Monday, May 2, 2011

Apartment Hunting: Complete!

Within hours of getting my acceptance letter to nursing school, I was online looking for an apartment. The town I'm moving to is BUH-ROKE. It's an old factory town that has very little going for it, other than the university I am attending. Decent housing options are definitely hard to come by & I don't qualify for campus housing since I'm "an adult," which is funny, because aren't all the students in college legally adults?


I got online and stumbled upon a great prospect on craigslist. I drove up and looked at the apartment two days later and thought it was perfect, but she wanted to fill it immediately, and I wasn't going to sign a lease until mid-June at the earliest. I kept looking, but had that place in the back of my mind.

GOOD THING! She called me a few days later and asked if we could talk and maybe work out an agreement. She agreed to hold the unit until June 15 if I paid a small fee and signed a 14 month lease. Done & done!

So YAY! I signed the lease on my first big girl apartment!!! I get the keys June 15, but I won't move my stuff until the end of June, and myself until July 4.

The apartment is pretty nice and only 3 blocks from campus, which is awesome, so I can walk if I want. It's part of a four-plex, but my unit is the only one on the second floor, so I have ZERO shared walls, except my floor is the ceiling of the dude below me! There's a good sized living/dining area, decent kitchen, big bathroom, two small bedrooms (which is perfect so I don't have to have my desk in my bedroom), a washer/dryer, AND a parking space! She also said I can bring one of my dogs, which will be nice to have some company and added security.

I've pretty much acquired everything I need for the place, too. Fortunately, we had basically all the big things, and a friend gave me a desk and two TVs. The only thing big ticket thing I had to buy was a mattress/box spring/frame, which I got a great deal on.

My room and bathroom are going to be blue and brown, my living area is going to be black, grey, with yellow and plum throw pillows. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm bothering decorating since I'll be there for a relatively short time, but if I'm going to be in a new town that doesn't have a lot to offer, living by myself, and spending a lot of time there, I want it to be comfortable and homey.

Of course, I'll add pics when I move in and have it put together :) Registered & Protected


denise said...

That is SO exciting!!! You are going to adjust and love living alone.

Murdock's mama said...

Congrats...that's so exciting. Way to be patient and wait it out. I hope you enjoy living alone 1/2 as much as I did!! :) Can't wait to see photos!

Katherine said...

Congrats! Very exciting stuff. I can't wait to see pictures.

Big Fat Gini said...

Hurray! I can't wait to see pictures too, and I am super happy to see that life is moving right along in a happy direction for you!

Anyramble, ha!

Zazzy Episodes said...

How Excccitingggg for you! I wish I had a small window of my life where I could've lived alone so I could have experienced some of those adult decisions like you. Congrats on your color choices they sound lovely. Good luck on Nursing school and preparing for it. You'll do great!

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