Monday, January 24, 2011

Oops, I did it again.

Disappear that is. It's become a terrible habit! And I'm really sick of doing posts that cover the past couple of weeks in bullet points, but that's what happens when you don't write about it as it happens! So here's a little update; I have real posts in the works, but, let's be honest, there's no tellin' when those will be finished.

  • My last day of work with the family I did not connect with was a couple of weeks ago and I have already noticed how much stress it took off my shoulders and how much happier I am. I started with a new family last week, but I'm only working for them 10 hours a week. I'm hoping to find another 10-15 hours of work in some way, shape, or form somewhere, but I've been pretty busy lately, so maybe it's for the better. Although my bank account would disagree...
  • I joined a new weight-loss program a couple of weeks ago and officially began a week ago. I'm going to write a post about it, but I've already noticed changes and I am really pleased.
  • I have to take the damn TEAS test Thursday @ 1230. I bought the study materials for the new version and the material does seem a little more difficult, but nothing I'm not familiar with. I'm trying really hard not to freak out, but if I don't pass every section (which, if you'll remember, the first time I took it, I failed the science by 2 points-- the second time I passed with flying colors), I'm screwed since the nursing school app is due February 1.
  • I'm finally back on my parent's insurance, which means I survived 6 months of being uninsured without any major issues! I was able to get two of my medicine's for free (a 90 day supply) from one of the pharmaceutical companies & my other medicine was only 20 bucks for a 90 day supply since it's generic. I was also able to get my flu shot for free through the hospital I volunteer at. No emergencies, no serious illnesses, my doctors were willing to push follow up appointments till after the first of the year, so, really, I was very, very fortunate.
  • I leave for Florida in less than 2 weeks and I cannot wait to see palm trees and the ocean and just relax.
  • I'm thinking about joining an online dating site that's free so I can have some hilarious stories to share and be guaranteed a few good laughs every day. And those would be the only reasons for joining.
I feel like I'm leaving stuff out, but I need to get back to studying and packing (my dad is leaving Wednesday and taking stuff).

Also, I've been HORRIBLE about responding to comments, but please know all of your kind words and encouragement mean the world to me and I appreciate you taking time out of your day to catch up with me and drop me a line.

Hugs, Registered & Protected


Katherine said...

I want (need) to know about your weight-loss plan where you're already seeing results. I leave for vacation in about a month and would like to shed about 5 pounds.

Adriane said...

Oooh, do tell about this weight loss program. My husband and I just started (again) Weight Watchers, and I will (hopefully) stick to it this time. Also, we're re-starting C25K...and hopefully my back lets me get past Week 3 this time. Ugh.

I loved all your online dating (mis)adventures. :-)

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

Are you sure we aren't secretly related? I swear I could have written 4 of those bullets sometime in the past 3 years.

Good luck with the TEAS! Where I go to school they don't require the science part, so I never took that one. Can't wait to hear about your dating drama!

It's just me :) said...

And now Britney Spears is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.

Good luck on your TEAS test! You will rock it!!

Estelle Darling said...

Good luck with the TEAS, doll. I am sure you will rock it. :)

And don't worry about the bullet posts. I do them all the time and call them *quickies*. ;)

Big Fat Gini said...

Hey friend! Miss you terribly, but totally understand! Best of luck on your TEAS! I have no doubt you'll kick ass!

If I don't "see" you before then, enjoy Florida. You deserve a break!

Pennie said...

Well, haven't connected in a while. Been thinking about you...and now I know what you've been up to.
I've thought of you A LOT lately because my sister has signed up at . I remember when you had some great posts about on-line dating. I've thought of you often in the past few months. My sister thinks I'm nuts because I told her about my "bloggy friend" named "Fickle White Woman". I think she thinks you're my imaginary friend and I invented you just to make her feel better about her on-line experiences.
Can't wait to hear more!

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