Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Ramblings

~Sometimes I wonder how much alcohol is drunk or drugs are smoked before people post on facebook or twitter. Then I wonder how many people ask the very same question when they read my posts.

~Also FB related, people who whine, bitch, complain, are negative, or have FML at the end of their status the majority of the time are either being blocked from my newsfeed or deleted from my friends. If you have a roof over your head, bills paid, food on the table, clothes on your back, good health, and love in your life, you have nothing to be THAT unhappy about. Open your eyes and gain some perspective.

~I haven't gone out with my girlfriends in a month. I'm so not OK with this, but we've all been busy. Hopefully this problem is corrected, like, yesterday.

~Obama isn't releasing the photos of bin Laden. Personally, I think this was a horrible decision. I don't necessarily need to see the corpse, but you know a ton of people are going to speculate that he wasn't really killed.

~I'm so bloody sick of the battle with my weight.

~I finished my last pre-nursing class today. Actually, for the program I am doing, I was done last summer, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I got a 97 on my final and overall, so I'm happy!

~I'm considering joining a free online dating site solely for the entertainment factor it brings. Lord knows I love a good laugh, but I love, even more, to write about the hilarious encounters. Site suggestions are welcome.

~Speaking of dating, I had the brilliant idea after a night out a month or so ago to start a new blog called, "Shit you shouldn't say (or do) if you're trying to hit on a girl." Then I tried to set up a blog and immediately remembered how long it took me to get all the kinks worked out on here and really just wasn't up for doing it again. So what if I do a little "series" on this blog? Would y'all like that? If so, send me some of your stories, or even a guest post!

~Sometimes such ridiculous things happen to me that I would LOVE to blog about, but hold back because of how many people who read this know me in real life.

~I'm still jealous of Kate Middleton (how gorgeous did she look on her wedding day? Natural beauty!). Anyone know how I can woo Harry and convince him to make me a princess? HRH Princess Marianne CUH-LEARLY has a phenomenal ring to it. And not to be cocky, but I think I'm better looking than Sarah Ferguson and she became a princess (and produced two off-spring that looked utterly ridiculous at their cousins wedding...), so I have a shot? No? Awww, come on!

~I'm getting my haircut done next Friday and I am dying to dye it. I've never had any color treatment done, but I'm so bored with my look and want to mix it up. I'm thinking something like Kate Middleton or Pia Toscano.

~I'll be 24 in 16 days! Some days, I can't believe I'm that old, others, I can't believe I'm that young.

~I'm in a completely different state of my mind than I was a year ago and I am loving it. I have an entire post about it in the works, but suffice it to say, things are on the up & up. Registered & Protected


Jess said...

I have no comment other than to say, "I adore you."

I enjoy all these thoughts, but am too tired to think of any sort of responses.

Adriane said...

I'm so glad you've been back around the blog a little more lately. I've missed your posts! I like the idea about doing a series within your blog...definitely no need to start a NEW page when you've already built up a respectable following here. I also think it would be entertaining for you to join an online dating service. Those were some of my favorite posts of yours back in the day.

24, huh? I didn't start feeling old until I was 25. You know...because at that point it all rounds up to 30. ;-)

Helene said...

I have one FB friend who just bitches constantly on every status update. Kinda makes me wonder why I just don't delete her from my news feed?

Princess Marianne totally has a nice ring to it!

I'd love to see a dating feature on here...OMG, it could be classic!!!

teacher girl said...

Yay for onward & upward things happening in your life. Yes, please to the blog series!!!! Not to be selfish, but if you marry the Prince, can I be invited....I've been your blog fan since the beginning, please? I would love to find a fancy hat to wear & maybe I'll get you candy for your gift--I forgot what I sent you in that package I sent moons ago--sour patch? Anyway, great, funny post. As usual. Have a great rest of your week.

Katherine said...

I'm the say way about posts....there are some things I don't post because of the real-life people who read.

I'd love a little series!

Not sure how I feel about the Obama thing.

Jess said...

Awesome blog! Feel free to stop by and follow me back at as well as link up with Friendly Friday Follow

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