a pill right now. Y'all probably don't care anyway hah.* Registered & Protected


Melissa said...

I totally want to see the goods!!! And happy 24th birthday! I will be 30 this year (on August 18th). I hope I handle it well.

And I think you can handle nursing school. It will definitely help that you don't have any other distractions or responsibilities in your life. You can focus on school, do it, and do it well.

Good luck!

Jess said...


I want to see a pic of you all nursed up!

And, 1/4 crisis is totally real. It's like the emotions of puberty on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, and good for you for staying positive! I'm starting an accelerated program in about a month also and I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I'm staying positive about it also.

I don't have anyone that's been super negative, just the condescening concern, like "how are you going to handle school and your kids?" I prefer a fast paced program because I think I would probably procrastinate even more if I had the time to! But good luck to you, I've been eyeing what shoes, steth, and other goodies I'll be buying for awhile, but we haven't had official word on shoes (they may not have to be white- woo-hoo). I think I'm going to get a littmann also.

Junior said...


Zazzy Episodes said...

Happy Birthday Marianne!
Oh Miss Fancypants how exciting for you! Woo-hoo you sound like you’re ready for the games to begin, so to speak:-0
I just want to start by saying I absolutely, 100% agree with you that if you’re ready and willing to take on this schooling challenge then go for it. I would say to those Negative Nelly’s haters if you know how to work hard, and you don’t have kids, or a family then there shouldn’t be anyone to stand in your way?
How exciting to know it will only take 13 months (of hard work of course) to finish nursing school. Good for you!
I bought a pair of New Balance I think for my nursing shoes and just after all the clinical time, I’m thinking I need a new pair of something with more support. Yikes, my feet would hurt just after 3 hours and that’s not a good sign. I hope your Dansko’s work, if they do let me know and maybe I’ll pick up a pair. Oh wait a minute we can’t wear clogs, well either way let me know what you think.
I got the Classic SE II too, and I passed up the engraving but now I wish I would have done that because a lot of other students did and it looks cool. I’m thinking about getting my stethoscope engraved a local jewelry store here in town.
Have fun with your CPR class, yes it is dumb that the class is all day. My class only took a few hours on a Sat. am.
Yes, pictures please!

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Yay! I was out of town all weekend and just read this today. Thanks for the congrats! I take the boards soon (As in sometime in the next 2 weeks, but I"m not saying when just in case I fail but if I fail after, I'll tell you!) After which I will be shipping you some books!

When you have questions, and I mean when, I will gladly try to answer them for you! I have faith in you that you'll do great. Just ignore the negative people and bust your ass to do well!

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